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Scattered Sundays

I have a confession that just can’t wait for monthly confessions.

It’s embarrassing too.

I’ve started watching a new show some evenings, and um…it’s one I used to make fun of other people for watching. Like, really make fun of them. Relentlessly.

A few years ago, you all recommended I start watching The Good Place, and I loved it! And somehow…that um, transitioned to me watching the show that makes me die a tiny death to publicly admit.

My name is Sarah, and I have been binging Veronica Mars. I’ll stand here patiently while you point and laugh. I deserve it.

We haven’t had a coffee table since Jack was mobile. And therefore unstable and bound and determined to truly hurt himself. Instead, we’ve rocked a storage ottoman for 10 years.

Our current footstool was a one-person situation and eventually Troy and I got sick of fighting over it and we bought this new one off of Amazon.

I’ve been a parent for 10.5 years now, and I somehow never once saw this coming. Rookie mistake.

We had our first frost this week. What in the actual hell? Our average first frost date is around November 8th. My weird “no fires in the woodstove before November 1st” rule might just be broken this year!

Of course, the day we had an hour-long hail storm is the day Bennett went to preschool in shorts and a tshirt. Bennett is incredibly particular about his clothing and currently has one pair of pants that he likes. One.

He calls them “cozy pants” and they’re a fleece pair that are a hand me down from Target. And naturally, they don’t sell them anymore. I’ve spent days scouring Goodwill and other stores trying to find suitable replacements. None measure up and he’s having 20-minute meltdowns every morning over pants.

Have I mentioned how much I really hate when kids are three? May his brain and soul return to his body soon.

You can chalk this up to first-world luxuries, but I found something that has changed my life. It’s this little rubber insert thing for your car’s cupholder. 

My car’s cupholders have gone in the way of most American products – bigger and bigger! My taller water bottles (like these Liberty bottles) and my reusable to-go cup for the blended iced coffee I make every morning are too narrow for my cupholders and move around. I constantly feel like they’re going to tip over going around corners.

And being a weird Type-A nut job, the rattling of the bottles/cups drove me bananas.

I tried using a beer coozy (klassy), a piece of foam, rubber bands, etc., but nothing worked. Troy found some inserts on Amazon and it is like all my problems were solved. All my little insignificant first world problems.

Jack a four-day weekend which morphed into a hike with him and my nephew. It was a perfect Northwest fall day with crisp temps, colorful leaves, and lots of sunshine. This time of year makes my heart so full.

wearing his favorite cozy pants, AKA the only freaking pair he’ll wear

I’ve been asked to give an update on our newest chicken BB Egg. She definitely was not a rooster like her coopmate Kylo Hen. She’s been fully integrated with the rest of the flock and for the most part, is doing really well.

As with all chickens, there is a pecking order and she is at the bottom of it. The only time they mess with her is when we throw out treats and she is reminded she’s the newest and littlest. 

Have you had a chance to check out our American-made water bottle collection with Liberty Bottleworks yet? They’re perfect for the upcoming holidays and they support a rad local company. Just make sure you use coupon code “sustainablecooks20” to take 20% off your order!

5 metal water bottles on a wooden board


Are you part of our Instagram family? We have so much fun over there and I want you to join in!

What I’m Listening To This Week

Ok, I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s time to mention it again. My Dad Wrote a Porno is the funniest thing you can listen to in the history of the world. The end.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Andree left this five-star review on our Vegetable Noodle Soup {Pin this recipe}:

So. Flipping. Good. My DH, who is usually meh on soups, ate it for dinner last night. Loved it. Then had leftovers for breakfast. Leftover soup for breakfast. Totally unheard of. 

a bowl of vegetable noodle soup with herbs on a white board

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Air Fryer Brussels SproutsThis easy side dish of Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts is so delicious and healthy. Perfectly caramelized in the air fryer, these roasted and crispy brussels sprouts are Whole30, paleo, keto, and vegan. The perfect gateway brussels sprouts recipe for anyone new to trying this amazing veggie! {Pin this recipe}

crispy brussels sprouts on a grey plate with a fork

Instant Pot Orange ChickenYou’re going to love this tender, juicy, and incredibly flavorful Instant Pot Orange Chicken! This easy and healthy orange chicken recipe involves no frying, nothing sketchy – just real food ingredients that beats takeout every time. {Pin this recipe}

healthy orange chicken and cauliflower rice in a bowl with green onions and sesame seeds

Roasted Frozen BroccoliSave time and money by making Roasted Frozen Broccoli part of your weekly dinner rotation. It’s so easy to whip up this crispy broccoli for a fast and healthy side dish. You’ll be amazed at how affordable, simple, and delicious it is to roast frozen vegetables. {Pin this recipe}

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Meal Plan

If you’re looking for some help with meal planning, we highly recommend Momables Momables emails you a weekly meal plan, shopping list and prep list for $10 a month. It rules.

