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Scattered Sundays


You get a mojito. You get a mojito! Everyone gets a mojitttttttttttttttttto!

No, I did not just have a stroke. I’m here to tell you the most exciting news in the history of the internet! Guess what? Oprah’s magazine listed my Mojito Mocktail as one of their 12 mocktails for summer.


Not only was it super duper amazing, but it was so cool knowing how much it would have meant to my mom. She loved Oprah and this would have just made her whole year.

And that is our growth chart on the wall to the left. We don’t just have dirty walls.

I polled our Facebook community this week about the possibility of a group June challenge for anyone who wants to participate. The vote was very close (almost a tie) with people wanting to do freezer/pantry cleanout or a freezer cooking challenge (cook one meal that includes portions to freeze for future meals).

My favorite comment was from long-time reader Lesley who wanted to do the freezer cleanout to get ready for hurricane season!

So, here are my thoughts. We do both! But not at the same time because that would be confusing.

I’m thinking we run the freezer/pantry clean out challenge in June, and then the freezer cooking one in July. Or August. Cause it’s much easier to do freezer cooking if you have a tidy freezer, right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Be on the lookout for more details as it gets closer. I’ll be letting you know here, via email (sign up below now to get in on the challenge), on Facebook, and Instagram.

When I was the Everything Food Conference a few weeks ago, I met so many amazing bloggers! I’d love to highlight some of them each week if you don’t mind. And if you do, well just skip ahead. 🙂

My friend Cassie from Cook it Real Good told me “you gotta go talk to that girl” and pointed out Hailey. I went over to say hi and noticed the name of her blog on her name tag was “Cooking and Cussing“.

Remember how I had joked about naming my blog “The Swearing Lutheran”? The word “soul mate” gets thrown around too easily these days, but damn girl. 

preschool field trip

Last week I mentioned we started drugging the kids with melatonin gummies to battle the early daylight we experience this time of year. Guess what? I’m drugging myself now too!

I’ve been using this sleep blend essential oil (no, I don’t sell oils) for years and I truly do love it. But, I thought I’d also try out using a different brand of gummies for myself as well. And you know what? They work!

They don’t knock me out or anything, but the best I can describe it is like one of those weighted blankets for your mind. I’m still totally able to think clearly, but everything seems just a little snugglier.

Troy and I have had Target curtains up in our room since the remodel happened (2015?) and they’re fine but not light-blocking in any way shape or form. Our bedroom faces East. I’m never in bed when the sun comes up, but Troy enjoys sleeping in. He does not love the room filling up with light at 4:55 am.

Rise and shine assholes!! And yes, the sheets were in the washer when this photo was taken.

We recently got some new heavy duty light-blocking curtains for our living room (this brand from Target) that are lovely, but I didn’t want to shell out $80 for three new panels when our current curtains are fine.

I found these blackout liners on Amazon and they were a cinch to install. I assumed they would require sewing, but nope, you just hook those liners onto your existing curtains.

They’re a bit smaller than our curtains, but the light-blocking capability has made a huge difference in the light coming into our room in the morning.

Creepy weird glow is our wi-fi extender

Cost for new light-blocking curtains: $80. Total cost for the light-blocking panels: $45. If we were in the market from brand new curtains, I’d get the Target ones. But, why spend more when our other curtains were nice and just needed 20 minutes to fix them?

What I’m Listening To This Week

Hooked on The Murder Squad these days! One retired detective who was on the Golden State Killer case and a crime reporter/author get together and discuss unsolved murders.

If you listen to My Favorite Murder, you’ll know the retired detective is Paul Holes (#hotforholes).

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Connie made Paleo Muesli and rocked it! She kindly left this five-star review of the recipe:

This stuff is AH-mazing! I was gifted a sample when a friend returned a container. She had seen the post I shared on Facebook with this recipe and decided to make it!  WOW! SO delicious! ( I may have had a hard time not eating the whole container full of Paleo Muesli in one sitting!). I’m finally printing out the recipe and plan to make and eat some for breakfast with my chia pudding and fresh berries! YUM!

a glass bowl of paleo muesli with blueberries

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On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Cucumber Mint Water {Cucumber Infused Water} – This refreshing Cucumber Mint Water is so delicious and is made without any added sweeteners. Perfect for parties, baby or bridal showers, or barbecues, this healthy summer drink has amazing benefits. Infused water recipes are so simple to make and can help you maintain your hydration goals.

two glasses and a pitcher with cucumber mint water and a jar of paper straws

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Low-Sugar Strawberry Jam {Canning Strawberry Jam} – Canning strawberry jam is so much easier than you think! Low-Sugar Strawberry Jam is a delicious and fresh tasting spread for yogurt, toast, or dessert recipes. Homemade strawberry jam is a treat for the whole family and is an amazing way to preserve the harvest. There is nothing like opening a jar of homemade strawberry preserves knowing YOU made it!

