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Scattered Sundays

Hey, I need your help!

I mean, um, good morning.

You smarties have never failed me and I need you once again to find me a one-piece swimming suit. Please? I need your suggestions and recommendations!

I have worn a two-piece suit for pretty much forever. But Bennett is quite handsy and grabby and I’d love a suit with more material. Like an insurance policy before he shows the world my sad chest.

I hit up Target last week to try on suits and hilarity ensued. I’m 6 feet tall with a long torso and no boobs and all the suits were SO SHORT. It was pretty much like every Kardashian vacation photo you’ve ever seen.

But this wasn’t intentional and I wasn’t trying to get new Instagram followers (but hey, feel free to follow me anyway).

So, here is what I need. I need YOU to find ME a cute one-piece suit that is basically built for a really tall 12-year-old boy. Okay? Thanks!

We added two new members to the Cook family this week! I’m pleased to introduce you to Kylo Hen (black) and BB-Egg (white).

someone come pressure wash that shed for us, please.

They are far and away the stupidest chickens I have ever met. OMG, BB-Egg is straight-up DUMB. This chicken is hell-bent on killing herself and is a sneaky little featherhead. Every time she gets out it takes at least 15 minutes to round her up.

We’re contemplating canceling Troy’s gym membership and just having him chase this freaking chicken around the yard. Rocky-style!

Due to Troy’s allergies, we can’t raise our own chicks. Jack’s friend from school was giving away their family’s chickens due to constant predator loss. We got the two babies who are one month old. And so, so dumb. We’re incredibly grateful to add to our existing flock because our ladies are getting old and not laying as much.

As the Offspring would shout: “gotta keep em separated”.

Based on some requests, I have started the task of adding Weight Watchers points to some of my recipes. You can find what’s been done so far here. It’s going to be a looooooooong project, but eventually, I’ll get it completed.

I’m paying a virtual assistant to calculate all of them for me because I don’t have the time, patience, or knowledge to do it myself without stabbing someone.

I’m not advocating for or against Weight Watchers, but I know people want the information to make their own choices. That’s why I label my recipes with different eating styles (Whole30, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.).

I won’t be adding a “Weight Watchers” label to the recipe name but will be including points in the body of the recipe card. If WW points are something that interests you, check the category page for updates as I make them!

We discovered a fun new snack this week – Avocado Crisps from Hippie Snacks. I bought them a few weeks ago on Thrive but we kind of forgot about them for a bit and didn’t open them.

They’re freaking delicious and are gluten, dairy-free, and vegan. They have a great zesty flavor and Bennett is kind of obsessed with having them in his preschool bento box.

This week on Instagram Stories, we asked to hear about your lamest Prime day purchases after I showed off this pack of instant ice packs I bought for the emergency kit in my car.

I had a great time reading everyone’s answers, but I think the two lamest (and therefore funniest) purchases were diapers and compression socks.

Remember last weekend when I asked for your fitness tracker recommendations because my four-year-old Fitbit was circling the drain? I needed your favorites because an Apple watch was so far out of my budget.

Well, Prime day come through and I got a series 3 Apple watch for $169 ($105 off). I used the birthday money that I have had since um, last October. 🙂 I’m pretty good at holding onto cash until I find just the perfect use for it.

I can guarantee I will only use 1% of this watch’s capabilities, but so far I like it. I can see the watch face when I’m outside, and Troy is thrilled with the emergency SOS button. Always the first responder that one.

I’m not a techy person and don’t care about flashy stuff, but I do like it when things work and serve a purpose.

It also seems to count my steps more accurately than my old Fit Bit, and I no longer have to wear it on my belt loop when I’m pushing a grocery cart. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

I heard from a lot of you that you picked up the Mealthy CrispLid I talked about last week. It’s the lid that turns your pressure cooker into an air fryer. Apparently, they were sold out on Amazon after Prime day!

You can still get your own lid with free shipping through Mealthy directly! Use coupon code sustainablecooks5 for $5 off a purchase of $94.95 or more.

And for those of you who stocked up on pressure cookers, check out this post on 21 Easy Instant Pot Recipes For Beginners. It will walk you through how to get started, vocabulary, and walk you through everything you need to know to feel like an Instant Pot badass.

And as always, you’ll find alternative cooking methods in those recipes if you don’t have a pressure cooker.

Bennett’s first week of all-day preschool happened this week and it went well. He was there three days and other than some normal three-year-old bonkersness, he likes it.

Me: go get dressed for preschool camp, please.
Bennett: I ready mom.

