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Scattered Sundays

Big important question alert! Enquiring minds need to know…

How many different kinds of cheese do you currently have in your fridge right now? And if you’re dairy-free or vegan, what is the most delicious thing you currently have on hand? 

Spill all the details!

Speaking of cheese, Jack (and Bennett) finally made pizza this week as part of the 10by10 project. Jack used our Whole Wheat Pizza Dough recipe and our Homemade Pizza Sauce.

^also, if any kitchen stores read this blog and want to partner up for a kitchen remodel, email me! 🙂

You all never disappoint! Last week there were A LOT of opinions on the bonkers lunch requirements we got from Bennett’s preschool.

I want to clear a few things up:

  1. The requirements come from the state and not the preschool. I don’t fault the school at all.
  2. We were given the information in a Friday folder and there hasn’t been any camp this past week, so I haven’t talked to anybody at the school about them yet. We have a parent’s orientation this week so I’ll get more clarity then.
  3. Bennett is not dairy-free or gluten-free. I was just pontificating on what would happen for families that need accommodations.

As far as the liquid milk requirement is concerned, I’ve decided to just get a few of those shelf-stable single-serve organic milk containers and keep sending the same one with him each day.

If he drinks it, he drinks it (he won’t), but at least the school won’t get in trouble and I won’t be charged $1 for them to provide him with something he won’t actually drink.

This makes me feel officially like a middle-aged mom, but this week I bought a pair of jeans from Land’s End. I bought my tall freaky person swimming suit from them this summer based on your suggestions. Which of course means I get their daily sales email.

Well, one recently grabbed me with 50% off all jeans. All of them.

With their generous return policy, I thought it was worth a shot and ended up with two pairs of their pull-on jeans. I’m a strict “no yoga pants in public” person (only for me. I don’t give two craps what you wear) and love jeans.

Buuuuuuut, jean waistbands often looks clunky AF under certain shirts and I’ve been looking for a seamless option. The pull-on jeans are lovely and don’t look like I’m wearing sweats, but they’re wonderfully comfy. I’m a convert!

I don’t have any discount codes or anything (they don’t have an affiliate program) but I know if you sign up for their newsletter you usually get a coupon for your first purchase.

I bought these jeans and this pair. Both were true to size for me which is nice because that’s always a danger when ordering online. Even better, they had talls in both styles! 

So yeah, I buy jeans from Land’s End now. Let’s go watch Golden Girls and talk about our aches and pains.

and because someone always asks about the kitchen, it was made by my grandpa for my mom in the 1950s. Troy and I “remodeled it” and you can see before and after photos here. And look how teeny Bennett is in those pictures!

^This guy is being evaluated for speech therapy this week.

Homeboy has wonderful language skills and is easily one of the most fluent kiddos in his class. Having an older brother with an advanced vocabulary helps a ton too.

Buuuuuuut, his tongue is lazy and he drops certain consonants and switches others. So like instead of saying “Jack” he’ll say “Jat” and “milk” is “melt”. He sometimes slips “g” sounds and words that end with an “irl” sound gets rolled so “girl” becomes “guuuullull”.

I’m not of the “wait and see” mindset, but rather “let’s tackle this ish now before bad habits set in”. Speech therapy is expensive and I’m shocked it isn’t something better covered by most insurance. I think three “non-negotiables” for treating kiddos are speech, teeth, and skin. All three things can be brutal in school if they’re abnormal.

ETA: we know about the free services through school districts. He wouldn’t qualify as his speech is actually really really good. We’re just getting ahead of him on a certain sounds/letters.

This guy joined our family this week and NEEDS A NAME!

It’s a brand called Bobsweep and I bought it used from a friend. So far it’s been great. I didn’t get a manual so I need to track one down online because I’m certain I’m missing a lot of (his) potential).

The boys follow it around with Nerf guns and Troy assures me this is how the war with robots begins. It did eat one of Bennett’s army guys the other day, so I assume that is a micro-aggression to eliminate the eventual enemy.

So…help me name the vacuum!

Can we talk about Fleabag for a minute? It’s a show that is free on Amazon Prime and I was beyond sad after finishing the two seasons. And they’re not making more and while I’m devastated, I’m also glad. It was too good. Too perfect. Don’t touch it and just let us love it as is.

If you’re on Instagram already (let’s be friends!), you have to check the account “UPS Dogs”. It is just dogs and animals that UPS drivers see along their routes. It will give you life.

