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On why you don’t get to win

This isn’t a Boston thing.

This isn’t an American thing.

This is a human thing.

For some reason, on Monday, someone had so much hate in their heart that they thought it would be ok to injure innocent people.  We may never know why, but that isn’t the point.

If the point were about taking revenge, watch out.  You should see what people from Boston do to Yankee fans.

If the point were to make us hate others and be as angry as you, you lose.

I’m not sure if you got the memo, but terror has never truly worked.  Sure, people get scared, angry, and change their habits for a bit.  But it never sticks.  Eventually, people go back to living their lives.  The fear dissipates.  Life returns.

While there is a very small percentage of people in this world who thrive on hate, the vast majority of us have love in our hearts.  And there ain’t nothing you can do about that.

The United States government is very very good at finding people who do these kinds of things.  And whether you live here, or somewhere else, rest assured, you will be found.

You don’t get to win, because we won’t let you.

The good people of this world will always win.

Love and goodness reign.

Hate, and fear are fleeting.

Kindness and mercy are not.

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14 comments on “On why you don’t get to win”

  1. So very true! As a New Englander, I know first hand what this region is capable of. We will bounce back and be stronger than ever, that I am sure of.

  2. Aye aye. They will not win.

  3. Excellent post! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Amen!! What people don’t realize is that because of all of the destruction we are becoming a stronger nation!

  5. So wonderfully put! While many were hurt and three too many died, the sight of so many running towards the blast to help and the many stories of love and giving that have come from this tragedy prove that whoever did this has already LOST.

  6. Good to read and timely! My son, Nathan was the now famous Pizza Delivery Driver killed a few weeks ago by Evan Ebel who went on to kill one other innocent person before dying in a shoot out in Texas. Every day I wake up and ask myself “who is going to win today?” and honestly sometimes the evil man does but it helps to read stuff like this. I refuse to let me and my family be defined by what this guy did. Same goes for the innocent people in Boston.


    • Jaye, there aren’t words created yet to express how much it breaks my heart that your family had to go through that. My only hope and prayer for your family is to somehow be able to get up each day and move forward. That seems like such an insurmountable task right now.

      All of my love.

  7. The response of people – professionals and non – to help those in need before they even knew what the cost might be to themselves (more bombs), shows that human nature trumps those robotic, unthinking, unfeeling, hollow shells inhabited with shriveled, hate-filled crumbs instead of a normal heart.
    Yes, I said a normal heart, one that reaches out to help others. The response in Boston, one among many such hate-induced disasters, shows that these people (souls) are the norm, they are the majority, they are the ‘normal’ ones, they are the ones who demonstrate humanity at its finest.
    I suggest that each of us try to be the best we can be, help those we can and get out of the way when we can’t.

  8. You nailed it. Thank you.

  9. As always, Sarah…..very well said.