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Scattered Sundays

I did something horribly depressing last week. I tried to find new jeans. Now there was a colossal disappointment of a task. It’s been three years, maybe four since I bought new pants.

And my oh my, times have changed. At one point, a saleswoman asked if I needed help finding anything, and I said “yes, clothes not from the late 80s or early 90s, please”.

Listen, I know acid-washed mom jeans and all that are technically “in” but that ship has sailed and we knew they looked terrible then. Why are we repeating this terrible mistake NOW?

I have been dreaming of opening a clothing line called “I’m not dead yet, but also I don’t want to show you EVERYTHING”. I’m still workshopping that name. It’s a bit wordy. Basically, I want tasteful clothes that don’t make me look like I’m an extra on the set of The Golden Girls. Is that too much to ask? Right now it seems to be.

In other news, I have two show recommendations for you! And neither are safe for little ears or eyes. First up, Murderville on Netflix. It’s Will Arnett as his best. Basically, it’s like if Job from Arrested Development was playing a cop on an improv show where they have to solve a crime with celebrities.

Each episode features a different celebrity acting as Will’s rookie cop partner as they solve a crime. There is a basic script for everyone except for the guest star, and there is plenty of opportunity for improv. In the end, the guest star has to announce “who done it”.

The second is Reacher on Amazon Prime. I’ve never read the Reacher series, but I do know that fans were up in arms when Tom Cruise was cast as the title character. Apparently, in the books, Reacher is a “giant” and well, Tom Cruise is not.

The show is good and you know I love an action sequence. If you liked Jack Ryan (also from Amazon) but wished there was a bit of humor, you’ll love Reacher. I’m not sure how far we are into the series because it takes us forever to get through a show, but it’s been enjoyable.

What I find so funny about it is how the other characters react to the size of the title character. He’s supposed to be 6 ft 5 in the show but the actor is “only” 6 ft 2 in real life. He’s definitely not tiny by any means, but they usually have background actors in scenes looking at him like he’s in the circus.

Why is this so funny? Because of all the men I grew up with in my own family, the SHORTEST is 6 ft 5. I have cousins who are 6 ft 11 for goodness sake. Listening to the jokes they make on the show about his size gives me all the giggles.

a child sleeping

Last weekend, our washed machine kept going off-balance. It’s an HE top loader without an agitator thingy in the middle of it. Basically, just a big open washing machine where we can easily launder a king-sized quilt.

After rebalancing it a few times, I peeked in the window on the lid and realized that the bottom plate of the washer had um…come free. It was just floating in the washer. Hence the off-balance issues!

Apparently, the base plate for our washer isn’t as common as other models and Troy spent some time searching the interwebs for a place that had it in stock and could ship quickly.

You never realize how much laundry you do until you’re potentially facing 4-7 shipping days without a washer. We were lucky to only have to wait four days, and even luckier that it fit exactly and we were able to work through our backlog of laundry immediately.

We do our best to live a life that isn’t too “single-use”. We don’t clean with paper towels or use paper napkins, etc. But, the flip side of that is there is always laundry. Living without a washer for a handful of days reminded me that oftentimes things we view as “eco-friendly” have an air of privilege around them.

To avoid single-use items, you need easy and affordable access to things like a washer and a dryer. And you need to not be working multiple low-wage jobs to be able to have time to process laundry and dishes on the daily. Do I want to live without our appliances anytime soon? Nope. But these little blips in our life are a good reminder that we often live in a bubble.

rocks and seaweed

My kids are almost seven years apart. I like to joke that it took us four years to think about ever having another kid, and then, of course, that whole secondary infertility thing was a bit of a delay. The age gap is great sometimes and annoying as heck in other ways.

But what usually happens is that by the time Bennett is into something, I have completely forgotten that Jack had already been obsessed with that same thing. It might mean that I have to listen to someone talk about Minecraft or Pokemon for eight years straight. But hey, at least it “only” feels like 36 years.

One of the welcome things that Bennett is really into right now, is the Magic Treehouse series. Jack was always and still is a graphic novel kid (check out these recommendations), so we never read Magic Treehouse books. But we did get the audiobooks from the library and listened to them in the car.

