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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

I’m about to say something that is potentially very polarizing.

I know, we don’t need any more drama and division in our country; there is already plenty.

But this must be said, and I feel like I’m the one who has to say it.

I do not give a shit about pumpkin spice anything.

Phew, I feel better. It’s good to be honest. I feel unburdened. How are you processing the news? We cool?

Seriously though, does everything need to be pumpkin spice? If it is supposed to hail in the start of fall, why is it offered in August? It’s going to be 90 freaking degrees this week. I don’t want to be thinking about Thanksgiving flavorings. And if we are really getting down to the nitty gritty of food production, most pumpkins aren’t ready until the end of September or early October. I know, I know, there is no actual pumpkin in pumpkin spice (fill in the blank), but I feel the need to educate the masses about gourd horticulture. Gourdiculture? <—- trademarked

Speaking of horticulture, I sent my friends a garden video tour this week. I’m thinking of doing one for all you lovely people. It will be short, cause my garden is small, but creatively stashed in my yard. There will be weeds and overgrown plants. I had a tomato plant topple over this week because it was so top-heavy (clearly I didn’t take my own advice). Been a long hot summer friends. You’ve been warned.

Oh my gosh you guys. Check this out. Every few weeks I notice a “dry” patch under my chin. Like it is all scaly and crusty, and I assumed eczema or something. But I would remove it (gross) and it would stay away for weeks and weeks, and then BOOM it would be back.

I finally figured out what it is. Ready?

It is freaking food splashing up on my face when I use my immersion blender. :face palm: I finally figured it out while making cupcakes on Friday for the funeral of our friend’s father-in-law. One of the recipes calls for pureed strawberries, and I always use my stick blender for that part. Later that night, I was like “dude, the dry patch is back”. And then “why does this dry patch smell like strawberry”? So embarrassed.

Not really.

Troy replaced the chicken coop fence this week. Of course, he chose a day when it was 89 degrees, but at least it is done. Our previous fence was made from a bed frame that we got on our local Freecycle site. It was very much cobbled together but held up for over three years. Best of all, it cost nothing. It had seen better days and had been taken over by morning glory (the ahole of the garden weeds) and likely wouldn’t have lasted another winter.

This one cost some money but saved a bit of cash by reusing the metal part of the former fence. It looks much better, and the best part is the door is now more of a gate. Gone are the days where I had to throw all the weeds and garden waste over the fence by hand (#firstworldproblems). Now, I can just roll the wheelbarrow in there, dump the debris, and let the chickens go to town on it. However, keeping the little buttholes from escaping when I enter the gate may be interesting.

Access is now to the left of the egg window. By all the dead grass. Cause watering my lawn is pointless.

Next up: trim those bushes. They’re actually in our neighbor’s yard, and are quite invasive.

What a difference five months can make! April:



This is our raspberry patch that has gone bonkers this year. In October 2015, at six months pregnant, I dug everything out of this space. Raspberry canes are pesky little buggers to remove and do not go without a fight. The patch has been overtaken by morning glory to the point where it was toppling the raspberries. I tried removing the morning glory vines as I could, but there were too many of them and the root system is much too deep. Everything had to come out. I saved a few canes and replanted them, but the yield last year was pitiful. Things seemed to have turned around a bit, and my berry-loving boys are thrilled. We’re currently harvesting our second crop of the year.

This week was a slide-back in my goal for eating a ton more veggies. Dinners were fine for the most part, but I struggled with lunches. For one, I never made my new favorite veggie and protein packed salad or Instant Pot Quinoa to go with it. Additionally, we were out and about a bunch during lunches this week. I grabbed a slice of Costco pizza during a trip with the boys (Bennett ate half of it) and packed a lunch for a day at a (free) fountain park excursion. Sadly, the packed lunch maybe contained a few slices of Persian cucumbers and that’s it. We were at IKEA during lunch another day, and the salad options didn’t look appealing to me. I had a bowl of soup along with eight chicken meatballs. Oddly enough, I have never seen balls on any of my chickens. Time to jump back on the wagon this coming week. I have been sticking to my “one sweet per day” rule and that has been super easy. Of course, I’m tempted by the Nutella anytime I walk by the pantry, but I’ve held strong.

I took Jack, my nephew, and Bennett to IKEA with a short list. I ended up coming back with an unexpected storage solution for my sewing closet. I had some wheeled plastic bins in there that worked ok for a while. I have to remove all the bins in order to do any sewing. Eventually moving them out into the carpeted basement was too much for the little wheels to handle and they started to snap. I’d be moving a bin and the top would pop off. I would have to pretty much throw my back out to try to get to my shipping supplies (mailers, packing tape, packaging inserts, business cards, etc.) anytime I got an Etsy order. Basically, nothing was easy to access.