Monday:: Out. Jack has a doctor’s appointment right after dinner. We’re finally taking Jack for his 10-year checkup…six months after he turned 10. Whoops. Let’s just call it a 10 & 1/2 well check.

Tuesday:: Butternut Squash Soup (no, we didn’t have it last week like planned and I still have everything for it) and grilled garlic bread.

Wednesday:: Grilled chicken (it’s just chicken breasts from Butcher Box with olive oil and Montreal Steak Seasoning) and a new Instant Pot side dish I’m trying out for the blog.

Thursday:: Whole30 Potato Soup and salad.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night

Saturday:: TBD. Probably breakfast because we have leftover buttermilk from Jack making whole wheat pancakes this week.

Sunday:: Family dinner

What We Bought This Week

Fred Meyer: $24.79 but I rounded up to $25 for the food bank.

Costco: $81.11. Forgot to get a photo but we bought: La Croix (it’s on instant rebate right now), chocolate chips (Costco now has Kirkland Signature sustainable cocoa choc chips!!), a pepperoni pizza for dinner, butter, organic chicken breast, organic apples, and organic olive oil.


What are you having this week?


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36 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Another place to look for fleece pants, specifically the very cozy micro fleece, is Old Navy. They are fairly reasonably priced too (at least when they are on sale).

    Good luck.

  2. Have you checked out The Children’s Place for fleece pants? Those are the only fleece pants my kids will wear. My son is extremely picky about “comfy pants” as well and these work well for the coldest days we get here in Iowa as well as “normal” winter days. Good luck!!

    • We have some of their hand me downs (Bennett is one of 6 boys cousins!) that he has poo poo’ed, but I’m sure their updated stuff has more options. Actually buying clothes for him is strange since we all just share hand me downs amongst each other. Bennett wears my cousin’s kid’s old underwear. LOL

  3. My daughter fought us on getting dressed just about every morning of kindergarten because she only wanted to wear the same thing over and over.  She’s in sixth grade now and she’s still pretty fussy about clothes.  She likes Target capris/leggings and t shirts because they all feel the same.  And she HATES getting new shoes because they feel different and different is bad.  Not that I’m complaining about a tween girl who doesn’t want new shoes or clothes!

    We had three days of autumn down here in Central Texas so I made chicken and dumplings for dinner last night and leek and potato soup for lunch today.  Alas, tomorrow it will be 88 and the next day will be 91.  I have tomorrow off so I’ll probably make chicken biryani and my kids will try to talk me into making garlic naan bread.  The rest of the week will be gnocchi with veggie sauce, Amy’s frozen cheese enchiladas (because middle school open house), poblano chicken pasta, and pork chops on the smoker with air fryer potatoes.  Saturday we’re invited to a friend’s house for pulled pork sandwiches, or as my kids call that meal, butt and buns.  We are so proud.

    • Well, at least it makes it easy to shop, right? Jack is obsessed with the Target basketball shorts and so we have them in pretty much every color. For $7 and they last through multiple boys (our clothes cycle: Jack, then my nephew, then my cousin’s kid, then back to me for Bennett, then on to Troy’s cousin’s kid, then she passes half the clothes down to her SIL and half come back to me for my cousin).

      What is it about shoes? Like they’re not broken in?

      Three whole days of Autumn? How fun. And sad.

      Butt and buns may be my favorite new thing!

  4. Just ordered my 3 Sustainable Cooks Liberty Bottles for Xmas -hurrah! Also, Veronica Mars is a FANTASTIC SHOW and there is no guilt associated with it #TeamLogan. Check out the new season on HULU (I got HULU for that reason!).

    :)Sarah with an H

    • Way to spell your name correctly! 🙂

      How fun! Which designs?

      So I can’t stand Logan or the other one from the beginning (I’ve already forgotten his name)! I think I just want her to be on her own and happy with good friends and Backup.

      I’m towards the end of season 3 and am looking forward to watching the newest one.

  5. I would 100% watch Veronica Mars if it were on a UK streaming service.