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Scattered Sundays

Y’all, I had so much fun reading your comments from last week about your thoughts on the creepiest first dance song for weddings. It made me laugh and also question some of the people we socialize with enough to attend their wedding.

I almost want to put all the terrible songs into a Spotify playlist so we can all cringe together.

Speaking of Spotify playlists, I have one I like to listen to while I’m in the kitchen (it’s free if you want to listen). A reader sent me a video on Instagram of her baby daughter rocking out to the playlist and I barfed 15.98 rainbows.

To take this post in a more serious tone, I have a big giant PSA that I am compelled to shout from the rooftops! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you have already seen this, but I want everyone to hear it.

When I was 16, my dad gave me a window breaker/seat belt cutter. I have carried it in the door of every car I have ever owned.

This week I finally had to use it.

Bennett and I were on our way to get Jack and my nephew from school when we came upon a car flipped over and upside down in a ditch. It must have just happened because this is a well-traveled road and there was only one car that had stopped (another Subaru. We’re a club) and he said he had just called 911.

I pulled off into a driveway, kept Bennett in his car seat and jumped out to see how I could help. You guys, it was awful. 

The car was totaled and we couldn’t even see the driver. We could hear him calling for help and he sounded so scared, hurt, and beyond stunned. 

Another driver stopped at this point, and he was in a dump truck which turned out to be an amazing blessing. He parked that dump truck right in the road to block traffic and keep us and the man safe.

The firefighters weren’t there yet (lazy hose jockeys. <—–if you’re new here, I’m married to a firefighter.) so we all tried to do what we could.

None of us could get to the guy given the position of the car, so one of the other people who stopped used my window breaker to crack the passenger side front window. I also carry a picnic blanket (and fire extinguisher #marriedtoafirefighter) in my trunk, so the plan was for us to lay it over the passenger side so we could wiggle in and see how we could help him.

Can I make a giant case for please wearing your seatbelt right now? That car was totaled. There is no doubt in my mind that this man’s family would be planning a funeral right now instead of celebrating Father’s Day if he hadn’t been in belted in.

One of the other drivers handed the man my window breaker/seat belt cutter so he could try to get himself out. I sprang into firefighter spouse/someone who worked with 10 nurses for 7 years and yelled “no, he needs to stay in the car”!

There was no gas leaking from the car and there was no obvious danger of fire at this point. He was safest in the car until the professionals could assess what was up. Side note: Troy later said that was the right call because his neck could have been broken and we could have done permanent damage getting him out.

At this point, I realized no one had even asked the man his name or if we should call someone for him. He told me his wife’s name and where she worked and I had to make that call that no one wants to make.

I will say, I worded it in a way that I hope anyone would use if they called me with such news. “Hi, my name is Sarah. Your husband is alive but he has been in a car accident and you need to get here”. People, don’t bury the lead with the news that someone’s loved one is alive!

When I got off the phone with his wife, the sheriff and fire department had arrived. The firefighters got him out of the car in a hot second. It would have taken us forever to do what they did so quickly. My husband’s department trains and does drills all the time, and it’s amazing to see those scenarios in action.

I told him his wife was on the way, and to hang in there. And then Bennett and I left to get the big boys from school. And if you have ever faced a three-year-old asking questions about the names of random strangers at Target, you can only imagine the kinds of things Bennett was asking me about.

The next day I called his wife’s work, hoping someone in the front office could give me some sort of update on his condition. They couldn’t give out details (which I totally understand), but he is alive and still in the hospital. His wife is hoping that with time he’ll have a full recovery. They took my name and number let me know if anything changed, they would call me.

Which brings me back to my PSA. Please, please, please get yourself a seatbelt cutter/window breaker and keep it in a place that you could easily access it if your car was upside down, in the water, or even worse. This little tool is $9 for TWO and could save your life and the life of someone you love.

If you have the time, please keep my new forever buddy Tom in your thoughts and prayers. I’m sure he and his family have a very long road ahead of him toward recovery.

Phew, let’s lighten the mood a bit, m’kay?

Bennett had preschool camp this week which was four hours a day for five days. He usually has preschool for two hours a day for three days a week. You guys, the amount of extra time was amazing. AMAZING! I photographed five recipes in two hours on Monday and was even able to crank out this 2,700 word post in one afternoon.

He had so much fun and was excited to go every morning and sad to leave when we picked him up in the afternoon. It also messed with his naps so we dealt with some next-level three-year-old bonkers behavior some days.

Our neighbors who are renters seemed to have moved out overnight. It’s weird and I don’t know the details, but I know there was a kitchen fire about a month ago. I thought the home had been restored, but this week everything from their deck and the front yard was just randomly gone.

One of the things they put out at the road for garbage day was this gem. And yes, you can bet I ran up the hill and dragged it home as soon as I saw it.

Butcher Box, which you’ve heard me talk about before, is running their most popular promotion of the year – free bacon for the life of your subscription! Oh, and if you have an ebates account, they’re offering $2.50 cash back.

I’m blessed that we have a local butcher for buying organic meat, but we also have a monthly Butcher Box subscription. Butcher Box sources only organic and free-range meat for their customers and ships them to your home once a month.

