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Scattered Sunday and Meal Plan

So, time to come clean.

Apparently, I’ve been lying to all of you for the last few years.

Every time I have said something about air conditioning being stupid or unnecessary, God should have struck me down where I stood. Because I now realize that it is amazing. And I love it and I hope it forgives me for all the smack I have talked about it over the years.

It’s been so, so, so Seattle hot this past week with temps up in the 90’s plus humidity. And that’s just freaking nasty. If I wanted to live in a hot and humid place I would. But I like my summers 78(ish) and this crap needs to end.

Look what I saw at Target this week! I’ll buy an Ace of Base cassingle, you grab the candy cigarettes and Fruit Stripe gum, because this is about to be an epic retro sleepover!

I discovered that Lifetime has reruns of The Closer which is a show I used to love. I’m not much for TV these days and never Lifetime. So in watching this show I see lots of commercials for the other shows they air on this channel. And it leads to me ask…who in the hell is watching this shit?

Promos for Babysitter’s Nightmare and Killer Twin make me hate everything about people and I want to choke this channel. Yes, it’s not a person and has no neck but the freaking absurdity of it all actually makes me physically angry.

NO. Just no. I’d rather watch golf or the public access channel of a city council meeting. Or city councilmembers playing golf.

When you accidentally spend an entire day twinning with a toddler.

So I had a genius business idea this week. I’m never going to implement it but I’m sharing it with you all so that someone can run with this and make billions.

It’s a resort for moms called “A Regional Sales Meeting”.

The idea came to me when my sweet neighbor was over for dinner. We wanted to share our AC.

She kindly said “you look really tired”. And I do. Kind of like I have been rode hard and put away wet. I love, love blogging but having done it so poorly for a long time has left me with a butt-ton of old blog posts to clean up. And that takes a lot of time.

Each post takes me about 8-10 hours to write, photograph, and promote. Which is fine, because this job is awesome and how is this my life? Is #blessed too basic? Probably.

But yes, I’m tired.

And I started thinking about when I worked outside the house how tired all the other moms were. And how we loved being sent on business trips because it meant we got to sleep alone, get ready alone, and no little people needed anything from us. It’s glorious.

With that, I decided someone needs to open up a resort where there are no responsibilities. You just eat, sleep, hike, and someone who doesn’t have boogers on their fingers combs your hair for hours and hours.

And because this world we live in is stupid and it is frowned upon to take time for yourself, the name “A Regional Sales Meeting” gives you the perfect cover to go and peace the fuck out with no judgment. “Oh, Sarah, you’re head out of town this week”? “Yep, I’m going to a regional sales meeting for three days”.

So, all you entrepreneurs, take my idea and run with it. It’s free. But please invite me to the resort once a year for a few days? I’ll file all the appropriate TPS reports.

This isn’t brotherly snuggling. They’re seeking sanctuary together from my rage at their behavior.

After being so annoyed with our towels smelling funky for months and months, I adapted some tips I got from the interwebs. We have an HE washer which means each load takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r, so this was not a fast process. But it worked and it worked without chemicals and gross stinky detergent.

Laundry Funk Removal

  1. Put dirty clothes/towels in the washer and pour in 2 cups of white vinegar. Yep, directly into the washer.
  2. If your washer has a soak cycle, do one with the hottest water you can find. No soak cycle? Pause the washer once it has filled up and let it sit for an hour.
  3. Once it is done, add 1 cup of baking soda directly into the washer. Do a hot wash cycle.
  4. Wash the de-funked towels/laundry with a normal amount of detergent and vinegar for the rinse cycle. If your washer has a “fabric softener” slot, add it there until full. You could also use a Downy Ball if you don’t have a section for softener.
  5. Dry!

Like I said, this was not a fast process, but it worked! I’m not sure how long the results will last, but I’m thrilled to use my towel after a shower and not feel like I’m drying off with a wet stray dog.

Or am I?

Hey momma, how you like them apples?

As I mentioned last week, we spread my mom’s ashes on Monday. We went to a park and all the “under 42” crowd climbed down an embankment to the beach.

It was a hard day and I’m glad it is behind me/us. But it was a gorgeous day and it was everything we needed it to be.

The only thing I didn’t account for was how Bennett would interpret everything. It was a real “nice to meet you” when Bennett announced to all the parents at Jack’s first soccer meeting “we dumped my grandma in the water”.

Charmed I’m sure.

You know you’re almost 37 when 15 minutes of picking low blueberries means you sit down.

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Meal Plan

Monday:: Chef salads. My kids love these and they take me 10 minutes and that is including making Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs.

Tuesday:: Taco salads with a few chips on the side

Wednesday:: Chicken stew. I need to take photos for an old post and I’m serving the fam hot chicken stew and biscuits when it is supposed to be 85 degrees. I hate myself already.

Thursday:: Breakfast for dinner

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Shredded BBQ sandwiches, coleslaw, and grilled zucchini

Sunday:: Family dinner

What are you having this week?



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22 comments on “Scattered Sunday and Meal Plan”

  1. So much here I don’t even know where to begin, but let me just say I love your resort idea. It’s brilliant! Let me know when you have it done so I can be one of the first guests! ???? 

