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Scattered Sundays

There’s something I’m just dying to know about this week. What was the last thing you got really excited about?

Like really excited about? Spill allllll the details!

Troy and I snuck away this weekend for a kid-free trip to Palm Springs to celebrate my friend’s birthday! It’s our first real weekend away without the kiddos. We ate brunch. LIKE ADULTS in a movie!

Next week I’ll share details about the trip, and why pasty white girls struggle with temperatures of 99 F. Why so hot? Is that really necessary??

So…I’m going to keep this short because NOBODY NEEDS ME right now and I’m going to enjoy that lovely phenomenon before we have to fly home in a bit.

Troy and my father-in-law replaced a second-story window this week. Again, we lead an exciting life. PS, I made those curtains a few years ago. They’re insulated and unlike normal curtains, they have matching fabric on the back. That means they look great from the street too.

a man standing in front of a window

You know stuff is getting ready when the Carhartt work pants come out.

Thankfully, part of Troy’s job when he worked on film sets involved building scaffolding solo. It’s been 10-years but it all came back to him quickly. Lucky for me.

a man on scaffolding

I have had multiple people ask me how the single-serve containers of milk in Bennett’s lunch have worked. You might remember that we bought these to appease the preschool food police.

My theory was I would put the same shelf-stable milk in his lunch for months because he wouldn’t want to drink them. Oh, how I misjudged the appeal of little cartons with straws!

He adored having them in his lunch and after one week I quickly realized I needed a non-disposable solution (related: Zero Waste Food Storage Ideas). I scoured the stores and the interwebs for an insulated 6 oz kid-friendly waterbottle just for his damn milk. Such a bottle does not exist my friends.

I ended up getting this little 9 oz bottle and I just don’t fill it all the way. So far it has worked really well. EXCEPT for the fact that freaking Bennett has almost zero interest in drinking milk that isn’t in a cardboard container with the straw. Ugh! Kids are so weird.

Guess who has a secret? Meeeeeeeeeee! And I cannot wait to share it with you next Sunday. Be here, September 29th, 4 am PT.

Someone from our church is coaching his four-year-old son’s soccer team at the same field where Jack’s team practices. When they’re down a player they have been letting Bennett come over and practice and he’s just living his best life ever.

But you know what eight four-year-olds playing soccer are like? Drunk cats with laser pointers. There is always some crying at all times. At least three are on the ground wrestling, and maybe two of them are actually playing soccer. It’s hilarious.

He leaves practice tired but super happy.

a little boy in a carseat

Last week I told you I had some headshots taken for an upcoming project. I got them back this week, and as promised, I have something in my hands in all of them because it is awwwwwward to take photos. 

That tomato did NOT need to be cut. I cut that same tomato for about 20 minutes. #itsneverreal

Fun fact though – everything from this shot was grown in my garden. Humblebrag. And, thank you Differin for making me finally look 37 instead of 14. Screw you adult acne – I won this round.

What I’m Listening To This Week

I rushed through the podcast Running from Cops this week. It’s only six episodes but really good.

It’s all about the behind the scenes of the show Cops and touches a bit on Live PD (a show I had never heard of but it was the most DVR’ed show of 2018!). Given that Troy used to work on reality shows, I know none of them are actually legit and this just confirms it.

Reality shows are the TV version of that tomato I’m “cutting”.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Dara left this five-star review on our Vanilla Extract Recipe (and even though she mentions the Instant Pot, there are conventional instructions included as well):

This recipe was so easy and if I never made anything else with my instant pot, THIS recipe makes it worthwhile!! 

three bottles of homemade vanilla extract with a dish of vanilla beans

{Pin this recipe}

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Easy Greek FriesThese easy Greek Fries are perfect for those nights when you need a fast one-pan dinner that is ready in only 25 minutes. All the delicious and healthy components can be found premade at grocery stores or made from scratch. A batch of feta fries is a delicious dinner, snack, or game day appetizer. {Pin this recipe}

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Jars of canned pumpkin with two mini pumpkins and a green striped cloth

Cinnamon Apple DonutsThese Cinnamon Apple Donuts are the best homemade donuts you’ll ever eat! Soft and pillowy and sprinkled with crunchy cinnamon sugar, you will love these perfect bites of baked apple donuts. They are so good you’ll never realize these are actually whole wheat donuts!  {Pin this recipe}

3 cinnamon apple donuts stacked up with apples and a bottle of milk

Bacon and Egg Rolls {Breakfast Egg Rolls}Crunchy Bacon and Egg Rolls are a delicious and fast breakfast, appetizer, or snack. Baked, not fried, these easy egg rolls are simple to make and cooks in only 9 minutes. Breakfast egg rolls are a healthy and poppable treat that your family will ask you to make again and again! {Pin this recipe}

bacon and egg rolls on a grey plate with berries

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

I’ve noticed a distinct shift from “summer” to “fall” content this week. Fewer people are canning peaches or making Air Fryer Zucchini Chips. They’re looking to preserve what’s left in their garden and hunker down for the rest of the year.

  1. Canning Pears  {Pin this tutorial}
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  4. Canning Tomato Soup  {Pin this tutorial}
  5. Canning Tomatoes  {Pin this tutorial}

Meal Plan

Monday:: TBD

Tuesday:: BLTAs, salad, and green beans.

Wednesday: Soooooooup! I’m reshooting photos from an old recipe. Garlic baguettes on the side.

Thursday:: Breakfast dinner. It’s fast. Unlike cutting the same tomato for 20 minutes. 

Friday:: TBD. Jack’s school is having a parent’s night out fundraiser and we may partake. Movie night if we don’t go.

Saturday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night

Sunday:: We’re having Troy’s half-brother and his family over. I think we’re going to do hamburgers again from Butcher Box, grilled veggies, and TBD. I believe his wife has a ton of food allergies so I may need to get creative.

What We Bought This Week

Costco: $96.81. This was the biggest Costco haul we have had in a very long time. It should be called the “emergency snacks” edition. I also added a huge box of gummy bear pouches for Halloween treats that are not pictured. They were on rebate so I snagged them and immediately hid them at home.


What are you having this week my friends?


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10 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. I’m super excited about growing the darkest purplyest potatoes! Giggles. Soooo pretty. Great photos of you! Can’t wait for the surprise, I bet it’s better than purple potatoes. Hmmm kid three????? New kitchen cupboards??

    • Oh I love those pretty purple potatoes! But are you growing them now? What zone are you in? I always though potatoes were a spring crop.

      Hahaha, NO MORE KIDS!! And I sure wish it was kitchen remodel related.

  2. I’m so excited that I’m “running a race” today! There’s a Microthon (0.12k) for charity and I got a sweet shirt, a sticker, a drink ticket, and the satisfaction of knowing I helped a charity that needs it. And it’s only in the 80s instead of being hotter than Satan’s buttcrack so that’s icing on the cake.

  3. Wow, great picture!!!! And your skin looks flawless ???????? you go girl ????????????

  4. Yay! Congrats on your first parent weekend! Those are so amazing.

  5. Last thing I got super super excited about: ordered 13 lbs of “crap” jewelry to use to make jewelry Christmas Trees. (I’m sure mine will look like a kindergartner but we are having craft night with nieces and it looked fun)  The eBay listing claimed the box wasn’t gone thru so there could be treasures in it. I only dug a little so far but already found a working Timex Ernest Borel Cocktail Kaleidoscope pendant worth way more then I paid for the box. I’m still excited about that 🙂