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Scattered Sundays

Do you remember when you were a little kid and as you were falling asleep at night you used to dream about your future? What did you dream about? What did you think it would look like to be a grown-up?

Did you stare up at the ceiling and hope that one day you’d be partnering with a brand you have loved for years? And that the partnership would revolve around putting silly food puns on American-made water bottles?

No? Just me then?

You guys, I could not be more excited to announce my new custom bottle collection with Liberty Bottleworks, a Washington state brand that I’ve been obsessed with since 2015.

5 metal water bottles on a wooden board

Liberty Bottleworks has been making American made metal waterbottles since 2011. They create local manufacturing jobs by making kick-ass aluminum waterbottles right here in my home state. 

They are committed to the global push of ending plastic bottles and striving to be zero waste. On average, one Liberty bottle can help keep 825 single-use waterbottles out of landfills. And if you have a family waterbottle addiction as we do, that savings is even greater!

Want your own bottle? Of course, you do! Check out the whole collection on Liberty’s site. They have even generously offered my readers a 20% off discount. Please use coupon code SustainableCooks20.

Phew, a big week because I can finally tell you all about this stuff! I’ve been quiet about it for months and that is nearly impossible for me to keep exciting news to myself.

a liberty bottleworks being held in front of a pool

We are starting the process of cutting Bennett’s nap out. Sigh, I really appreciate that quiet time for getting work done. But on days when he naps, he is up until 10 pm farting around and wreaking havoc. 

He also has mini night terrors that cause him to scream in his sleep every 90 minutes. They don’t wake him up. They don’t wake Jack or Troy up, but they sure as hell wake me up! Given what this was doing to my own sleep, we made the decision to stop using the baby monitor at night.

Instead of going cold turkey, we’re weaning the nap. For one week we’ll let him sleep no more than 45 minutes. After that, we’ll drop it down to 30 minutes and see how that goes.

The first two days we’ve tried it out has been a total success. He went from being awake until 10 pm and getting up by 6, to peacefully falling asleep at 8:20 and sleeping until 7 am. Additionally, he has been incredibly sweet and not threeanger emo like normal. It was like a long nap was stealing his soul or something.

I’m going to do my best to implement a 1-hour quiet time in his room so I can maintain some work schedule on non-preschool days. I remember this not being successful with Jack, but Bennett is much more content to play by himself, so we’ll see. Pray for us.

I had the privilege this summer being a beta tester for Six-Figure Blog Academy, a course created by Kate from Root + Revel. Her blog is bonkers successful and she finally put everything she knows into a course format.

The course is now in its second edition and is opening for enrollment on October 3rd if you know of anyone who wants a proven roadmap to running a blog.

This is the course I wish I had when I started out. Instead, I screwed around for eight years and wondered why my blog wasn’t growing.


I mentioned last Sunday that we snuck away to Palm Springs for the weekend! It was the first weekend away without the boys and was made possible thanks to my awesome in-laws! The boys had a total blast, and we got to relax in kid-free bliss.

We were there for the birthday of two friends who live in Los Angeles. We all stayed in an Airbnb that was really adorable and was dripping with mid-century modern details and charm.

It had a pool, space for each couple, and was the perfect place for all of us to just not be parents for a few days. I mean, other than the phone calls, face timing, and talking about kids that we all did. HA! 

The neighborhood was cute and I explored it both mornings with a nice long walk before it turned 63 billion degrees. We stayed in, ordered pizza, had a movie (Heathers) and junk food night (see below), and ate leftover pizza for breakfast. And um, ice cream.

I told Troy our cart made us look like stoners

We hit up Cheeky’s for Sunday brunch and everyone seemed to love their food. While we were waiting for our table we looked through all the (very expensive) antique stores. 


Troy and I cooked Sunday night. Troy showed off his always-great grilling skills with steaks and veggies. I made cilantro chimichurri (in a blender, which was weird) and garlic bread. And we ate more ice cream and Halloween candy for dessert. 🙂

There was limited pool time because of the intense sun. I was in there for 10 minutes and got a swimming suit “tan” line (aka a darker shade of pale). We hung around in the shade, some people napped, and I read a whole book I downloaded from the library onto my Kindle.

It was glorious to be there and great to come home to the boys at the end of it.

Our weather is definitely turning to fall/autumn and I am HERE FOR IT! I love walking and not getting sweaty, I adore fall colors, and give me all the soup recipes!