  2. CABOODLES! Hahaha, seriously so strange because I go to Target maybe 4 times a year because there is not one near me and I was there a couple of days ago and saw these for sale and they made me smile. I remember one year for my birthday sleepover my mom bought one for me and my two friends and we decorated them with “puffy” craft paint, if you know what I mean. I loved Ace of Base too, man we are so COOL I wish we could have hung out as teenagers, haha.

  3. The lifetime network is crazy. They market violence against women to women. With that being said, I can’t help but watch all their crappy Christmas movies. Whenever I pour vinegar into the clothes washer, I call it douching. As in, “Babes, can you douche the shower curtain?” Also I’ve become a hippy and make my own laundry soap- grate one bar of Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap and mix it with one cup Borax and one cup baking soda. Use one tablespoon size scoop for each load of laundry.

    • Is it Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movies you watch? I can’t stand either of them but I feel less hateful towards the Hallmark ones.

      LOL, I love the douching of the clothes!

      I made our laundry detergent for years but struggled once we got an HE top loader. The soap just never dissolved.

  4. That’s regional sales meeting sounds a heck of a lot better than the actual work travel I do.  I want in!

  5. In Louisiana A/C is a necessity. It was 110 the other day. I’m not talking about just for the hair either. There are moments when I think I’ll spontaneously explode, and wish someone would splash a bucket of water on me so I’d just melt away.
    Outside recess is forbidden until it cools off a little. I feel sorry for the kids on the bus, which are air conditioned, but when you open the door every few seconds it doesn’t stay cool.
    Glad Bennett made you laugh a little, especially when you needed it. My mother is not well, and at 82 she and my Daddy are still a pretty impressive team. My prayers are for them to have each other for as long as possible.

    • Heat + humidity is horrible! I’ve been to NYC and Florida in July and both times I was taken aback by how nasty it was to try to even breathe.

      Good luck to you and your family for long lives and happy health!

  6. I live in the Pacific NW as well and have had the funky towel problem for years. Drives me crazy. I couldn’t get baking soda and vinegar to work (multiple tries in the past), so I tried a hot presoak with ammonia. That worked pretty well but it smelled awful.

    Now I do the unfrugal thing of only using towels once and washing them on hot in our HE washer. I also do a sanitize cycle (which takes more than two hours) once every couple of months. This gets the funk out for a while, but it eventually comes back.

    I read that colored towels tend to get the funky smell more than white towels do, so I bought a few white towels to test this. I use them once, wash them on hot each time (usually with borax) and…no funky smell. So if you end up replacing towels, I’d suggest getting white ones.

    • Did you clean your washer before doing the vinegar and baking soda cleanse? I ran a washer clean cycle twice to hopefully clear out any gunk that might be in the washer.

      We only use our towels twice and hang them well between uses. But our bathroom has horrible ventilation so that probably has a lot to do with it.

  7. I use white vinegar in the downy ball with every load of clothes I do. My hubbies clothes get 2 balls. (REALLY want to TWSS here!)
    Anyhoo, he hauls mulch for work and let me tell you his clothes get foul. I actually tried everything and every combination. The only thing that worked was adding a small amount of carpet cleaning machine solution. I had it on hand and out of desperation added it to a load of his clothes. 
    That nasty wet “clean” foul smell is the worst. Nothing like opening the washer to a freshly “cleaned” load and gagging. 
    Just wait til you have two teenagers smelly clothes!!

    Your boys are growing up so fast!

    • EXCELLENT use of TWSS Jan! Nicely done!!

      Carpet cleaner huh? That is something I would never have ever considered.

      Jack already reeks because he is a heavy sweater. I’m not looking forward to his teen years.

  8. It’s going to be hot, humid and smelly all week here on the East Coast and I (and by I, I mean the human I’m growing inside me for the next few months) decided that we HAVE to have chili this week… so I’m of course making that on Tuesday before swimming lessons! We love to punish ourselves don’t we! Haha

    I’m glad you were all able to make it through such a tough day, and while embarrassing, now Bennett has given you guys a funny thing to remember about that day! Kids are always great for comic relief! 

  9. I love your business idea and I would go.

    I HATE the funky smelling towels. We have a brand new top loading washer and everything still comes out smelling funky. I think it’s because our dryer doesn’t fully dry everything. I miss my extra spin cycle. Oh well. I’ll give this a try. But not today. I spent all day yesterday washing everything from our camping trip.

    Not sure the plan for meals but I bought ground beef on sale. And frozen gf nuggets.

    • You can come to the opening weekend!

      Let me know how the towel situation works out. I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised at how well it worked.

  10. Oh my, I cannot imagine using both the stove and the oven when it is 85 degrees! I am nutty with my attempts to keep the house cool! I use the sunshades made for cars to block sun from coming in my windows – super classy, right? Can you do the stew in the instant pot and the biscuits in the air fryer or your toaster oven plugged in outside? I hope you manage to keep cool this week!

    • We used those shades in our LA apartment (that had no ac)! The stew will be made in the instant pot, but there are too many biscuits for small batch cooking. We do have ac now which is amazing. I’ll likely bake the biscuits first thing in the morning before the house heats up.