Bennett’s teacher, always referred to as Mrs. AngelWhomWeLoveForeverBecauseSheRules, has been reading the class the Magic Treehouse series and Bennett adores them. Troy found a ton at Goodwill for $1.50 a pop, and Bennett also checks them out from the library. Unlike Pokemon and some of the other stuff he’s into, I don’t mind reading this series. Winwin.

a picture of Dexter next to a picture of a little kid smiling
Don’t turn your back on this one…

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were exploring having Bennett’s tonsils removed because of his constant colds. Oh, and they’re enlarged too. I’m not interested in just ripping things out of his body because he gets sick a lot.

That being said, any hesitation I had about the surgery has been erased. Bennett has had a constant dry cough for seven weeks now that is now like fingernails on a chalkboard to listen to. And once again, he has been dealing with a snotty nose.

We had a pediatrician appointment on Monday to follow up on the new allergy meds he’s been taking. I absolutely adore his doctor and said I was ready for an ENT referral or otherwise “I’m going to rip these tonsils out myself, Indiana Jones style”.

We also have a referral for an allergy doc and Bennett’s going to see them in a week or so. I’m hoping they’ll do the scratch test that same day to save us multiple appointments. If this child is not actually allergic to anything other than being healthy, I’m going to scream.

And while I appreciate the input, please do not tell me to feed my family local honey. I’m sure that works to some extent, but allergies for Bennett and myself are beyond that. I could motorboat an entire beehive every day and would still sneeze. This is beyond honey. Dips on “Beyond Honey” as a band name.

I have been successful in following through on my “run 5 miles per week” goal. Jack practices at a field with a track, so I have started running during his practice. Track running might be boring, but my head isn’t constantly on a swivel and I’m never worried about being hit by a car.

Speaking of, a woman stopped me on a walk the other day to tell me I win the neighborhood “visibility award”. I couldn’t be more proud of winning such a prestigious honor.

a woman in bright colors
It’s even brighter in real life. And the vest blinks. #humblebrag


This week I realized I can listen to old Dateline episodes via Peacock on my computer while I work. I’m a fan of podcasts but sometimes I just want Dateline in my earholes. Working in front of the TV hasn’t been very efficient for me, so streaming old episodes on the laptop has been a treat.


Long-time reader, Melissa left this five-star review on our Instant Pot White Chicken Chili {Pin this recipe}:

Made this last night and got three thumbs up! I loved it too! It needs to be a little spicier but it was so creamy and warm on a cold winter’s night! I would order this and eat this in a restaurant; I consider it restaurant-quality food. (And trust me, although my family likes my cooking, half the stuff I make, I’m like, Meh…) Great job, Sarah!

A white bowl of Instant Pot Chicken Chili with lime and cilantro on a white board


Mango Pico de GalloHomemade Mango Pico de Gallo is a delightful and quick salsa you can use to top lots of recipes or enjoy it with crispy tortilla chips. You’ll love the bright flavors of this fresh fruit salsa. {Pin this recipe}

Air Fryer Frozen ShrimpThese juicy Air Fryer Frozen Shrimp are so easy to make and have loads of flavor. Perfectly grilled, they are great for fast dinners and cook in only 5 minutes! {Pin this recipe}

a plate of air fryer frozen shrimp with chopped parsley and a lemon wedge

Gluten-Free Teriyaki SauceThis healthy and Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce is an easy alternative to storebought. Free of soy and sugar, this sugar-free teriyaki sauce is seriously delicious and Whole30 compliant! {Pin this recipe}

Dehydrating OnionsDehydrating Onions is such a simple way to preserve this delicious pantry staple! Learn how to dry onions in a food dehydrator or in the oven. {Pin this recipe}

an up-close image of dehydrated onions in a glass bowl


Whooooo, buddy, the air fryer apps were in-demand last Sunday! Everyone was air frying for the Super Bowl. Traffic was out of control until exactly 6 pm ET and then just stalled the second the game started. Here is to hoping everyone enjoyed all their crunchy and delicious (but low oil!) apps.

  1. Air Fryer Egg Rolls – vegan and vegetarian as written but super customizable! On, and did you know you can FREEZE these? {Pin this recipe}
  2. Air Fryer Pretzel Bites – one of my favorite air fryer recipes of all time! And these beautiful bites of dough are freezer-friendly too. {Pin this recipe}
  3. Homemade Pizza Rolls – freezer-friendly too! Basically, I think everything should be frozen. {Pin this recipe}
  4. Air Fryer Appetizers – because eating a few different appetizers and calling it dinner is pretty rad. {Pin these recipes}
  5. Air Fryer Pickles – you can call them fried pickles or “frickles”, but they’re delicious no matter the name. {Pin this recipe}


Monday:: TBD. The boys are supposed to go to my inlaws for the day. But every single time we plan that something happens. Plans are the jinx of kid-free days.

