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Saving the dregs of mineral make up

If you are the kind of person who can’t believe I’m taking about wearing make up, well screw you and your perfect skin.  I don’t want to hear about it, m’kay?

I’ve written about my pain in the ass adult acne before, and even though I mainly have it under control thanks to the oil cleansing method, I still have craptastic scars from previous flare ups.  Cause I’m just that lucky!  My skin is REALLY pale (see photo of me to the right of this post), and the scars are really dark, so they are extremely noticeable if I am not wearing make up.  Neat!

I’ve tried all kinds of make up in the past, and some were too cakey, some made my acne worse, and ALL were way too dark.  I was tempted to go to Hot Topic and get some of the goth make up.  That is, until I found Bare Minerals.

A few years ago, I was at Macys, and was basically laughed away from every other counter when I asked if they had make up pale enough for me.  In desperation, I stopped by Bare Minerals, and the woman didn’t laugh…she looked at me and said “I think so”.

So, you’re saying there’s a chance?

She spent a few minutes swishing, tapping, and then sweeping some powder on my face.  I figured no “bare” make up could possibly cover up my scars, and then I looked in the mirror.  I was shocked at how smooth my face looked, and how clear it looked.

I immediately bought some foundation and Mineral Veil, and then I pooped my pants when I saw what the total was.  Holy shit on a shingle, that stuff is expensive.  But, I will say, it lasts forever!  I always use every last bit that I can to get my money’s worth.  Last week, my pressed Mineral Veil compact broke after over a year’s worth of use.  Knowing a new one was in the range of $25, I was determined to get my money’s worth.

Rescuing Pressed Mineral Make up

1) Find a very very clean container with a lid.

2) Dump the contents of the broken compact in the container.


3) Using the back of a clean spoon, mush and smoosh the make up, until it resembles a fine powder.  I noticed no matter how much I chopped it up, some little clumps still remained.  I’m assuming something was added to the formula to make it solid in compact form instead of keeping it in powder form.


4) Put the lid on, and store it with the rest of your make up.  I figure I can get at least another month’s worth of use by doing this!


What are some of your favorite tricks for getting extended use out of beauty products?

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17 comments on “Saving the dregs of mineral make up”

  1. I always wondered if the Bare Minerals make-up actually covered well. I have SUPER sensitive, combination skin. I must say that since I started using the oil cleansing method over a year ago, my skin is truly better than EVER, but I still deal with an uneven skin tone. I’m not a fan of make-up, so the lighter weight the better, but I’ve never found anything “light weight” that covers well. So…..this is great news! I may have to check it out! Thanks ONCE again!!! 🙂

  2. I’ve used Mary Kay since I was 19….lets just say a um ‘few’ decades. Anyway, when eBay became a thing I found I could buy all the MK I needed for 2/3rds of the regular price, including the shipping! I’ve also found that there is at least 10 days supply in ’empty’ tubes. I cut them in half to get at it and slide the top over the bottom to keep it fresh. My skin is happy. My budget is happy. I am happy!

  3. I am very far away from perfect skin, but I don’t use any make up at all, except the occasional lip tint (only got it in 1 shade), or a random lipstick I got for free. I have heard that drugstores are the best for cheaper beauty products, but if that doesn’t cut it, definitely look online… the competition is more fierce there, and you may find the products a lot cheaper.

  4. I’ve been using mineral makeup for a couple years now, but I get it from Avon for $11 per unless it’s on sale (it’s always on sale, I average paying $8.). It comes in really pale also – if you haven’t tried it you might give it a shot. I thought it covered better than Bare Min. You don’t have to find an Avon lady, they have freestanding stores or you just order online or like that other suggestion – ebay! I use the loose one with a brush but they have the solid compact also.

    • I’d give it a try if they had a face to face place where I could test it out. The idea of having to buy it without trying it out first makes me nervous.