But I have to laugh when I see people with smoke coming out of their chimneys. It’s still 65 degrees out – put on a sweater!

We have a neighbor that uses their fireplace from September until June. I can’t imagine they don’t have cozy blankets in their house? I make it a personal goal to not turn on our furnace until at least October 1st and no fires until November 1st.


Hey, are you following Sustainable Cooks on Instagram? If not, get on that ish because we share things over there that you won’t also see here on the blog. It’s a good ol fun time!

What I’m Listening To This Week

My friend Angela informed me last week that Dateline now has podcasts. You guys, I’ll see you in five years, m’kay?

If only Law and Order came out in podcast form I may never have to talk to anyone ever again. And I say that as an extreme extrovert.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

JoAnne left this review on our Canning Pears post that frankly had me in tears for a solid five minutes. #hotmess 

Thank you for these EASY to follow canning instructions. I canned for years but after a traumatic brain injury, most of my memories were wiped out so doing something with as many steps as canning was not something I wanted to take on. Then, a neighbor offered us boxes of Asian pears and apples and I got inspired to research canning.

With your instructions and the assistance of my dear husband, we canned a number of batches of the pears. During the steps, many of the lost memories flooded back. You, my dear lady, gave me a huge gift and I thank you.
God Bless and keep sharing your talents.

Just for a “behind the scenes” look at this post, it took me 15 hours to photograph, research, and write it. Sometimes you put in all that work and never know if it helps someone or makes their lives easier.

Comments like these keep me so motivated to continue working to make sure everything I publish is making a difference for someone else. 

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

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paleo roast chicken on a white plate with herbs and lemon

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a mug of london fog latte in a mug with a green tea pot

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a white bowl with instant pot chicken and dumplings

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

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Meal Plan

Monday:: BLTAs and salad. Our days of garden-fresh tomatoes are rapidly winding down.

Tuesday:: Pasta, and salad. Not pasta salad.

Wednesday:: We have some tri-tip from Butcher Box in the freezer so I’m using that instead of pork in these Sesame Sheet Pan Pork Fajitas.

Thursday:: Sandwiches. Jack has a mini track meet right after school and then has soccer practice.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night

Saturday:: Out. This chick is turning 38 and I’m not cooking.

Sunday:: Family dinner



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24 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. We tend to have a much broader range of temperature tolerance than most (the AC doesn’t go on until it reaches 82*+ in the house and the heat doesn’t go on until under 60*). BUT. I have been know to build a fire and then open windows to make it tolerable. I love a good fire and if we had to wait until it was actually cold enough inside to need one we’d have very few indeed. 

    • I’m good at being cold because I can bundle up, but Troy and the boys wear shorts in the house year-round. Troy and I have had the argument of “just put some clothes on” for the last 17 years. It’s one of those discussions that will never end.

      But I hear you on loving a good fire!!!

  2. Happy almost birthday!! My daughter, Fiammetta, turns 11 on the 4th. So far I haven’t seen any neat freak Libra tendencies in her 😉 but she still has plenty of time to develop them! I hope you have a great going out birthday dinner.
    Grants birthday is also this month and since he didn’t do anything for my birthday last month we are going out to eat on his birthday and calling it for both of us (he said!) 😆
    Good luck with the naps, we still do them with Valentino, I am not looking forward to the end. He naps from noonish to 3ish every day and is still in bed around 730pm every night! 

    • I feel like my type A tendencies didn’t show up for a few years. They definitely weren’t always there judging by my trashed room growing up!

      Double birthdays are efficient and still fun!

      Bennett has never been a three-hour napper. I’m so envious!

  3. As soon as I read about your water bottle collaboration, I clicked over and bought one for my BFF who is a dietician. She is going to love it! Didn’t even finish reading your post, just instantly handed over my money without a second thought! Lol They are adorable and I love that they are made in America. The fact that you designed them is an added bonus!

    • What a fun gift for a dietician!!!

      I should clarify, I didn’t design them and now I feel like a tool for implying I did! The team at Liberty did all the designs using some of my food puns and a few they came up with on their own.

