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Scattered Sundays

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The time has finally come. I’ve had enough. I’ve stressed enough. Enough damage has been done.

Our washing machine HAD TO GO this week. I couldn’t take it any longer.

The washing machine, AKA ground zero for our basement flood last Fall, has been nothing but trouble ever since November. It threw off error codes, it needed a new motor, and recently it developed a slow leak.

We now have a washing machine alarm…and I sure wish we had it back in November, but coulda shoulda woulda. And on Sunday it started throwing off alarms anytime the washer was running.

Please understand, every load of laundry we did was done with a clenched butt, a prayer, and lots of monitoring. And then the alarms started and I just couldn’t anymore. I was done. Bye bye bye.

The new washer was purchased during a Memorial Day sale and came with free delivery. I’m so sick of spending money right now, but this purchase brought me a lot of peace of mind. And I can finally unclench.

It’s the same washer my sister bought last fall (after our washer flooded and they couldn’t fix theirs and panic purchased a new model) and I’m excited to figure it out and also name it. Our fridge is named Bertha, the stove is Bonnie, and the oven is Clyde. Suggestions are welcome.

Our last washer (currently rotting in hell, I assume) was an HE top loader. I loved the capacity of it and it could handle a king-size comforter like nobody’s business. It was really great from a water usage standpoint too.

But I feel that HE washers don’t necessarily get laundry as clean as old-school agitator washers. The new model is a bit of the best of both worlds.

It’s an HE top loader with a huge capacity, but it also has a removable agitator. So, I can do big loads of sheets and comforters with zero issues but also get normal clothes super clean with the agitator.

a large washing machine.

Washing machines aside, is it just me or is spring the most freaking expensive time of year? I feel like we are bleeding cash on the daily. Why is every major bill due in May and June?

It might be related to the end of the school year, but we also have Jack’s soccer fees, all the fundraisers, school trips, yearbooks, graduation (middle school) events, summer day camp payments, and I don’t even know what else. It almost makes me long for the holiday season because I spend less cash then.

lupine flowers.

But one thing didn’t cost us a dime this month, and that was our power bill! Thanks to a very sunny and warm May, we surpassed our May 2022 solar production by 208 kWh. We’re finally back in the territory of banking energy instead of drawing from the grid.

When we got our panels last April, we were one of three houses in the neighborhood with them. Now, it seems like every week on my walks I see one more house that recently had panels installed.

Are we trendsetters? Did we make fetch happen? Nope. I think the federal rebate going up to 30% helped, more solar companies are available in the area, and people had some sticker shock over rate increases this winter.

young chickens behind a fence.

The new chickens are settling in well and have figured out how to roost with the older ladies. There is still the pecking order and they’re regulated to the lamest position on the roost, but they still made it up there.

And with everything in life, the new beginnings also closed the chapter for one of our ancient chickens. She started going downhill about three weeks ago, and after she didn’t get any better, Troy euthanized her on Wednesday in an act of mercy. It’s sad but we take solace in knowing she lived as one truly pampered chicken.

3 photos of a puppy with 2 boys and a woman.

My sister got a new puppy last weekend, and the boys and I went over on Sunday to meet Finn. We’re in love and look forward to nibbling this little dude’s ears for years to come. I’m so glad that Bennett got over his fear of dogs last year because Finn is the snuggliest.

I’m rapidly approaching the end of school and my self-imposed deadline for getting all my photos done that I need thru September. But, I did zero recipe testing or photographing this week. Instead, it turned into a put your head down, sit at the computer, and “type your face off” sort of work week.

Troy was home sick this week, and I absolutely hate photographing recipes with other people in the house. LOATHE it. I don’t want to answer questions, I don’t want to feel guilty for taking up the entire kitchen for six hours, I need to be super loud with all the dishes, and I want to listen to my inappropriate podcasts on full volume.

pink peony.

A very dear friend of mine lost her home and pets in a devastating fire last Sunday. It’s the kind of trauma that never fully heals. They’re currently living in a hotel and working with insurance to start the process of rebuilding their lives.

