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Scattered Sundays

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After two years of randomly growing my hair out for absolutely no good reason, I’m back to a length that feels more like myself!

a woman in a blue sweater wearing sunglasses

I have baby-fine hair and once it reaches a certain length, the only thing I can do with it is to put it in a ponytail. Which makes me look like a Revolutionary War fife player. It’s a wee sad little pony.

Each time I went in for a trim, my stylist would diplomatically ask me “so…what’s your plan with this”. Ha! I told her I had no idea, but that I was just going to ignore it until I had an idea of what to do with it.

The “I’ve had enough of this hair” moment came in Chicago. I couldn’t do a thing with my hair other than the sad little pony. If I leave it down, it turns into one tiny dreadlock by noon. Even if I do all the volumizing things possible, it’s flat and plastered to my head by 9 am.

She cut almost 6 inches off my hair and as we looked at the pile on the ground, it was decided that even if they gathered it alllll up, perhaps they could maybe make a heavy bang for a Locks of Love wig.

a basement with a cement floor.

Big basement developments this week! WE HAVE CARPET! It only took five months, but we no longer have to wear shoes in the basement to protect our feet from the concrete and construction debris.

We replaced the carpet in 2017 and ended up going with Lowes then. Since um, insurance paid for this go-round, we went with a local place that had a better selection and MUCH BETTER customer service.

The Lowes installation took about 2.5 hours in 2017 and it showed. My friends, these guys were here on Monday for 6 hours making sure this carpet install was perfect. They went above and beyond to make sure the transition piece between my dad’s apartment and the basement was absolutely flat so that ye olde peg leg won’t trip over it.

When I ordered the carpet I never once said anything about the pad. I just assumed they would send one. And send one, they did. Y’all, this pad is so thick and squishy that it feels like it’s made out of marshmallows wrapped in clouds.

I picked up Bennett from school that afternoon and the second he came into the house and stepped on the carpet, the look on his face was hilarious. He then spent the next 15 minutes rolling around the “squishy” carpet and jumping from the stairs down into the basement.

Troy installed some leftover vinyl flooring right in front of our garage door. The installers did a beautiful job working around it and installing transitions. It’s going to save us so much cleaning over the long run.

a basement with carpet.

Next up for this space: trim and new doors. The old horrid doors are hollow core and were damaged by the water. I won’t be sad to see these old dark nasty doors replaced by bright white ones.

And now that the kids are older, we’ve also downsized the number of toys and books that we need to store down here. I’m downgrading our giant IKEA Kallax and we’ll be getting a much smaller one. We’ve donated the huge one to Bennett’s beloved kindergarten teacher for her classroom.

a white utility sink in a bathroom.

I don’t mean to brag, but we finally have a sink in the basement bathroom/laundry room. We’re feeling pretty high-class right now. This sink met all our qualifications:

  1. It’s a utility sink
  2. It doesn’t look too much like a utility sink
  3. It has storage underneath it
  4. Can survive 2 male children and their friends
  5. It’s freestanding
  6. The legs are metal

Basically, our entire goal for this space is to future/waterproof it. Should the washer ever flood again (and it shouldn’t, given the auto-shut off alarm we bought), the metal legs will protect this vanity from damage. And because it doesn’t go all the way to the floor, we can easily dry out the flooring under it.

daffodils amongst weeds.

On Tuesday this week, I started feeling very weird and very cold around 11 am. I was sitting under my electric throw blanket, wearing gloves at my computer desk, wearing a sweatshirt over a thermal undershirt, and wool socks and wool slippers and I was still freezing my butt off.

At the same time, my stomach started to feel weird. Being a formerly very sick pregnant lady, I pride myself on having 100% puke awareness. I can predict down to the second when I’m going to need to be in front of a toilet.

Troy and Jack were at soccer practice and Bennett and I were reading books on the couch. I put the book down, tied my hair back, and told him to sit tight because I had to go throw up. Troy and Jack came home a few minutes later and found Bennett sitting on the couch very still and very wide-eyed.

I was super sick for the next five hours. I finally scavenged a Zofran from our stash of kid’s meds and then laid on the bed listening to podcasts for the next hour trying not to move. I wanted that Zofran to stay put!

At the same time, Bennett started getting sick with his normal PFAFA crap, so Troy was on point with him so that I could try to rest. Any mom out there will tell you that no matter how sick you are, you can always sense when your kid is awake and not sleeping. Nobody slept well that night, except Jack who could and has slept through pretty much anything.

I woke up exhausted the next day and my hips, knees, and shins were on fire. I felt worn out and depleted and spent most of the day working for 15 minutes and then recovering on the couch for 30 minutes. Oh, and Bennett was home sick that day which was super restful.

But, a great night of sleep on Wednesday night and I woke up feeling 100% and back to normal. I went for a 3.15 mile walk so that I didn’t overdo it (my normal walking route is 4.25 miles), and then photographed a recipe. That surprise rogue puking event was annoying but I’m so glad it didn’t last more than a day.