But don’t just take my word for it. A blog reader named Rita (I couldn’t in good conscience type “a reader named Rita”) shot me this email on Friday:

Just to add to your praises of Butcher Box, I also think they’re fantastic.  I’ve had meat from many different sources, including monthly delivery of restaurant quality meat through a meat man. I had been looking at Butcher Box for a while online but didn’t order until you published the free hamburger. It’s the best meat I’ve ever had!  It tastes like real food, so flavorful.  I am now totally spoiled.  I added the free bacon two days ago.

Hell yes, Rita! Also, a missed opportunity for a TWSS after saying “meat man”. 🙂 

Click here to snag your own free bacon for life.

Happy father’s day to all the dudes in my life and yours! My dad is out of town this weekend, so we’ll be celebrating the awesomeness that is Troy and my father-in-law later this afternoon.

I’ve said it 1,000 times, but I’ll say it again. Troy is a better dad than I am a mom. Our boys think the sun rises and sets on this man. So, thanks to all you do hon. We love you!

Speaking of all they do, Troy and my FIL replaced our 1970’s kitchen window this week.


During (sketchy looking bunch):


Something huge happened this week that has been a very long time coming. We’re waiting on one more details to be finalized and I should be able to share it with you next week! Spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with my blog. Which means sadly, no company is willing to sponsor a full kitchen remodel for me yet. I know, rude!

We lost a chicken on Thursday morning. 🙁 We’re not sure how she died, but she died sitting on some eggs in the nesting box. She may have been broody and sitting on the eggs all day during a 90-degree heatwave. Broody hens rarely eat or drink, and she was also five-years-old, so it could have just been a perfect storm. So sad!

We will be starting the Pantry and Freezer Clean Out Challenge next Sunday! Have you signed up? Are you game? 

As a reminder, the rules are yours to make, but the goal is to use up food you already have and do a great deep clean during the process. Sign up here to join tons of other readers who are playing along:

Three-Year-Olds Be Bonkers

Bennett told everyone I picked the car up out of the ditch and pulled that man to safety. I feel like I don’t really want to correct him.

What I’m Listening To This Week

I’ve been crushing 13 Alibis this week. It is the story of a man who was in prison for over 20 years for murder, despite having 13 alibi witnesses and being in another state at the time of the crime.

Oh, and a few of his witnesses were: a sheriff, a pastor, and a federal parole officer!!

The story highlights how things can totally spiral when police departments are understaffed, clients can’t afford quality representation and how hard it is to remove a conviction once it happens.

My Bachelor’s is in criminal justice and this podcast was right up my nerdy, Law and Order loving alley.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Long-time reader Emily kindly left this five-star review on our Air Fryer Egg Rolls (and remember, there are non-air fryer instructions in the post too!):

Yum! Thanks so much for this recipe. It has been ages since I have had a good egg roll. I served these for dinner last night with a side of broccoli and baked tofu. My family loved them. I plan to get some more cabbage today and prep a batch for the freezer with the leftover wrappers.

Thanks Emily! So glad you enjoyed this easy egg roll recipe. {Pin this recipe}

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Spicy Green BeansLoaded with flavor, these Spicy Green Beans are a veggie-lover’s dream. These addicting spicy garlic green beans are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Whole30 compliant, and gluten-free. You’ll love these copycat PF Changs spicy green beans!

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Zero Waste Food StorageThese Zero Waste Food Storage ideas are items that can help reduce your family’s plastic use and trash output. Learn about well-loved products that can keep your food fresh without breaking the bank. Check out our favorite glass, stainless steel, cloth, and BPA-free kid-safe products.

reusable containers, water bottles, and other zero waste food storage ideas in a collage

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Peach Moscow MuleThis Peach Moscow Mule is a crisp and refreshing non-alcoholic version of the famous Moscow Mule. Juicy peaches, blackberries, and non-alcoholic ginger beer make this Moscow mule mocktail insanely delicious.

a peach moscow mule with blackberries and mint on a white board

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Freezing CherriesLearn all the tips and tricks for Freezing Cherries to stock your freezer with this amazing healthy fruit. Learning how to freeze cherries is a great way to preserve this delicious summertime crop without needing any special equipment. 

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The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

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  2. Whole30 Costco Shopping List  {Pin this list}
  3. Removing Rust From Cast Iron  {Pin this post}
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  5. Air Fryer Egg Rolls  {Pin this recipe}

Meal Plan

We tested out Momables last week for the first time and loved it! The boys were super happy with all the dinners we had from the meal plan. Momables emails you a weekly meal plan, shopping list and prep list for $10 a month. 

Monday:: Paleo Salmon Cakes and Air Fryer Asparagus. Yay for stinky pee!

Tuesday:: Last day of school so I’m heating up a homemade frozen pizza to celebrate. Well, the boys are celebrating. I’m mourning.

Wednesday:: Turkey Clubs (from Momables) and Air Fryer Asparagus

Thursday:: Chicken Enchiladas Tacos (from Momables) and salad.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: TBD

Sunday:: Family dinner

What are you having this week?