Insurance never truly covers the extent of a life, and a friend set up an offering for Mary’s family. If you feel called to donate, you can access the link here. Just a note, this is a company that is separate from gofundme. Read the fine print about their “tip” policy. Feel free to toggle to “$0” on that portion.

In the Garden This Week

This week was just watering, a teensy bit of weeding, and planting new sunflowers that my sister snagged for me at a local nursery.

I’m also picking a lot of lettuce, and boy howdy, it’s so delicious fresh from the garden! Two(ish) years ago, I invested in a giant salad spinner and I have never regretted it.

In just one batch, I can clean enough lettuce for a week’s worth of salads. And that’s great for cutting down on repetitive work. I have enough repetitive work in my life.


My brother-in-law recommended a podcast from our local NPR station called Ghost Herd. It’s been super interesting and is delving into a topic that I know very little about – cattle ranching. Except it is about a huge scam/swindle, which I do know a lot about. 🙂

“Ghost Herd is a true story of family, fraud, land and power in the American West.” (source)


Nicole left this five-star review on our Air Fryer Asparagus {Pin this recipe}:

I already love asparagus and anything I can make in the air fryer, but I’ve made this at least 3 times since Sarah posted the recipe on her Instagram recently. I will not be preparing asparagus any other way again. No more floppy, wet, or dried-out asparagus in my world. This temp/time makes the most wonderful asparagus with the most nutty flavor. I do a spray of avocado oil and that’s it. Last night I even forgot to salt them and they were still delicious as could be. Sometimes simple is best! 

roasted air fryer asparagus on a grey plate with lemon wedges


How to Make Onion PowderLearn how to make onion powder to preserve this delicious pantry staple! Homemade onion powder is an incredible zero-waste addition to your spice cabinet. {Pin this recipe}

a small mason jar with onion powder.

Confessions – everyone’s favorite silly post of the month.

A woman with a finger up to her mouth saying "shhhhh"


Trying something new this week – let me know how you like it! Rather than just listing names and links to the top 5 posts, I’m doing photos with links. Would love your feedback.


I’m making this plan but am guessing it will likely get all messed up. Bennett’s team has a baseball tournament that just keeps going almost daily until they lose.

Monday:: Troy is making dinner and we’ll be excited to eat it.

Tuesday:: Takeout to support a local small business and my sanity.

Wednesday:: Tacos, Instant Pot Mexican Rice, and veggies.

Thursday:: Air Fryer Steak Bites, Garlic Butter Rice, and veggies. This was on the menu last week but we had leftovers instead.

Friday:: Troy’s birthday so he gets to choose! And happy birthday to (very!) longtime reader, Tina!

Saturday:: Troy is making dinner and I won’t be around to eat it. My sister and I are going to a podcast live show in the city.

Sunday:: Early Father’s Day with my inlaw’s. My lovely sister-in-law is in town from South Carolina and we want to be able to celebrate together.

What’s on your menu for this week?

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11 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. I vote for “Ouida” the Washing Machine. I like alliteration, what can I say! Lol

  2. Aww, thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! I don’t comment as often, but I’m still here!!

    Photos with top five are a keeper. Probably wouldn’t have clicked on that potato salad recipe without the photo. And I now have a birthday meal request for the family to fulfill!!

    Happy Birthday to Troy, enjoy the live show with your sister, and YAY for less butt clenching while doing laundry!!!

    • Hoping you have a good day today and are spoiled by the family!

      Thanks for the feedback on the photos. It’s easy enough to do and I think most of us are visual learners. Not sure why I haven’t tried it before.

  3. TACOS!!  Yeah!  We gotta add tacos to our menu this week – haven’t made them in ages!  Also, good luck with your new washing machine; we recently had a similar experience where we were just OVER our terrible washing machine.  Mostly because it was so old and leaving rust stains on our clothes, especially my good white shirts.  SO glad we finally did the researching we needed and made the effort to replace it this year.  

  4.  A you post a link for the washing machine? I’m in the market for one. 

  5. I suggest Pollyanna for your new washing machine 😊
    We’re going to put allll the sunshine and positivity towards this! 
    Side note: The health organization that I work for is standing down on mandatory Covid masking. It’s been a long, long 3+ years.