What he does not like about preschool camp (in Bennett’s own words):

  • one of the babies called me a baby
  • a 4-year-old girl said I’m a baby who sleeps in a crib (he chose to sleep on a nap mat for two of the three days and a lot of the other kids don’t take naps)
  • You didn’t bring a photo of me for my cubby and now I can’t tell you ANYTHING about my day because you didn’t bring in a photo. Why didn’t you bring a photo? You were supposed to bring a photo. I didn’t have a photo for my cubby. Where is my cubby photo? I need a photo for my cubby.
  • we didn’t sleep in a tent or sleeping bags in the woods and we did NOT hunt or eat a bear. This is preschool CAMP mom! Why didn’t we hunt a bear?!

He’ll be going to the same school in fall so this is a great way to figure out all the kinks ahead of time. With him in school three days a week (ALLLLLLLLLLLLL day) and Jack at school, I’m pretty much buzzing with how much blog work I can get done during the week.

On Thursday I was away from the house all day and realized around 10 am that I forgot to put on my homemade deodorant (it really does work!) that morning. I found this brand on sale at the grocery store and liked how it smelled and that the ingredients weren’t funky.

I was stoked when I realized that night that it was a local company and they have an amazing charitable mission. Gotta love a pit stick that gives back.

This Thursday, Troy and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! We weren’t supposed to get married or even date (read the backstory here), but here we are all these years later!

Marriage is extremely hard and anyone who tells you otherwise is a damn liar. Things were incredibly challenging for us from 2010-2014 when there were constant layoffs, career changes, and being soooooo broke.

But we stuck with it, worked hard, and just never ever gave up. And this year we’ll celebrate with two little boys who fight all the time but love each other pretty fiercely. 

What I’m Listening To This Week

I stumbled on The Clearing this week and it fits all my true crime preferences. It involves an investigator and the daughter of Edward Wayne Edwards as they “unravel the truth of her father’s life, and overturn a viral online narrative that had turned Edwards into a kind of serial killer caricature.”

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Justice left this five-star review of our Blended Iced Coffee (something I drink EVERY single morning):

I was hesitant about this because normally I hate collagen powder, but this was great! Tasted so good ???? Thanks for the recipe. Now I can use all the collagen powder that’s been pushed to the back of my pantry! 

a canning jar glass of blended iced coffee with a green straw on a plate with a spoon and coffee beans.

{Pin this recipe}

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Freezing Peaches {How to Freeze Peaches}Learn all the tips and tricks for Freezing Peaches to stock your freezer with the star of summer fruit. Freezing fresh peaches is so easy and can be done without sugar, which makes them great to use for cobblers, smoothies, or snacks.

a silicone bag with frozen peach slices

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Whole30 Pesto {Dairy-Free Basil Sauce}A simple recipe for Whole30 Pesto made with garden-fresh basil. This homemade dairy-free pesto recipe is wonderful in so many different dishes like pasta, chicken, or vegetables. Made with or without pine nuts, you can customize this vegan basil sauce to fit your tastes and budget!

a small jar of whole30 pesto with almonds and a grey cloth

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Canning Stewed Tomatoes {Canning Crushed Tomatoes}Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how simple Canning Stewed Tomatoes can be. A key ingredient for so many comfort foods, canning crushed tomatoes is a recipe that can be pressure canned or done via water bath canning.

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The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

I’m leaving the Mojito Mocktail and Trader Joe’s Shopping List off the top five again this week because frankly, we’re all sick of seeing them!

  1. Canning Peaches  {Pin this recipe}
  2. Homemade Peach Ice Cream  {Pin this recipe}
  3. Air Fryer Zucchini Chips  {Pin this recipe}
  4. Refrigerator Dilly Beans  {Pin this recipe}
  5. Blended Iced Coffee  {Pin this recipe}

Meal Plan

If you’re looking for some help with meal planning, we highly recommend MomablesMomables emails you a weekly meal plan, shopping list and prep list for $10 a month. It rules.

Monday:: Picnicky foods. It’s going to be Seattle hot (84 degrees. And yes, I know it is hotter where YOU live.), and we’re going to hit up a park with a splash pad. I’m thinking veggies with Buffalo Hummus, sliced cheese, lunchmeat, pita chips, etc.

Tuesday:: This cold noodle salad (wow that is an OLD recipe!) and grilled veggies.

Wednesday:: Something with shredded chicken. We have a lot of chicken from our Butcher Box order and I plan to cook some in my Instant Pot. Maybe chicken salad with dill and greek yogurt (another old recipe. Look at those photos!).

Thursday:: Creamy Thai Chicken and rice (it’s from Momables) and grilled veggies.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night

Saturday:: TBD

Sunday:: Family dinner

What are you having this week?