2 boys in matching clothes at an indoor jump place.
They dressed themselves for a bounce place birthday. I think we have 2 more months before Jack refuses to twin with Bennett.

There is soooooo much good TV right now! Ted Lasso is back, and we’re also almost done with Shrinking (sob). We finished up The Last of Us recently, and in Pedro Pascal land, we’re also watching season three of The Mandalorian.

Episode 3 of The Mandalorian was so freaking boring that I almost didn’t want to finish it. It was only the potential of Grogu popping back in that made me want to keep watching it. Episode 3 gave me flashbacks to the trainwrecks of episodes 1-3 of the Star Wars movie series that were released starting in the 90s.

Poker Face on Peacock is also delightful in a really quirky way. I love a whodunnit and I guarantee I was the only 7-year-old waking up early during summer break to watch Columbo reruns. So this show gives me peak nerd happy vibes.

We also just started Animal Control (Hulu) because I love Joel McHale and want to support anything he does. It’s fun that the show is set in Seattle because Joel actually did grow up here.

The show gives off some Community vibes, which makes total sense. But also mix in a bit of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and a teeny bit of Reno 911.

Troy and I have about 45 minutes, a few times a week to enjoy a show together. It famously took us an entire year to get through all the seasons of Game of Thrones. I’m pretty stoked that so much good stuff is on right now.

a boy in a beach with writing in the sand.

My sister, my friend Rachel, and I went to see A Good Person on Friday night. It’s not my preferred genre of movies at all, but my sister and I love Fake Doctors Real Friends and wanted to support Zach Braff, one of the hosts.

I told my friend that going to a movie because you like the podcast host is the adult version of buying makeup because a Kardashian recommends it.

The movie was actually very good and Florence Pugh is such a good actress. She’s incredibly talented and did an incredible job capturing the nuances of grief and addiction.

What I’m reading this week

I finished Lessons in Chemistry last week and forgot to mention it. It’s not my kind of book but my wonderful mother-in-law lent it to me and I love her, so I read it!

While it’s not my kind of book, I actually enjoyed most of it (except the weird dog parts…reminds me too much of when the Scarpetta series went off the effing cliff) and I’m glad I read it!

I’ve barely been reading this week but I’m still slogging through The Ministry of the Future. I think it’s getting a little too depressing so I might put it on the shelf for a bit and start something else.


Long-time reader, Cathy, left this five-star review on our Boursin Pasta {Pin this recipe}:

I was looking for something easy to make tonight and this fit the bill. I weirdly had all the ingredients including a box of shallot and chive-flavored Boursin tucked in the back of the fridge, and a few 1/4 cup portions of leftover white wine in the freezer saved for cooking. It really did come together super fast and the flavors worked so well together. We always like the kick of red pepper flakes. I try to follow a new recipe closely the first time but I can see how this would also be good with added chicken. Maybe use cream cheese and a little onion or herbs if you don’t have Boursin? Thanks for the delicious recipe Sarah. I will definitely make this again!

tongs lifting a scoop of Boursin cheese pasta sauce out of a skillet.


Chicken Bacon Ranch CasseroleThis Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza is a simple dinner of pure delicious homemade comfort food. Grilled chicken, smoky bacon, creamy ranch, and cheese come together in a tasty homemade pizza recipe. {Pin this recipe}

a pizza topped with sliced green onions on a parchment board.

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ham and pea post in a white bowl with a bronze spoon.

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four cubes of frozen spinach stacked on top of a muffin liner


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10 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. New carpet is THE BEST! At 47 years old, I rolled around on the new carpet late last year because it was so squishy and soft! HA!

    Jack looks like he’s 25 years old. Where does the time go???

    • My uncle used to say “you can only be young once, but you can be immature forever”. Rolling around on carpet, or in my case, dangerous downhill sledding is something none of us should have to ever give up!

      I know, he looks like a full man in that photo. He’ll be 14 next Tuesday!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better, I have weird 24 episodes like that (thankfully only occasionally with the puking) and the doctor says it’s a menopause thing (period flu!). A friend had similar after her hysterectomy. Which is why I mention it. Hope you have a week with much less adult and child illness and more moments of house joy!

  3. Glad you are feeling better! I love Poker Face. The last 2 episodes of the season were the best. It is funny, I use to love watching Columbo when I younger, still love watching it.

    • We have only gotten to the episode with the 2 friends in the retirement facility. I’m looking forward to finishing up the season.

      Columbo was the best!

  4. I have a new podcast for you, Letters from Sing Sing. Hosted and written by a producer from Dateline it is about a prisoner in Sing Sing prison who starts writing said producer about his innocence. Hard to put down so to speak.

  5. I am sorry to hear that you didn’t feel well this week. I get those weird phantom nausea days now, too. It is beyond weird, doesn’t seem to be attached to any other cyclical occurrence, and lasts about 24 hours. If you find a cure, let me know!