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Pantry Challenge – Week 2 check in

How did last week go for everyone?  What do you have planned for this week?

Last week was great for us, and almost all the planned meals came to fruition.  The exception would be I had planned to have dinner at my parent’s yesterday, but a feverish toddler and a trip to the ER threw a wrench in that idea!  After being alone with a sicky kiddo all day, I was pooped.  Even though I had an organic free-range chicken breast defrosting, I totally cheated and bought a factory farmed rotisserie chicken from Costco.  The ER was right next door, and I headed over to try to fill Jack’s prescription (closed. DRAT!).

The chicken was used with Kitchen Aid mixer pizza dough, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, and some caramelized onions and became BBQ chicken pizza.

And tonight, we’re having Subway.  Ohhhhh, totally against meal planning “rules”, but Jack and I are headed to Denver tomorrow to visit a friend (thanks to miles, the ticket was only $5!!).  I have to work late tonight, so between packing and working late, AND not having to buy groceries for this week, I’m cheating and getting take out.

So, what is on tap for you guys this week?  Are you finding certain aspects of this challenge, challenging?  Or, is it easier than you expected?

Last weeks’ winner of the “extra point” for creativity goes to KEQ’s stir-fry recipe.  Congrats!

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2 comments on “Pantry Challenge – Week 2 check in”

  1. I went over on my budget but that’s mainly due to needing a chicken to roast and stocking up on veggies to make baby food.

    This week’s menu:
    Sun/Mon Roasted chicken w/yams in the crockpot. The power went out so I had to transfer it to a dutch oven to finish
    Tues/Weds Spaghetti Sauce that we ended up not eating last week
    Thurs/Friday Cabbage Noodles with garlic rolls

    I made a quinoa salad using all stuff I had in the house to serve as a side for this week’s meals (I made a TON).
    -Toast quinoa like rice
    -add bell peppers (I used some random frozen ones I add)
    -add drained, rinsed black beans
    -add crushed tomatoes
    -add chicken broth
    simmer until done

  2. Traveled this week: brought the leftovers/frozen meals from last week, ate out twice, left $ for the dog sitter to buy groceries, got home to an empty fridge and hubby hitting Costco means we are WAY over our budget. Better luck next week!