  4. That is so wonderful about the canning blog. How lovely to hear back about something like that <3.

  5. Dateline has podcasts? Goodbye free time. 

  6. I don’t have calendar dates necessarily that I won’t turn on heat or air until that date…but it does seem like Oct 1 is a good time to start with heat; it just feels like then you’re really into fall for real (and I live in the PNW too, it’s just starting to get a little chilly) Currently I’ve been arguing this policy with hubby – he wants to turn on the heat now, and I say PUT ON SOME DAMN PANTS, as he likes to wear athletic shorts around the house once he gets home from work. I’m puttering around in sweatpants and a t-shirt feeling fine, and he’s cold? Nuh-uh. Lol

    • Did you see the temps this morning Alli? It was 39 at my house! Brrrrrr.

      Troy and I have been together 17 years and I think the biggest ongoing argument we have had boils down to me yelling “if you’re cold, put some pants on”. I feel you.

  7. So I was flipping through a copy of Mother Earth News last night and couldn’t help but think of you. Apparently there is an annual “National Dutch Oven Gathering” (NDOG haha). I immediately thought “These must be Sarah’s people. They all love their dutchies.” However, it is a gathering of enthusiasts of the camping style Dutch ovens. I’m sure it would still be fun though.

  8. Man, I’d love to support, but I just did the math and it is a (jussssttt under) $30CAD bottle, with the 20% discount!  That doesn’t include shipping and customs fees (AND brokerage, if they ship by courier instead of USPS).   I just can’t do that. It will be a $50-$60 bottle in the end. (and it looks even worse because I managed to score my existing name-brand rose gold coloured SS bottle for only $9!)
    But I just love them!  Especially the corn one.  Congratulations!

    Good luck with the new nap routine. If ‘quiet time’ doesn’t work great with him in his room, maybe telling him that he may read quietly on the couch as long as you don’t know he is there will make it a fun challenge for him?  That worked for us. 

    I don’t go by any ‘rules’ when it comes to home heating or cooling.  (meaning, I don’t wait for certain dates to turn on the furnace or the air)  If it is cold, the heat goes on.  If it is hot, the air goes on.  Within reason.  We are in Canada and right now the mornings can be ‘furnace worthy’ but the afternoons get hot.  I won’t flip from furnace to air to furnace in a single day – or even a week)  But once the house is consistently chilly, the furnace will go on, whether that is in September, or October (or November?).  It is my opinion that a home should be comfortable.   I’ve got a friend who REFUSES to put the furnace on before a certain date and she will be cold rather than give in.  I think that is silly.

    I have my menu planned (such as it is – we are out over the dinner hour THREE days this week -that is crazy) I just need to write it on the board.  Hubby make me a pretty chalkboard menu.  That is a FANTASTIC motivator to menu planning because I don’t want to leave it blank.  Except that this week will be embarrassing with us eating out two or three times in a single week. (We may hoover an early dinner at home one day) 

    • That exchange rate surprises me every time Angie!

      You don’t play the furnace date game because you aren’t weird. I am. Lol.

      Love the idea of a pretty chalkboard! I’m all in for whatever works to encourage people to meal plan.

      • Thanks, but I AM pretty weird.  proudly so!  Like, for example, there is no “i” in Ange, because I despise being called “Angie”…..  See, weird. LOL 😉 
        You know what was funny?  Yesterday, I caved and turned the furnace on.  I was FREEZING in the house, outside it was a seasonal temperature (14-ish C?).  Today?  It got up to at least 31 freakin’ degrees Celsius.  And it was soooooo humid.  Gross.  We had a thunderstorm which cooled it down and we are supposed to go right back to seasonal tomorrow and from now on.
        Today was the day that I thought we would hoover dinner.  We didn’t have time.  We ate salty, salty restaurant food and I feel like a slug tonight.  And I had already changed the menu board for today to ‘fend for yourself’.  There was a carefully prepared dish of yesterday’s leftovers in the fridge for my daughter.

      • I don’t think a slug would last a long time on salty food… 🙂

        Hmmm, I thought at one point you had emailed me and said your name in comments was different than what you normally call yourself. I guess I was mistaken!

        It was very cold here this am but by 10 when I was shooting recipes I had all the windows open!

  9. I feel you on the naps. They make Maddie nap on days she goes to Mothers Day Out and sometimes she is up until 10:00. On days she’s home with me, she does not nap and bedtime goes much smoother.

  10. When my boys were done with nap time I started calling it “quiet and alone time”. They could color, play with their toys. The key word was “alone” not with mom or with each other.  They did pretty good with that for a few years. 

  11. Just placed my first liberty order. (The discount code worked – thanks!)
    Have to admit I got side tracked and ordered a design other than yours – gasp! But I loved yours!!  Very creative and made me giggle.