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42 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Okay, so first, you two are as cute as (key lime) pie in that photo! Congratulations! As for the bathing suit, I suggest mail order (and bite the bullet and buy two sizes of each style you want to try on, if you’re not sure) at Land’s End. They have tall sizes and I think even a choice of butt coverage. They are not cheap, but they are having a 40% off sale, and like shoes, I think you get what you pay for with bathing suits. And if Bennett is into pulling your top down (Hellll-llllo!), I’d recommend a racer back if they have it, although they are more difficult to get in and out of. I haven’t actually purchased one from there because I am a bit shorter than you are (5 10′) and can squeak by, usually, with a regular bathing suit. My experience with Old Navy suits is that you shouldn’t even try them because they are a joke, and their sizing is inconsistent even within the same size, so they are as frustrating as hell, and on top of that, I have the kind of breasts that need “help” so they aren’t much use to me (stop me now). Good luck. As a beach girl, I feel that a suit that looks good, feels good and fits well is worth it’s weight in gold. Like shoes you can wear to Disneyland on the first day and still be smiling at the end of the day. Ha! I am now seeing that I am 4th on the Land End’s list!

    • Ha, thanks!

      Yep, I placed a huge order through Land’s End yesterday when Bennett was napping. I bought 2 of every size. It looks like their return policy is a flat rate of $6.95, so not too shabby.

      I’ve rarely had luck with anything at Old Navy and never bother to shop there anymore. Glad I didn’t look for suits!

  2. Good Morning. Still working on the freezer clean out by pulling all of my last years frozen albacore tuna out and getting it canned. Only had enough for 3 dozen jars, and it only took a day to complete. I found a couple of new podcasts that are really short but very interesting, 22 Hours, A Killing on the Cape, and a longer one Uncover. Have a wonderful week!

    • Wow, go you!!! What size jars did you do? I’m assuming pints?

      My friend JUST recommended 22 Hours to me and I downloaded it on Saturday to listen this week. A Killing on the Cape is great, and is Uncover the CBC one (NXIVM)? I liked the first two seasons but found the third one super slow.

      Have you listened to Stranglers?

  3. We just ate the first nectarine off our tree yesterday and it was AMAZING!!!!

    Good luck with the bathing suite. I have the opposite problem. Maybe we should create a clothing line that only caters to tall skinny people and short round people.

    I love Bennett’s outfit. I think he looks great! HAHAHA!

    Need to try those avocado crisps!

    So, we live in an area that allows chickens. But, so far I have only noticed chickens at a few houses (I can hear them when Bo and I walk early in the morning). I might have to see if I can convince my landlord to let us have three. Maybe I can tell him they will cut down on the ant and gopher problem?

    CA has stricter homeschooling laws, so we have been trying to figure out what the plan is for Emma. Everything I suggest she either complains or is non-committal. I finally told her the other day that I’m temped to put her in public school just because it would be easier for me. She was not happy and I felt guilty, so I reminded her one of the main reasons we homeschool is because I love spending time with her. Though, to be honest, we pretty much ignore each other except for when I’m driving her to the barn.

    • How awesome that the house came with mature fruit trees! The worst part of planting fruit trees is waiting the 3-10 years until they really produce a lot.

      Chickens are super noisy, but I think 3 would be somewhat manageable. They’d do well for the ants, but probably nothing for the grophers.

      Has Emma come to the table with any ideas instead of complaining? Ugh, how frustrating!

  4. Just get a rash guard instead of a whole new bathing suit. My chest makes it nearly impossible to find a one peice that fits and if I go for a two peice the top apone is $60+. I get bottoms at Walmart and wear a rash guard over whatever sports bra is clean

  5. Have you looked at Lands End for your bathing suit? It has a nice variety of styles, and carries tall sizes.

  6. Lands’ End has swimwear to fit every shape, their customer service is excellent and their guarantee can’t be beat. I have clothing from them that is at least as old as your Jack because quality!

  7. I have had good results with Lands End swimsuits. I have a long torso too and they work well for me. I tend to go with tankini style , love their boy shorts but they do have long torso sizes and 50% off quite often.

    • I placed a huge order through Land’s End yesterday when Bennett was napping because everyone had so much praise for them. I hope something fits!

  8. Lands End slender tunic one piece. Full coverage butt, high coverage in the chest. I’ve had mine 2 years and it’s my favorite suit ever and I get tons of compliments on it. They often have sales where you can get it 40-50 percent off.  I hate spending money on swimsuits but this one was worth every penny.

  9. My bathing suit is a 5 piece: baseball cap, standard two piece, swim trunks, and a workout tank top. All the coverage, all the time. I am 5 ft 8 in, busty, and with hips. One pieces hate me. I picked up a Speedo brand one at Costco and it just isn’t super comfy… so I adapted!

  10. Lands end makes swim suits with cup size and length size. There’s a 40% off coupon and they all seem to be on sale in addition to that.