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Please paint my bathroom for me

In just a few short weeks, Troy and I are going to do a minor update (read: inexpensive) to our master bathroom.

Are we ditching the hideous orange vanity for this beautiful one?

Sadly no, out of our budget for now.

What are we doing?

Replacing the toilet that no matter how you clean it, smells weird almost instantly.  We’re going to put in the same toilet that we installed in Jack’s bathroom, an American Standard dual flush model.

We also need a new mirror, because the 46 foot one we have now, is a bit um, enormous.

Do you love the awesome wallpaper border you can see in the background?  We were going to tear it out, but with the remodel that is happening next spring, we said “ah f it”.  The wall is coming down anyway.  We’ll do it then.  Also, unmade bed?  Classy.  The sheets were in the washer!

The lights will be updated with a nice $30 replacement.  Nothing fancy, but it will be a huge improvement.

And now, here is what I need your help with.  Please pick a paint color for me!  The tile is a ugly dusty rose (just typing those words made me puke), but since originally this house was a rental after my parents moved out, they just replaced it with something cheap because who really cared?

I like the Valspar collection from Lowes because it’s super low VOC.  I like Yolo paints, but my local Home Depot doesn’t carry that brand anymore.  Sad panda.

I think I want a light neutral grey, but what do you think?  Originally, I wanted the middle one (Frappe), but now I’m thinking the one on the left (Woodlawn Snow) might be better.

Left to my own devices, I will pick something easy and boring.  Save me, and save my bathroom.  Which color from Valspar do you think would look kick ass with my orange counter and a dusty rose (harf) tile??


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40 comments on “Please paint my bathroom for me”

  1. I’d pick the lightest one! Have you thought about painting the vanity or staining it a darker colour (like you need more to do!)

  2. I found in the clearance/return section at Menards a replacement vanity top for $44. You might want to check if Lowe’s or Home Depot has a section like that, most stores hide them very well because they want you to buy the new, expensive still in the box versions for full price. I also painted my vanity cabinet. If you can do that for cheap then that leaves you a lot more options for paint colors. otherwise I would go with the medium gray as it seems that the room is fairly large, or am I imagining things? If it is small then go with the lightest. You can usually get samples of the different colors to see which ones may get the vanity top to blend in. good luck and can’t wait to see the final product.

  3. Does this bathroom have a need for a shower curtain or window treatment? I’d start there and find something I liked with hints of pink (for the floor) and orange-ish (for the vanity top) and then try to pull other colors from that. I think you’ll need some kind of focal point to draw all the colors together. Thick moulding around the mirror would look awesome and some darker stain/paint for the vanity would freshen it up some.

    • Nope, it has a (rather disgusting) glass shower door that can never ever be cleaned. No need for the window treatments as the window is frosted (classy).

  4. I actually would go with the middle one. Darker colors help bring contrast to things, especially those with dusty rose colors!

  5. I would go with the middle gray; the color will tone down the contrasting vanity and floor. Can you paint the vanity and change the outlet covers/towel bars? That would also help balance the vanity and floor.

    • Towel bar is going to not come back after the wall is painted. We straight up never use it. Good call on the trashy outlet covers. Oh 70’s house…

      I’m going to have Troy investigate painting the vanity!

  6. I love gray! I would go with either the middle one or the darker gray. ๐Ÿ™‚ Half of my house is painted in shades of gray (not fifty though) or purple.

  7. Go big or go home. Go Frappe! An option for changing the orange counter-top could be a concrete overlay?

  8. If that counter top is formica then it can be painted. I did it once in a kitchen for a vocal point. It was beautiful and very durabe. Sand lightly to rough the surface, choose 3 shades of paint and a large sponge. Start dabbing paint till ou gt the desired effect. You might even want to add a slight touch of the rose to it. Let dry well, add several coats of poly acrylic that will not yellow with time. If yu don,t belive me you an always google it! I would you the middle gray for the walls. You could use thse grays for the counter to.

  9. the weird smelling toilet might be a symptom of a more serious problem. In the photo it appears you have tile, but I’m curious as to what is underneath? wood or concrete? you might possibly have a bad seal or cracked pipe that is causing a small leak, which at least is allowing sewer gas to leak into the area. or at worst some amount of water to collect and possibly do more damage.

    If you’re lucky and no problems are evident replace the toilet seal with the largest (most wax) you can find. makes for a better, longer lasting seal.

  10. Have you thought about an actual spot of color like a light blue? I’m not a big fan of dull-colored bathrooms myself.

    Between those colors though I’d go with the lightest because then all of your other color accents will pop more.

    • I think our bedroom will have blues in it, so I’m trying not to make it too matchy.

