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Scattered Sundays

This is the week I almost started drinking.

My five-year-old laptop has been on the fritz for months. Just randomly shutting down for no reason at all. When I got the “your fan isn’t cooling this device” warning and the blue screen of death popped up, I knew it was time to replace it.

I didn’t want to. I liked the setup, I knew where everything was, and I didn’t want to spend the money. But um, hello, a working computer is pretty damn vital to my job.

Costco had a good sale so I got something that is fine. Decent. It’s a laptop. I’m not picky. But I chose something smaller on purpose which means the touchpad is a lot smaller. I feel like my mom every single time I try to left click and I end up right clicking. I’ve yet to go the route of my dad and declare “this damn this is broken”.

But trying to transfer my old photos and photo editing software had me in prime punching form on Thursday. And just when I was about to successfully transfer everything…my old laptop shut down for no reason.

:deep breaths. Deeeeeeep breaths:

spotted on a walk: the first lilac of the season!

Hey, many of you may remember my hand wringing during our February snowstorm over how it impacted students who received free and reduced lunch. This issue has not left my heart.

My friend Angela shared this article with me and I think it’s pure genius. Such a simple solution for a large problem. I briefly spoke to our principal about it and he told me that many of the fresh items like carrots and broccoli from the salad bar are saved for kiddos to take home over the weekend. I love that, but I think our district can and should do better.

I’m on the hunt for the right contacts at our district office to try to get a conversation started. If this weighs on your heart as well, it may be worth an investigation to see what your local school district does. And if they don’t do anything…why not?

Listen, I’m not trying to get rich or anything, so I’m putting this idea out there and if someone can make it happen, I encourage you to run with it. How have we never thought of making a kid’s ride on toy that doubles as a vacuum?! Bennett came up with this idea all on his own and it got my wheels turning a million miles a minute.

One of you out there is clever enough to make this shit happen. And guess what…you’re about to have more money than you could ever imagine! Just please thank me the first time you are interviewed about your genius invention. And send me one too.

my mini drawf apple tree showing off like a boss. Strawberries and strawberry towers in the background.

Anyone watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix? Troy and I started it and are maybe three episodes in. It takes us forever to get through a series but I think we’re both enjoying it. Troy, the movie nerd, is annoyed that they’re blatantly stealing specific ideas from other movies, but we’re entertained. The soundtrack is very interesting as well.

You lovely people keep emailing me and sending me messages on Instagram asking about the new treatments I’m using for fighting my stupid adult acne. Hilariously, it is the number one thing I am contacted about these days.

I’m four (maybe five?) weeks into the oral medication (spironolactone) and a topical gel called Differin. Differin used to be by prescription only but now it is available over the counter. And I gotta say, all of this works!

I bought the Differin starter kit on Amazon because it came with a face wash, the gel, and moisturizer. After a few days, I stopped using the face wash and stuck to the oil cleansing method at night and Acure’s face wash in the morning.


The Uncertain Hour is holding my attention this week. It is about the opioid epidemic and focuses on Wise County, Virginia which is thought to be the starting point of this disaster.

It’s very sad, educational, and enlightening. They’ve done an amazing job of treating everyone with dignity and respect. I think as a country we won’t start healing until we stop seeing addiction as a moral failure. To quote a friend, “addiction is an illness. Full stop”. And perhaps it is confirmation bias, but I love this podcast for illuminating that.

Another aspect that has been interesting is seeing how the opioid epidemic is viewed in comparison with the crack epidemic of the 1980s and the implications of race in the differences.

So, if you want to learn a lot and be bummed the hell out, check out The Uncertain Hour.


This week’s review comes from my neighbor Sandy who left this voicemail for Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana on my phone this week:

a bowl of dairy-free instant pot zuppa toscana with kale

Sarah, this is Sandy. Thank you so much for the soup yesterday. It was delicious and tastes so much better than Olive Garden’s because you know how salty their food is. I had no idea you could cook or that you could cook like this!

{Pin this}

Our neighbor is having some major health issues and I’ve been bringing her dinner most nights. I got some reusable bento boxes from Amazon (so that she doesn’t have to wash heavy glass containers but also so that I’m not using disposable items) and have been posting photos of the “adult lunchables” on Instagram to many people’s delight.

and THIS is why I stopped taking photos of food in my kitchen. Yikes!

And Bennett brings her a flower each time we deliver:


I held true to my “three posts a week” goal again this week. But not really because I intended to publish something yesterday but it just didn’t happen. 

I chose a really in-depth topic to write about and I thought max it would take about 15 hours to research and write. Turns out the research part alone has taken me 20 hours.

By Friday morning I realized to do the post justice I needed to punt it until next week. Better to do it right than half-assed, especially considering how much work I have already put into it. Stay tuned.

20 hours in…

Crispy Fried Onions {Gluten-Free Fried Onions} – Whole30, Paleo, Keto – You’re in for a treat with these Crispy Fried Onions! They’re so good that it’s hard to believe these healthy onion straws are Whole30 compliant, keto-friendly, and vegan. Shoestring onions are a perfect topping for soups, casseroles, burgers, steak, or a salad. These fried onion strings can be made in the air fryer or baked in the oven. Take any meal to the next level with these crunchy gluten-free fried onions!

a bowl of crispy fried onions with parsley and dipping sauce

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Greek Turkey Meatballs – Glutenfree Meatballs {Whole30, Paleo, Keto} – You’ll love how flavorful these Greek Turkey Meatballs are! Baked turkey meatballs are such an easy Whole30, gluten-free, and paleo meal prep option. The creamy lemon sauce is so good you’ll want to put it on everything, including a plate of glutenfree meatballs. These paleo meatballs are picky-kid approved and ready in under 30 minutes. Make a double batch of easy turkey meatballs today and freeze half for a future weeknight meal.

a bowl of zoodles with greek turkey meatballs and basil

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Changing it again this week and I’m highlighting five posts that I LOVE but I feel like they keep getting lost in the shuffle.