Also, if you have kids and find hipsters to be eye-roll inducing, my friend turned me on to an account that you’ll LOVE. It’s called Los Feliz Daycare and it might be the funniest thing I have seen in months.

Tomatoes are ripening in the garden and my daily lunches pretty much look like this:

Summer is pure deliciousness. The cheese is some squishy mozzarella from Costco and the balsamic is my favorite – Nonna Pia’s. I don’t actually like balsamic, but I do love this brand. I discovered it first at Costco. A bottle will last you three years.

I tried this out this week and it was delicious! You can get a better price for it at the grocery store or Target.

I usually make cold brew with my Rumble Jar and I turn it into Healthy Iced Coffee. But, this was on sale and with my digital coupons, I got it from $.99. Hard to say no to all that cold brew for $1!

I mentioned last week that Bennett picked out hot pink shin guards and soccer socks because he so desperately wants to play like his brother. Jack’s coach was so kind and thoughtful and let Bennett “play” with the team during the last five minutes of practice on Tuesday.

Ten and eleven-year-old boys often get a bad rap (a lot of time from me!), but I have to say those 11 kids on Jack’s team made Bennett’s entire year! I can’t show you the video because I don’t post photos of other people’s kids, but they let Bennett dribble down the entire field, all while pretending he was out-smarting them, and then scoring.

The video has yells of “oh no Bennett, you’re too fast”, even after he trips over the ball. Bennett was living his best life ever and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

Moments like this remind me that kids, especially boys have the potential to be so kind and so good. And that keeps me going and gives me hope in the times when I find myself scared of 19 to 25-year-old white men in large social settings.

I found this book at the library this week and randomly flipped to this page. Wow, so wise. Allll the feels. I’m voting for Nolan in 20 years.

What I’m Listening To This Week

Crime Junkie is in my earholes these days! Maybe I’m late to this true-crime podcast, but the benefit of that is I can binge old episodes when I am officially over listening to business podcasts.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Nina left this five-star review on our Make-Ahead Scrambled Eggs recipe:

I can never understand people who have runny scramblers, (not helped by an allergy to raw egg) these look perfect! Eggcited to try them ???? Loving the insta and blog btw, your snark and humour is on point! (And the rest of the content is ok I suppose ????) xx

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On Sustainable Cooks This Week

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canned pears in a jar

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The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

Oh my gosh, friends, the Virgin Mojito has been knocked out of the top spot, AND my Whole30 Trader Joe’s Shopping List didn’t even make the top 5! Big week and it reflects a slight shift in seasonal eating.

  1. Canning Peaches  {Pin this tutorial}
  2. Mojito Mocktail  {Pin this recipe}
  3. Dill Pickle Relish  {Pin this recipe}
  4. Canning Pears  {Pin this tutorial}
  5. Refrigerator Dilly Beans  {Pin this tutorial}

Meal Plan

If you’re looking for some help with meal planning, we highly recommend Momables. Momables emails you a weekly meal plan, shopping list and prep list for $10 a month. It rules.

Our meals are off this week because we have some planned events that require us to eat out. Darn. 🙂

Monday:: Out

Tuesday:: Whole30 Beef Stew salad, and crusty garlic bread.

Wednesday:: Paninis for the boys and BLTAs for Troy and I, salads, and fruit.

Thursday::New recipe I am working on

Friday:: Out

Saturday:: Movie night, leftovers, and popcorn

Sunday:: Family dinner


What are you having this week?


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51 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Nolan made my eyes water. A lot. <3

  2. Cheese- shredded Mexican blend, block of Pepper-jack (sliced for Jared’s sandwiches), and Daiya shredded for the kiddo.
    Jeans- I may have to look into those. I hate regular jeans and am tempted to just switch to yoga pants and tunic type shirts, but I love pockets too much to give them up.
    That picture of Jack in the kitchen. Wow, he is growing up so fast!

  3. Vegan here, and always excited to talk about what deliciousness I’ve found recently! I don’t often do cheese substitutes, but got a screamin’ deal on Daiya so I still have a few packs of the cheddar and mozz shreds. Generally, I add cheesy flavor to things using nutritional yeast, which I love Love LOVE.

    However, my most recent dairy-free obsession is a vegan cultured butter I found at Trader Joe’s: Miyokos. It’s a bit pricey, but that helps me use a little moderation and not… just find a reason to make buttered toast *all* the time?