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The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

  1. Mojito Mocktail – This post was on fire this week. Thanks, Oprah! {Pin this recipe}
  2. Best Ever Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List – people like lists. Those are MY people. {Pin this}
  3. Honey Simple Syrup – there is a huge mistake in one of those photos. I laugh every time I see it. Can you find it? {Pin this recipe}
  4. Instant Pot Egg Bites {Pin this recipe}
  5. Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs – a week’s worth of scrambled eggs that you can reheat and enjoy. What’s not to love? {Pin this recipe}

Meal Plan

Looking for someone to do the meal planning for you? I’m partnering with Real Plans to bring you personalized meal plans that fit all dietary needs. Try it yourself for free for 30 days.!

Monday:: Ravioli (see below) and a giant salad

Tuesday:: Whole30 Zuppa Toscana, Air Fryer Asparagus. It will be our last day of rain for a week and I want soup damnit!

Wednesday:: Pasta and a big salad

Thursday:: Troy’s amazing burgers (we have some premade and cooked in the freezer leftover from Mother’s Day), Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, and more Air Fryer Asparagus. Jack hates asparagus so much. I’ll make a batch of Sweet Potato Fries Dipping Sauce because it is killer on burgers AND fries!

Friday:: Leftovers, popcorn, and movie night.

Saturday:: TBD

Sunday:: Family dinner

What We Bought This Week

Smith Brothers: $21.97 (there are two things of ravioli in there)

If you’re in the Puget Sound area, get $20 off for signing up with Smith Brothers for their awesome home delivery.

That asparagus ravioli is sooooo dang good and is only available for like 1-2 months every year.


What are you having this week?


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20 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Why am I just now seeing this?! Probably because I suck at backlinks and should pay more f*cking attention. This made my heart go pitter-patter and desperately wish EFC was still a thing. Miss your face!

  2. I’m excited for the freezer cleanout! I’ve already started a meal plan (which I am always terrible at doing) that incorporates things I have in the freezer, and then I built a grocery list around it. I have some cooked spaghetti squash in there that really, really needs to get used, among other things.

    One of the reasons I really want an empy-ish freezer is to plan ahead for summer and keeping a very fluffy cat cool, which typically requires freezing 2-liter bottles to chill her down during hot days. And, yes, she will be getting a lion cut as well, and, of course, it’s as hilarious as you’d expect.

    (is the mistake the Camel logo? because LOL)

    • OMG, I read that as you put your cat in the freezer during the summer! Bwahaaaaa.

      Yes!! You’re the only one who has ever noticed that. I bought the glass from Goodwill and didn’t see the logo until I edited the photos. I’m such an idiot but it still makes me laugh.

  3. On the melatonin – hubby and I bought a bottle from Sam’s Club (but they’re not fun gummies, I’m jealous). After 4 hours, we wake up and by wake up, WIDE AWAKE. 4 hours. Every. Damn. Time. We both experience that. Do you have the same issue?

    • Hi Brandi, that hasn’t happened at all. I wonder if it is the brand? Or the dosage? It seems weird it is happening to BOTH of you, which makes me think the issue is with that particular brand.

    • This happens to me when I take melatonin. Not sure if it’s a chemical thing or what, but yes, WIDE awake. It’s annoying, because it was really helpful when I was having trouble falling asleep. 

      • Ginny, I’m glad to hear it does happen to someone else (not that I’m glad you wake up after 4 hours!). Going on what Sarah mentioned, did you try a different brand?

      • I’ve tried a couple brands, so it’s not that for me. It also happens when I take AdvilPM type meds too. I just figured it’s my wonky body. lol 

      • That is your body saying “I’m cruel”!

  4. Still so stoked about the Oprah post. And those melatonin gummies are the same ones we have. Swear by them – plus I feel like I’m eating a Lolly (haha) aka candy at night! Looking forward to that challenge!

  5. Just this week I decided that you needed to know about MFM because I didn’t think you had mentioned it but it seemed like something you would enjoy. Glad to know you are already a murderino!!!
    I’m also very excited about these food challenges. BF and I desperately need to clean out all the freezers (and the pantry too honestly) so this is perfect timing.

    • They were one of the first podcasts I discovered when I started listening to podcasts. I’ll be honest in that it took me over a month to actually like the hosts. It was not love at first listen, but I do enjoy it now.

  6. I told my husband, “Oh yay! My fav blogger got a recipe in Oprah’s magazine. OH OH OH! She mention me! She mentioned me!” I like doing both. Planning freezer meals (and the instant pot) make late baseball games easier and cleaning out the freezer helps us not face a total loss if a hurricane comes along.

    • Ha, you’re so funny!

      I feel like I haven’t made a new Instant Pot meal in a few months. I have lots planned for fall, and I use my IP almost once a day. But nothing new so far.

  7. I’m excited about the freezer meal challange! Can’t wait!

    You are officially famous now that Oprah shared your recipe. YAY!

    I’m considering making light blocking curtains with pockets to go over all of our camper windows. This little space requires everything to pull double duty.

    • Pocket curtains are SO clever Tina!!! I assume this is something you’ll do after you get settled? I can’t imagine you traveled with a sewing machine in the camper.