      • I know whatcha mean about not buying unless you know it will work for your skin. I used to be an Avon Rep, they are supposed to swap it out for you for any reason really: shade didn’t match, didn’t like the smell, caused a reaction with your skin, etc. It is somewhat of a hassle for the rep which is why some may not tell you they can, but I always did. Avon wanted customers to be happy with their purchases and I did too. Anywho! I used Bare Minerals for a long time and loved it. Recently, I was almost out and I was visiting Sephora and switched to their line of compact mineral foundation and I like it as well. I think it’s a little bit cheaper than Bare Minerals too!

  5. I, too, love Bare Minerals! I’m truly a “fair” in their shade range – it’s hard to find a shade to match my Irish porcelain skin. I like the coverage for blemishes and broken blood vessels. Plus it has SPF to protect!

  6. Did you try mixing the broken make up with some rubbing alcohol? I’ve heard that you can mix it together, press it back into the compact and when it dries it is back to its solid form again.

    I haven’t tried this process yet but from what I’ve seen on some other blogs it looks like it would work.

  7. Mineral Make-Up ROCKS!! The coverage and the feel is absolutely unmatched!

    BUT – not all mineral make-ups are created equal. Many are part mineral make-up and the rest is cornstarch or talc or bismuth or who knows what other chemical additive or filler to stretch the minerals out further or under the guise of making the colors pop more etc. The problem with this of course being that these fillers can be toxic and or irritating to your skin (i.e. simultaneously CAUSING acne while covering it up! oy!) PLUS – your skin can absorb toxins at an incredible rate … so, if there’s a toxin you wouldn’t put in your mouth and eat, it’s wise to not put it on your skin either!!

    There are some great options out there that are actually HEALTHY for your skin while giving your great coverage and all that. Cool hey!!?

    I won’t spam your page with my promo material, but if anyone is interested in learning more, you umm …. just might be able to figure out how to contact me! 😉

  8. You are a maker, so you could make your own for a fraction of the price and perfect control over ingredients/colour.
    I am a big fan of the Humblebee & Me blog ‘recipes’, but there’s plenty more out there.

  9. I used Bare Minerals, but every time I’d sweat, my skin would burn… Not good. I switched to Everyday Minerals about 5 years ago and I haven’t looked back since! It covers better than BM (snort, BM… sorry, I’ve been reading your blog too long and totally love and get your humor!) I too am butt white with a suntan – Irish and English baby! Wear Fairly Light Neutral in Semi-Matte and they have even lighter colors!! and its $13 for a big thing of it that lasts me months, but its not compact. Never liked the compact… Anyway, when I first started, I called their 1-800, told them the color of BM I was using and they suggested their color that would match. They were dead on. I’ve got friends (and a mother who never USED to wear make-up) all switched over. I use my jars until they are see through clean. And their brushes? Love their brushes. But their blush? not so much.

    • I used EDM when I was pregnant and I hated it, but I think I didn’t know how to use it properly and my skin was terrible with pg acne. I did buy their brush and still use it to this day with my BM (hee hee).

  10. I use AlimaPure mineral makeup. Not cheap, but made in Portland, so local for me. You can buy sample sizes of the foundations to find the right match before investing in full size. I’ve been using their products for 8 years now.

    • I also use Alima Pure, and I can confirm they do have a butt white shade! I use “cool 1” but they even have a “cool 0”. Even the sample sizes last a good while and I believe they have a sale sometime in the summer when you can pick up a full size for cheap. I don’t get good coverage of scars from any mineral makeup but I still use this because it is the only makeup I have ever found that is exactly my skin color.

  11. Hi Sarah,

    I’m a lover of mineral makeup too. I’ve tried BM but thought Sheer Cover and their amazing concealer covered much better. When I got tired of paying the price, I decided to try my own. I actually made up one side of my face with SC and the other with my own, then asked my too-honest daughter what she thought – she couldn’t tell the difference. Now I use Cover Girl Smoothers concealer and my own “mineral” make up. Try mixing equal parts organic cornstarch, and French green clay with enough organic cocoa powder to tint. One little batch lasts forever!