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Scattered Sundays

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Breaking news: our washing machine is officially working again! Though, thanks to recent events, I’ll never wash a load without a tiny bit of fear in my heart.

I know, this is the truly riveting news you come here to get.

And for anyone else following along with the washing machine drama, I have an official response from Speed Queen (the brand I was looking at replacing our machine with). They said they do not recommend washing a king-sized comforter in any of their models.

So that’s a bummer, but I’m glad to have a straightforward and honest answer from them. I would love it if they built a bigger model someday, but today is not that day.

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather starting this week and it’s getting epically hot for May around these parts starting today. Both boys have practice tomorrow, and I have asked their coaches’ permission to hand out popsicles at the end of practice.

a ladybug on mint.

Jack’s soccer league had tryouts this week and as a board member, I volunteered to help with the check-in process. It was so fun and while it is a competitive process, I still made sure to tell all the kids to have fun when handing them their pennies.

There were a lot of new faces and I hope that the process was less intense because the overly extroverted lady covered in SPF and a hat smiled at them and made sure they had adequate water.

Also, tell me you volunteer for youth sports without telling me you volunteer for youth sports…

sports jerseys on a clothesline in the sun.

This coming week we’ll be in that glorious lull of not having soccer practice, baseball practice, AND cross-country practice going on at the same time. My glee is palpable. I think we all needed a week to take a breath.

This coming Thursday is also my final church council meeting. I’ve been on the council for almost six years, with 3-4 of those years as the vice president. I’m ready for a change and for opportunities for new leadership to step in.

In the Garden This Week

I feel like our family has reached peak busyness over the last few weeks and holy moly, our garden is looking like epic trash. It’s downright embarrassing, y’all.

I spent a few hours clearing out two raised beds for green beans and cucumbers, trying to control the morning glory in the raspberries (I never will get this under control. It’s an evil vine.), and planting the tomatoes and our one zucchini plant.

raised beds with a metal trellis.

For Mother’s Day, I asked to be left alone in the garden with epic SPF, a hat, earbuds, podcasts, and my new gardening sleeves that I ordered myself for my Mother’s Day gift.

I just want to get everything weeded, planted, and squared away. In silence. By the time you read this, perhaps I won’t be mortified at the state of my yard.

I’m also not going too big with tomatoes this year. I usually plant 18-22 plants, but (so far) have reigned myself in and only have 5. This will likely change as I spend more time at the farmer’s markets, but I think 8 is going to be my max this year. Famous last words?

I ordered these cool sleeves for myself and then made Troy wrap them. Anytime I weed around the raspberries, it looks like I got in a fight with a bunch of baby bears.

And while I can eat strawberries without a single issue, something about making contact with the leaves gives me massive welts on my arms.

What I’m reading this week

I finally finished Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune earlier in the week. Life has been busy and reading has not been a priority. But what a gift to have had this book in my life.

Much like his other book that I read, The House in the Cerulean Sea, there is the perfect blend of redemption, love, some mystical stuff (which isn’t usually my jam), and just hope for humanity between the pages. My heart is full!

I started and finished Small Game by Blair Braverman this week and it was both a speedy read and engaging read. I hated the ending because I wanted answers, but at 41, I’m still learning the painful lesson that we don’t all get what we want. 🙂


Counterclock fans, season five is back and all the episodes dropped at once. As they have in previous seasons, they examine a cold case.

The host is an investigative journalist, and she examines the case over 14 episodes. All four previous seasons have also been very well-done.


Thank you as always for the gift of your time and kind words when you leave five-star reviews on our recipes. It is appreciated more than you’ll ever know!

This week I’m featuring OG reader Angela’s five-star review on our Air Fryer Steak Bites {Pin this recipe}:

These were divinely perfect!!!!  Awesome for a quick, weekday meal. The steak cooked perfectly using the times suggested and was tender and flavorful.  I love that preparing steak this way can lend itself to a variety of different meal combinations (like tacos, nachos, or on its own). Also love that my insanely picky family enjoyed the heck out of them.  Adding to our rotation. Thanks!! 

a spoonful of garlic butter being drizzled over air fryer steak bites topped with chopped parsley.


Homemade Tartar Sauce – gone are the old days of blogging where I tell you a 900-word story about how a recipe came to be. But this is Scattered Sundays, so I can give you a bit more in-depth history. In one paragraph:

This tartar sauce recipe belongs to my uncle and I’m truly honored he let me share it with the masses. It’s so beloved in our family that 1) he gives it to us as Christmas gifts 2) I hate mayo and still love this tartar 3) he sent me an audio message giving me permission to share it. My friends, this is legally binding tartar sauce.

Ok, here is the official google-approved, personality-sanitized spiel about this recipe:

This amazing homemade Tartar Sauce will elevate anything you spread it on or dip into it. Seafood dishes, potatoes, and sandwiches are all instantly transformed with this simple tartar sauce recipe! {Pin this recipe}

a white textured dish filled with homemade tartar sauce with a small bronze spoon in it.

Puff Pastry PizzaThis puff pastry pizza is a quick and easy twist on traditional pizza. Use your favorite pizza toppings to create this tasty homemade pizza recipe. {Pin this recipe}

a puff pastry pizza with slices removed. The pizza is topped with pepperoni and shredded basil.


  1. Air Fryer Cookies – I’m a big fan of this recipe and you’re going to love it! {Pin this recipe}
  2. Air Fryer Egg Rolls – vegan and vegetarian as written but super customizable! Oh, and did you know you can FREEZE these? {Pin this recipe}
  3. Garlic Butter Rice – I can’t think of a week that goes by in this house without at least one batch of this comfort food being made. {Pin this recipe}
  4. Honey Simple Syrup – the secret sauce of our mega-popular Mojito Mocktail. {Pin this recipe}
  5. Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs – one of my favorite ways to meal prep breakfast. {Pin this recipe}


More hot weather is planned for this week and our meals reflect that.

Monday:: Tortilla pizzas and veggies. Making these in the air fryer to not use the oven. The post has both oven-baking and air fryer instructions in it. You’re welcome!

Tuesday:: A new recipe that I’m testing out.

Wednesday:: Troy is making dinner and we’ll be excited to eat it.

Thursday:: Homemade, non-authentic lettuce wraps. The boys love these because they each get to choose the toppings they do or don’t want. Garlic butter rice and veggies on the side.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: TBD.

Sunday:: Takeout to support a local small business and my sanity.

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6 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favorite mommas. You keep us all going with the delicious food and your humor!!   Hugs as your missing your mom. ❤️

  2. Ah, mystery solved! I was so confused when you posted a recipe that used mayo, lol.

    • Lol, yep!

      That being said, this is a business and none of us do 100% of things that we enjoy at our jobs. There are recipes on the site that I enjoy and I work hard to make the best possible for my readers. But I’m not remotely passionate about them and don’t really care to make them again. I made them because it was a good opportunity to rank well on google.

      If it were up to me, this site would be soups and desserts. But data has shown my readers don’t react well to desserts. Boo!

  3. I was SO wondering about the tarter sauce! I was like, this woman hates mayo, so wth?!? 🤣 Glad to know you don’t hate it in all it’s forms!