Like the “closet door open” sign? I have to put that on our garage door when I am working, otherwise Jack or Troy will slam the inside door from our garage into the basement into the door to this closet. Scares all of us, every damn time.

I was walking through the closet organization section and my eyes fell on a rolling clothing rack. And then they darted over to the hanging closet organizers. At $12.99, the clothing rack was totally in my budget. The organizers were $6.99 each and the shoe bin was only $4. A bit of assembly later, and boom, my new fabric, and shipping supply storage was locked and loaded.


Yes, I still have to pull it out of the closet to sew. But this time, I’m just removing one item instead of multiple bins. I was able to organize all my shipping supplies to be on the far left end which makes for life simpler. No more acrobatic maneuvers to fill orders. :Happy dance:

I currently have a pretty robust inventory available on my Etsy site, The Blind T-Rex (see the black bin with all the drawers? All finished bags. Boom. I used the label maker on it. Boom). Lots of fun and even holiday prints for sale. Plus, I’m donating 20% of sales (made through 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 6th) to Hurricane Harvey relief.  Get ahead of the holiday rush and get your eco-friendly and reusable gift bags now and support a very worthy cause.

The boys go back to school this week, and I’m very much looking forward to it. Jack and I butt heads a lot, and I think it is best for both of us to have a few hours of distance. Plus, he is a social kid and benefits from being with his friends. And for me, I’ll get to spend more time working on blog and Etsy stuff. Bennett will ugly cry about missing his brother for at least the first week, but he’ll adjust. We’ll get back in the rhythm of taking our daily walks, and he’ll be happy to visit his dog friends along our route.

Speaking of school, if you have a kiddo starting kindergarten this year, this post might be relevant to you. Especially if your kiddo is certain to be the troublemaker in the class. Also? I’m on the third or fourth batch of my Chocolate Zucchini Muffins, and some buddies on Instagram have had success with them as well. They seem to be one of the few things that both Jack and my nephew will eat for breakfast without complaining. They freeze like a boss, so make a few batches now while giant zucchini are everywhere. Like in my garden.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: This Tomato Salad With Crispy Tofu sounded and looked amazing. I’ll pair it with garlic bread because Jack will certainly complain about the main dish.

Tuesday:: Chef’s salad. Oddly enough, Jack says he loves chef salads and asked for it to be on the menu. The kid is an enigma. Paired with leftover garlic bread.

Wednesday:: Spring rolls! A super easy and delicious way to get extra veggies in a meal. Plus you know, peanut sauce. Paired with Asian stir-fried green beans.

Thursday:: Breakfast for dinner. The Skim (see photo below) had a recipe for crepes (I’m going to make them whole wheat) filled with fruit and yogurt. Sounded delish! Paired with bacon, eggs, and fruit. Jack has soccer, but crepes seem like something that can be made ahead, stuffed, and then heated.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Homemade pizza and green beans.

Sunday:: Family dinner

Smith Brother Farms – $19.89

Farmer’s Market – $27.60

What are you having this week?

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6 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. Thank you!! I’ve been saying that for years. Yes, I LOVE pumpkin pie. I don’t even mind pumpkin muffins or bread. But give it a rest people!! Some of us are TIRED of Pumpkin Spice Everything!

  2. I feel your pain on pumpkin spice. My personal ‘ugh’ is maple syrup. I LOVE maple syrup but the years we lived in Vermont…maple does not belong in every freaking thing sold in the state. I started to crave plain vanilla.

  3. I’m allergic to pumpkin and acorn squash. I was always itchy and blotchy during the “pumpkin season of everything” but I didn’t realize the allergy part until I scarfed down a bag of pumpkin seeds and my throat started to swell. I carry Benadryl like everyone else carries pumpkin spice from now until spring. You never know when someone is going to surprise you with a splash of pumpkin. I’ve even had chili with pumpkin, which was surprisingly good until the itchy and throat swelling set in. Love your blog. You never fail to lift my spirits and bring a smile to my heart.

  4. I don’t even mind pumpkin spice stuff (although I think they’ve gone a bit overboard…next we’ll be seeing pumpkin spice toilet paper) but for the love of all things holy, can’t it wait until the actual first day of fall?? We’re supposed to hit 101 today (and we’re in the Columbia Gorge with the fires too so it’s both hot and smoky/hazy around here) and it does NOT feel like fall despite how much I want it to. Plus, all my years of retail work have turned me into a holiday control freak of sorts and I refuse to decorate anything until it’s the actual appropriate month/season for it. Gah!

  5. I am so with you about pumpkin spice! I worked in a bakery during my high school and early collage years. Every fall my main tasks were to make the pecan pie and pumpkin pie goop that would be baked off the next morning. And peel the apples for apple pie…and make the pie crusts. After 20 plus years I still get nightmares about Thansgiving pies?!