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25 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Perfect timing with the freezer clean out! Our new fridge gets delivered today, so the food will be looked over as we move it to the new freezer. This also means the new kitchen floor can go down! It’s been on hold due to (the extended) vacation and new baby and I am so ready to stop looking at the plywood subfloor. Next up, cabinet doors and drawers!

  2. Finally – someone else who knows who Catfish and the Bottlemen are! I love that song!

  3. Just leaving a big thank you for stopping and helping when a lot of people choose to keep driving. I find the feeling of having to help scary and overwhelming – yet I am always somebody who does stop (and you know sometimes I wonder why I run into so many accidents, until I realize that maybe the difference is that I stop for all of them). So like you, I have gadgets…. and I can only recommend extra and current first aid training. (I realized that I get it paid for and extra time from my work when I stay certified).
    Thank you for being one of those people who stops and helps!

    • And thank YOU for helping others too! Being an accident magnet must be a bit anxiety-inducing at time. First aid training is such a great idea. I almost wish it was required for renewing your license or something.

  4. I made the spicy green beans! I slightly tweaked the recipe: I couldn’t find a wok on short notice (and frankly, I’m not 100% sure how often I would use one), so I blanched the green beans, seasoned them, and then broiled them. They were a hit! Not sure if they tasted like the PF Chang’s ones since I’ve never gone there, but my whole family was Into It.

    • Yahoo! So glad they worked out and happy belated father’s day to your dad.

      If you have a chance would you mind leaving a rating and review on the actual post? It helps signal to google to show the recipe to others.

  5. You need to make your self a cape now.  They say “not all superheroes wear capes”, but you’d rock yours!  I’m glad you were there when that man needed you. 

    I am not familiar with about 95% of the songs on your playlist.  And I can’t sample them because apparently my browser does not support it, but I believe I saw Kanye on there which STRONGLY suggests that we have VERY different tastes in music!

    Have you tried those M&M’s yet?  I haven’t gone looking for them yet myself because I am still nibbling my way through a 1.75 kg vat of them (that is 3.8 lbs according to Google) I bought a while ago.  RIGHT before I decided to buckle down and watch what I am eating to lose weight (4 lbs down so far!) so I only eat one tiny handful a day (at most).  I think I will lose control if I add a new flavour to the mix!  (while typing this I am marvelling at how odd it is that I weigh my food in grams, but I weigh myself in pounds……)

    • That “not all superheroes…” thing is actually a firefighter saying. True story!

      It turns out I don’t like Kanye but I do enjoy that one song. It has a great beat.

      I did try the m&m’s and they’re soooo disappointing. I wonder if we weigh ourselves in pounds because seeing our number in grams on the scale might just send us all over the edge (?)

      • I did not know that was a firefighter saying!  Even MORE fitting! I stand by my ‘you need a cape’ thing though.  Besides YOU aren’t the firefighter, your husband is. 😀 
        I tease my husband that I am going to make him one.  He takes care of the traffic lights in Toronto, and has for over 20 years.  He used to jokingly refer to himself as ‘El-Traffico: saving the city, one traffic light at a time’ and I said he needed a cape.

        I will still have to try the M&Ms for myself, but I am already sad to hear that they are disappointing.

        I get what you are saying about the beat.  Uptown Funk is not normally the type of song I wold listen to, but I absolutely LOVE that song!

        I’m not so sure about your weight theory because we would use kilograms for that and 68 kg sounds way lighter than 150 pounds….

  6. Have you listened to ear hustle? All about life in prison, recorded in San  Quentin Prison, California. I suspect you’d love it!

  7. How did I miss the spicy green beans?! Pinning those right now. Your PSA has worked, just ordered two seatbelt cutters for our cars.

    • I’m not sure Heather, but I’m so glad you found it now! 🙂

      Thank you, thank you, thank for buying those for your family! My own family members and friends IRL are sending me photos of theirs in their car. I’m so glad this accident could have a lasting impact on others.

  8. Coming upon an accident is SO scary. Stopping to help is intense. I’ve had to several times, but was totally the phone call person for a motorcycle accident. And instead of being brave and calling the girl back later to check on him, I just wondered myself silly about whether the guy was ok. I am going to buy some window breakers now.

    • Honestly, the phone call person is the most important member of the “let’s help this person” team because that gets the professionals there!!

  9. I will say it again. You are my favorite super hero.
    I’m glad Bennett loved kindergarten camp! Emma absolutely hated daycar/preschool. We’d pick her up and she’d spend a few hours basically ignoring us and the world to decompress.
    She still hates crowds, especially ones with noisy-rule-breaking kids. That being said, she went on a day-camp adventure trip this past Thursday for a two hour horseback ride.
    I love what she’s willing to put up with for horse time.

  10. The best/worst wedding song was Baby got Back. I danced to it with my elderly FIL at my nieces wedding ????????‍♀️. 
    I need help with gf/df salmon and cod recipes for the freezer clean out. My husband is a commercial fisherman and I have a LOT of fish that needs to be used, unfortunately I don’t care for fish. Any ideas would be wonderful! And I just pinned the egg roll recipe can’t wait to try the oven version!