Tuesday:: Troy is making chicken parm and salad.

Wednesday:: A new recipe that I’ve tested a billion times and need to photograph again. My last attempt looked like dog crap on a plate. Mmmmmm.

Thursday:: Takeout to support a local small business.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Instant Pot Gnocchi Soup because I have all the veggies prepped in the freezer and I know no one will whine about eating it.

Sunday:: TBD, Jack has soccer 90 minutes away and it’s going to be a looooong day.

What are you having this week?

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16 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Have you tried Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ)? They’re built for taller slimmer people. Rather pricey, but I’ve found them in thrift stores!

    • I couldn’t find them when I went to Macy’s. In fact, I couldn’t find the “grown-up section” at all. It’s been so long since I have been in a store!

      In the end, I order some more jeans from Lands Ends. I know they fit and they last a really long itme.

  2. I have a kid who is allergic to life, too! Her doctor put her on Flonase + Claritin, and thankfully that cleared it up. The next step was going to be a low dose inhaler, which may still be necessary but we will see.

    Silence is my favorite sound, so I enjoy not hearing her dry cough every five minutes throughout the spring and fall.

    • We have tried both of those things, but not together. Might be worth adding to the list of crap to try down the line. LOL. What we have going for us is that our pediatrician has also suffered from allergies his whole life AND his 5-year-old daughter has them too. So not only does he have firsthand experience, but he’s also trying to help his kiddo at the same time.

      That dry cough makes my skin crawl. I’m so happy you don’t have to deal with it anymore.

  3. My tonsils used to swell so bad I was one more absence away from being held back in kindergarten. They finally removed them just before I turned 8. I don’t really know what the delay was but my mom was not happy that it took so long. When my sister started having the same issue at age 4 I’m pretty sure she threatened to remove them herself if the doctors didn’t. For both of us the surgery was so worth it! I hope Bennett sees the same huge improvements that we did!

  4. Aloha Sarah,,, Tom Cruise is 5’7 in real life -but I’m thinking he’s a bit shorter … anyways I wanted to mention that cause in our family it’s always been a thing to know what some actors heights are… weird thing I know… btw your skin looks great in the bright photo.. and allergies in any form is always a kick in the b-tt .. I dealt with a child that had issues and she still does.. Also the pants thing yeah ..torn and bleached and Mom pants need to be dismissed altogether  … Aloha S

    • I did know that, but only because I had read an article about Reacher…not because I like to know actors’ heights. What a fun, but odd hobby, Stephanie. HA! Troy used to work on the sets of TV and movies and would report how short most of the people were. Except for the season when he worked on America’s Next Top Model because those ladies were “average height” at least according to my family.

      Re skin: thank you! I’m working hard on getting it to normal. But also, full-disclosure, the phone was on portrait mode which makes everything a bit more flattering.

  5. I agree about the pant issue. I hate pants that come all the way up (called mom pants I think) I also hat the one that show off the underwear.  I found Old Navy has some good ones. They are called power straight. They come in tall and regular length, they have just enough give to make them not feel tight lol. 

  6. I wish that I had your dedication to running and being active! I will have to try harder to follow your lead.

  7. I had my (gigantic) tonsils out when I was 24 and I wish it had been done much sooner!  It was a game changer for me, both in how frequently I got sick and in being able to breathe when I was.  One miserable week was completely worth it for all the health benefits I’ve now had for twenty years!

    Thanks for the podcast recommendation.  Sounds like something I will enjoy!

  8. I agree with you about the jeans. It’s very difficult to find jeans that don’t cover to your boobs or show off your underwear.  I hate (now) the jeans with holes and acid washed look. I have found jeans at Old Navy that seem to be a perfect fit for me. They’re the power straight jeans. They have them in regular and tall. They fit comfortably and don’t have 1 million holes in them.

    • Yes, the holes and acid wash are awful!

      Old Navy has never fit me and I’m not sure why. I think it’s because they’re either super high-waisted or so stretchy at the waist that I have to wear a belt. Blerg. But, I know so many of my friends love their jeans.