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How to Cut a Watermelon

How to Cut a Watermelon

The first watermelon of the season is always an exciting event. There is the tingle of anticipation of biting into a chunk of summer. But what is the worst part of buying a whole...

Summer Safety For Kids

This post on summer safety for kids is brought to you today by my husband, the over-protective firefighter. It is sponsored by his desire to keep our kids safe and hopefully helps yours out as...

Whole Wheat Recipes

Grinding Your Own Wheat

Today we are talking about all things whole wheat! From grinding your own flour, tips for creating light and airy baked goods, and of course my favorite whole wheat recipes. When I first started to...

mortar and spices with costco shopping list text overlay

Costco Shopping List

Today I am sharing a fairly comprehensive Costco shopping list, with a focus on affordable organic products. Prices and product availability may vary across the country, so please note I’m in the Seattle area....

cleaning schedule of a working mom

Cleaning Schedule For Working Moms

The cleaning schedule of a working mom and how she keeps her house clean, tidy and running semi-smoothly. Filled with tips, tricks, and adaptable ideas. Let’s just start off by saying I don’t have...