  1. Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes  {Pin this}
  2. Crunchy Salad Toppers  {Pin this}
  3. Instant Pot Whole30 Mashed Potatoes  {Pin this}
  4. Baked Cauliflower Patties  {Pin this}
  5. Homemade Ramen Noodle Bowls  {Pin this}


Looking for someone to do the meal planning for you? I’m partnering with Real Plans to bring you personalized meal plans that fit all dietary needs. Try it yourself for free!

Monday:: I’m making a new recipe that I’m excited about. The boys are going to hate it. Can’t wait.

Tuesday:: Homemade frozen pizza and salad. We may be eating more paleo/Whole30 recipes these days, but that doesn’t mean we’re strictly “anything”. Troy and Jack both do better when most grains and dairy are limited in our diets. That doesn’t mean we are 100% aligned with any way of eating. And sometimes we just want/need a slice of homemade pizza with whole wheat pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce! I would call this balanced but we all know that balance is bullshit.

Wednesday:: New recipe I’m working on. It rhymes with ground gerky macos.

Thursday:: Instant Pot Tortilla Soup With Rice because I have an opened jar of veggie juice in the fridge.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Big ass chopped salad

Sunday:: Family dinner


Smith Brother’s Farms: $14.48

If you’re in the Puget Sound area, get a $20 credit for signing up with Smith Brothers for their awesome home delivery.

Fred Meyer: $13.78


What are you having this week?



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17 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Love umbrella academy! Number five and Klaus are freaking hilarious! 

  2. I read through your posts and plan to comment on certain things, then I get to the end and forget what I wanted to say.

    Our food plan this week:9
    I took our Butcher Box ribs and a beef roast out of the freezer a few days ago, so those need to be cooked. And I need to start working through the frozen cauliflower rice and squash. I also still have freezer meals, but I may pass those on to a friend to feed to Emma when she comes back for a visit this summer.

  3. Oh man! I have a lilac bush outside my bathroom window and it is no where near, bloom-wise, the one in your pic. I can’t wait! I open the bathroom window and it smells amazing for about a week. Your dwarf apple tree looks beautiful as well.

    • The lilacs at the bottom of our road are always the first to bloom. Then the neighbors below us have a bush that blooms before ours even buds. The one in my yard (that was planted in honor of my dead gerbil when I was 10) blooms right around mother’s day.

      They do smell so amazing, right? I love them!

  4. If you didn’t get your files off the old pc you can buy a cheap kit. A few screws removed from bottom of most laptops and a quick google of your laptop model will help you easily yank the old drive. Then plug it into your new laptop via usb!

    Those Greek chicken meatballs look fantastic!

    I blew up my Keurig today. Sooo sad. 

    • I have the files on an external hard drive. Right now it is a matter of getting them onto the new one along with my settings. It is the transferring of settings that are driving me nuts!

      Oh no, what happened to the Keurig!

  5. I work in an elementary school in Louisiana. We do have a backpack program where some community groups provide food that goes home with students each weekend with extra going home on extended breaks. A local church creates boxes of food for the summer and holiday weeks. These packs are something they can fix themselves with little preparation. Often our students will request an extra pack for younger siblings at home or for a sibling in another school. Our counselor keeps extra on hand for these requests. It’s not a perfect program, but it does meet the need of hungry children.

    • We have a similar program too and our church supports it. I love it.

      But the food requested by the churches is always “tuna, mac and cheese, and pudding cups”. It seems like leftover cafeteria food, while not the absolute best choice may offer more robust nutrition. And reduce wasted food!

  6. I don’t have anything exciting to add to your post. I just wanted to thank you for being faithful in your scattered Sunday’s. I look forward to reading a snippet of your life weekly. Is that creepy? 
    Your face looks great. Glad that things are clearing up. I know that adult acne is a major pain – literally. 
    Have a great week. 
    P.S.  if someone is in the inventing mood – how about a good system of sucking up sewing threads and junk as you go. A small yet powerful way to keep your surface area clean.  Just saying. 

    • Awww, you’re so sweet Jan. Sunday posts are my favorite to write and I can’t remember the last time I missed writing one. They’re just too fun to skip!

      The sewing thing would be wonderful!

  7. Our town has a local church that provides backpacks every friday for kids (any parent can request one) that need help with food over the weekend/holidays. Its all easy to eat, no heating required so any skill level kid can fix food for themselves even if the parent isn’t around. They also provide it in a regular school backpack with wheels so no other kids know they are getting free food and they can get it home ok. Love this program!!

    • We have it too and our church supports it. I love it.

      But the food requested is always “tuna, mac and cheese, and pudding cups”. It seems like leftover cafeteria food, while not the absolute best choice may offer more robust nutrition. And reduce wasted food!

      • Our is cereal, peanut butter and jelly, crackers, applesauce, with some other items, and on longer school breaks they add a canned ham. Very rarely they include any sweets

  8. On the touchpad issue, a $20 Bluetooth mouse makes all of the annoying issues go away. Thanks for posting, as always! Also love the soundtrack to umbrella academy. I’m going through the dream… it’s interesting and confirms why I never really get into the products sold mlm. I did sell cutco for 6 weeks post high school though, which odd as it sounds, taught me a ton about sales/interacting with ppl that has come in super handy in life.

    • I have a mouse somewhere around this house, but the problem is I work on the couch or a chair in our bedroom most of the time. I don’t have a designated office or even a flat workspace. Maybe someday!

      I feel like so many of my friends sold Cutco after high school. It appears to be some post-graduation rite of passage.