    They also have at my TJ’s Miyoko’s cream cheese that is meant to taste like lox for your bagels. It’s a very intense (and amazing) flavor so I usually had one part that with one part plain veg. cream cheese and it was *chef kiss* superb. I see some of their cheeses from time to time, but it is quite pricey and I Know How I Get With Cheese so I’m holding off for a little bit.

    Finally, I make a dairy-free ricotta using raw almonds, and it’s infinitely adaptable to go from like cheese ball/spread, to a dip, to something you can layer in a lasagna. I found a recipe that was heavy on thyme, and while I do like that from thyme to thyme (omg), I generally do the following (all measurements approximate as I eyeball it):

    1 cup raw almonds, soaked like 12 hours? then drained
    2-3 tablespoons nutritional yeast
    1 tsp or so salt
    2 tbsp olive oil
    2-3 cloves garlic
    water as needed for preferred texture

    Alllll into the food processor. I did one recently that was quite thick and heavy on the nutritional yeast and it was incredible on pita chips or sandwiches. I have one now that is much thinner and I mix it into pasta sauces. Deeelightful.

    Sorry for unleashing a torrent of dairy-free fangirling over here. Definitely not trying to milk the topic for attention or anything 🙂

  4. I actually have several cheeses in my fridge right now- I purchased them for a future recipe. I have Tillamook cheddar and mozzarella and some Sargento shredded parm. I don’t know if these count as cheese but I have some good old fashioned American cheese slices as well, not to mention cream cheese and cottage cheese. I love a good manchego but find it a little pricey to keep on hand regularly.

    I love love the story about Jack’s soccer team and Bennett. A few years back, when my son was 8 or so years old, he was playing on his school’s freshman football team. One of the kids on the opposing team had a physical handicap. I wasn’t actually privy to the conversation but apparently the coach of the opposing team and our own coach had a conversation, which in turn led to a conversation between our coach and players about this particular kid. This kid was able to make a very long touchdown run despite my son and his teammates’ attempts to “tackle” him. My son’s team perfectly executed dives and attempted tackles- they really went above and beyond and mostly unprompted. I later learned that our coach had left it up to the team because the game was not a blow out and it meant the difference between a shut out (or whatever the football equivalent is of a non-scoring game for the opposition) and one that had them on the boards with a touchdown. It was a great game.

    And although I never found the culprit, I’m pretty sure someone was chopping onions on the sidelines. 😉

  5.  Smoked hot pepper jack is the best and most delicious in my fridge. Also have fresh mozzarella, shredded Monterey, white cheddar, extra sharp  Tilamook cheddar, feta & provolone. 

  6. If you love Fleabag see if you also get GameFace written by Roisin Conaty, the second series just finished, I’m not sure if there will be more. Also Derry Girls and This Way Up which I think is on Hulu.

  7. My son needed speech therapy also. I knew he would not qualify for the district speech either. It sucks that insurance does not cover it.  We found inexpensive speech therapy at the local university.  The speech teacher is a student with a teacher supervisor.  It worked out great for everyone. My son got inexpensive therapy and the students got to learn. 

  8. I have 5 cheeses in the fridge (had 6 but finished the fresh mozzarella this morning). Miyoko’s classic chive vegan cheese wheel is hella good. It tastes just like goat cheese!

    I got a robot vac from Amazon Warehouse, it was the best investment ever. My husband gets a kick out of telling people I have a new man named Joffrey in my life, lol.

  9. We have Colby jack shredded and sliced. Sometimes we’ll have mozzarella too but that’s rare.

  10. I am a cheese lover, as I grew up in Wisconsin and thus am a cheesehead haha. I had feta for breakfast with rose petal jam and bread when I attended college in Turkey. At the moment I have feta cheese in my fridge. A favorite is Taleggio cheese. Instead of sending milk your son won’t drink why not put water in the milk container? Less wasteful and less cost too. How kind of the soccer players.

    • Rose petal jam. Whaaaat?! Never heard of it but I need it now. I just baked/cooked with rose water for the first time and I’m hooked. I want rose water EVERYTHING If anyone is interested and has leftover black sesame seeds from Sarah’s Asian Chicken Boats recipe, use them in cookies!

    • Mmmmmm, that sounds like a delicious upbringing!!

      I love feta so much. I could only imagine how it would taste if it were fresh. Mmmmm

      With the milk containers, I’m not sure how secure the lids would be once removed. And I’m guessing I’ll be spending $4 a year on the containers so I’m ok with that. Besides, 3-year-olds are little tattlers and Bennett would yell “this is water”. LOL