      We have a huge window in the bathroom that is kind of frosted, so during the summer, it kind of looks like a big patch of blue!

  11. 1. Either light gray (left) or middle. Lighter colors make smaller rooms not look as small.
    2. Have you looked into the Rustoleum cabinet transformation kit? They sell at Lowe’s/HD for around $75. We were able to refinish our kitchen cabinets without sanding/stripping/replacing and they look fantastic.

  12. I would suggest that if you do not have a window in your bathroom that you go with one of the lighter two shades. Painting the vanity the darkest of the three shades would be a cheap quick fix as well. I would also suggest that you find a fluffy (read shag) area rug for in front of the vanity to tie it all together. Grey accents ie. soap dish, vase etc would be a nice addition. Try adding a print with a black frame. White towels would be nice but maybe not so practical. Good luck and be sure to let us see the finished product!

  13. I love the left one…neutral and easy to dress up with patterned accessories with the ‘ rose’. Also, there is an awesome gel stain in an expresso color you can stain the cabinet to update it for now. There are tutorials on the web and the ‘general’ brand stain on Amazon in Java comes out a deep black brown after three coats and a small 1/2 pint lasts forevah! If I could do it anyone could!

  14. Dark grey for drama! Purple hand towel. Save the money for your light fixture (I think it’s got character); use it to buy some dark wood stain and some handles for your current vanity.

    • I am not a purple person in the least, but the middle gray does have some purple undertones. The towel bar is gonzo. It never even gets used and just takes up space.

  15. If it were me I’d pick the left most one.

  16. I think you will love the middle one. It will look very rich. I LOVE your blog!

  17. I say “Commit!” Choose the middle one… or even the darkest. You will LOVE walking in and being enveloped by the feel of it. Especially when you are sitting for awhile. It is just so Nice.

  18. Okay, just curious… why paint now if you’ll be doing a remodel in the spring??? That asked, I have a friend who painted her room with a darker grey then used a feather duster dipped in light grey, blotted on paper towel (or rag) and just barely touched the wall with it – it turned out so nice! But if I was going with a single color, it would be a lighter shade for a small space.

    • The remodel won’t impact the bathroom; just part of the bedroom you saw in the mirror reflection. We’re adding on to the basement and upstairs so that my parents (the gimps) can move in with us.

  19. I would pick the middle one …. had a friend who did the light one and when I went to her house I said how white and clean it looked and she says “its grey” oooops. or do one wall the middle one and the rest light.

  20. I always go with dark colors because my mom always put pastels in our house growing up. I would choose the middle one. I think it will give you something happier to focus on then the colors that you don’t like. My friend just did her’s tan because she was avoiding the pink sink and tub. She decided to ignore that and do something to make her happy. She did paint the cabinets too so good luck!!!

  21. I would do light with just dark accents.( dark for the trim or only one wall )

  22. Have you thought about painting your counter top? My sister didn’t have the money to replace hers, so she just painted it with a special sponge and some special paint (a coupe colors) and it looks awesome! No need to replace it. I am sure a quick Google search will tell you how.

  23. Go the middle one at least! I don’t think you have to worry about a darker color making the room look small when there’s a big window and a mirror. A little darker color adds a little drama and mystique. Is there a good wall to do a focal wall with the darker shade even??

  24. The middle one! I have a similar color all through my house and love it. Goes with everything. The lighter one looks a little green to me, but could be my computer.

  25. My instinct says lighter grey, but can’t tell from here really. Get a couple of sample pots and paint some spare paper or some sort of board and try it round the room at different times of day, in different light conditions. Apparently you can’t really judge a colour until you can see at least a square meter of it. I also find that grey is very changeable depending on the light cast on it – different undertones come out, and could well clash with your other (erm, yummy) colours.
    Could you stain your vanity unit? A deep dark walnut, like your dream one, would be gorgeous with the pale grey – a nice contrast.
    Oooooor how about that blue you were going to paint the vintage drinks cabinet..? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Seems to me that you should be thinking about what you want it to look like when it’s completely finished?

    I’d go with the middle or dark. Remember that colours look darker on your wall than the samples. But the dark colour would look nice if you eventually went with a white or off white tile and sink.

    And can you afford to dress up the vanity you already have? i.e. keep the sink, find a top you like better at a salvage place, replace the doors and handles and/or paint it all. It could look very similar to the photo of the ‘dream vanity’.

    • The sink leaks a bit, so eventually we’d have to replace that. With the tearing out of the sink, and thus ruining the vanity top, by the time we’d paint the vanity bottom, replace the top, replace the sink, get a new faucet, it would be the same as just buying the vanity we really like. So, hopefully late in 2014/early 2015 we can do the vanity we really like. At which point I think any of the grays would look lovely.

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