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Pantry challenge inventory check in

If you took stock of what you have, feel free to post in the comments.  It’s not a requirement for “playing”, so keep on keepin’ on if you didn’t take inventory.  Click here if you want to join the “Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity Clean Out Yo’ Pantry Challenge-extravoganza”. 
I did a very loose survey of our stocks.  And I’m not counting flour, sugar, salt, shortening, oil, spices, etc.  I’m also not counting cleaning products, TP, etc.  I didn’t inventory the fridge, because all that stuff has already been planned for.

I added stuff later and have put them in red.

-a bunch of dried black, pinto, and navy beans
-many cans of organic diced tomatoes
-a bunch of cans of diced green chilies
-1 lb of panko bread crumbs
-a can of pumpkin
-a buttload of pasta (spaghetti, egg noodles, etc.)
-a multitude of sauces
-a bunch of lentils
-a pint size jar of peanuts
-5 lbs red potatoes
-3 lbs yellow potatoes
-2 onions
-2 containers of organic chicken and beef bouillon

-a bunch of grassfed steaks
-1 lb of grassfed ground beef
-1 lb of organic ground chicken
-1 local chicken breast
-1 lb of local bacon
-1 grassfed pot roast that I embarrassingly had no idea was in there
-a BUNCH of blueberries, peaches, zucchini, and pumpkin
-a good amount of peas, corn, green beans, okra
-2 more loaves of bread.  Guess I’m baking this weekend!
-bag of sweet potato fries
-3 lbs of organic butter
-8 oz of apple butter
-4 oz of spaghetti sauce
-1 random box of veggie burgers

Zombie attack/apocalypse garage stash
-a ton of home canned peaches and pears
-a few jars of homemade applesauce and apple juice
-a few jars of homemade blackberry pancake syrup
-a box of Trader Joe’s apple cinnamon oatmeal (LOVE this, but I was eating $15 worth a month.  When Troy got laid off, I stopped buying it)
-a random bag of Quaker Oat Squares
-a bottle of agave nectar
-1 bottle of ketchup
-2 packages of rice noodles
-1 box of ghiradelli brownie mix

I know there is tons more, but like I said this was a loose inventory!

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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6 comments on “Pantry challenge inventory check in”

  1. I haven’t done mine yet, but plan to do one tonight. I linked to this challenge in my blog. 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize but… a lot of my items are either expired or close. I guess I should look closer at grocery outlet and not get 10 rice milks just because they are SO cheap.

    Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans:
    – 6 jars canned peaches
    – bunch of random stuff i canned last season: blueberries, pickles, ketchup, salsa, blackberries, etc.
    – 1 canned jalapenos and peaches
    – 2 cans corn
    – 4 large cans crushed tomatoes
    – 2 cans olives
    – 2 small cans of pineapple tidbits
    – 3 small fruit preserves
    – bag of raw blanched slivered almonds
    – 2 cans garbonzo beans
    – dried black beans
    – seasame seeds
    – 1 can baby corn
    – 3 lbs potatoes
    – 1 very old red onion

    – 2 pasta sauce
    – 3 BBQ sauces
    – ketchup
    – 2 deli mustards
    – 2 bottles agave

    – 11 boxes of quinoa pasta (bought a case)
    – 2 boxes granola
    – 2 Trader Joes pumpkin bread/muffin mix
    – 1 GF white cake mix
    – 1/2 bag Pamelas GF bread mix
    – GF bread crumbs
    – brown rice
    – quinoa

    – 2 packs chicken broth
    – 5 expired rice milks
    – 1 horchata
    – 3 hemp milks
    – club soda and tonic water
    – 1 can light coconut milk

    – 1 loaf Dave’s spelt bread
    – 6 2breast chicken packs
    – 2 bags corn
    – 1/2 bag pao cheese breads
    – 1 Udi’s pizza crust
    – 1 bag stuffing (from Thanksgiving)
    – 1 bag cranberries (from Thanksgiving)
    – buckwheat waffles
    – 3 breasts foster farms chicken from my parents
    – 2 salted butters (accidentally got salted)

    Fridge (things we always have on hand/excess of):
    – sharp cheddar cheese
    – eggs
    – corn tortillas
    – pickles
    – lettuce (and other salad fixings)
    – tons of condiments: especially asian sauces and hot sauce

  3. I should also note that I have a cupboard of two lazy susans worth of GF and Gluten-ous flours and other baking goods I am going to try and use but don’t plan to account for here.

  4. I am:
    A: too lazy to write down everything we have and
    B: a 10 month old cranky teething no-napping little dude is already bogarting my time so I’m just going to take some pictures and post on my blog

  5. I’m just going to say a bunch o’ crap.

    Plus some jolly ranchers left over from my morning sickness days. If I use them to sweeten my tea can I get an extra point?

  6. Blogged Mine in my last post. It took quite a while and I found some things I thought I didn’t have (like the frozen corn I used in today’s chili)