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Scattered Sundays

Jack and I finished up our running this week. I’m thankful (no more trying to keep up with him), but also sad that we won’t have that time together.

This week Jack was in a super bad mood afterschool but things changed once we started our run. I think I’ll keep the option open for those days when it seems like he just needs to get outside and GO. Or maybe I’ll just shove him outside and tell him to go.

On Wednesday I achieved a goal I set for myself – beating my best mile time of 8:45. To real runners, I get that 8:45 is a “bless your heart” situation, but I’m not a real runner. 🙂 

Even though Jack spent the entire run like a half of a block ahead of me (“mom, I can hear your breathing from way up here”. Ass), I pushed myself and clocked in at 8:42. And then I promptly died.

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If you’ve paid attention to our discussions of graphic novels before (related: Best Graphic Novels for Tweens and Kids), you’ll know that Jack is obsessed with the Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales series. He released a new book this week – Major Impossible – and I snagged it for Jack for Christmas. He’s going to be so excited! At the time of writing this, Amazon is offering a coupon for $1.90 off the purchase price.

This kiddo has a style all his own, that’s for sure. He’s a cross between Randy Quaid from Christmas Vacation and The Dude from Big Lebowski.

So, we officially started indoor soccer this week and whoa. It’s a big commitment. By the time we get home from practice and the kids get settled into bed it is already 9 pm. Jack, of course, is loving playing his beloved sport. 

They had their first game this week and it is so fast-paced compared to outdoor soccer. His (9/10-year-olds) team got stomped by a boy’s 11/12 team that had been playing together for years. Jack’s outdoor team lost one game in the last two years so he’s going to be navigating some new experiences this season!

I’m thrilled that Jack doesn’t basically have to strip in the parking lot because he is covered in mud from head to (big) toe. I don’t have to carry a “filthy clothes” bucket or garbage bags so that’s nice.

I photographed six recipes this week and I have two words for you – BOOB SWEAT. It might be December, but running around and photographing makes me so sweaty.

If you don’t know already, I shoot all my photos in our living room because that is where the best light is. It’s not a long haul from our kitchen, but it involves me going back and forth 10-20 times while cooking a recipe to make sure I get “process shots”.

That janky ass unmowed lawn in the background is NOT ours.

When I’m using something heavy like cast iron, it turns into quite the workout. I’m shocked I haven’t given myself a hernia when shooting canning posts because that ish gets heavy.

Between now and when the kids get out for their holiday break I am ramping up my photography schedule so that I don’t have to try to do it when they’re home. At this rate, I’ll have all my recipes photographed for publishing through the end of January 2020.

Being a small business owner is thrilling but stressful. As someone who works at home, I have a hard time finding balance (which we already know is bullshit) between work when the kids are home too. They know I work and that I LOVE to work. And sometimes they even help me. See Jack’s hand modeling here, here, here, and here.

But during extended school breaks, I find myself pulled to work because I love it, and making sure I spend time with the kids. But not too much time because they never.stop.talking.

This week Troy created the best child-related invention of the year – the burrito band. It’s been helping three-year-olds eat breakfast burritos without tears since 2019.


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What I’m Listening To This Week

Oh my gosh, you guys I am LOVING season 3 of Slow Burn! I’ve written about my love of the Slow Burn podcast before. Season one was about the Nixon impeachment, and season two was about the Clinton impeachment. As a political nerd, I learned so much from those seasons.

Season three is all about…the feud between Tupac and Biggie. And it is SO GOOD! I got Troy listening to it too and I can’t wait for the final two episodes. As just like season one and two, I’m learning a ton that I didn’t know about.

Just a word of caution, it is super explicit and not to be listened to around little ears.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Violet left this five-star review on our Whole30 Tomato Soup recipe {pin this recipe}

This recipe saved the night. Dumped in some refrigerator tortellini, served with a salad…easy dinner on a crazy cold night!

a bowl of tomato soup with creme fraiche

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers and GiftsThese Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers and Gifts will help you find the perfect present for the crunchy person in your life. These amazing sustainable items are a gift for a special person and the earth. {Pin these gift ideas}

12 photos of eco-friendly gift ideas

Whole30 Chicken SaladFilling and so delicious, you’re going to flip over this Whole30 Chicken Salad! Creamy and crunchy, you’ll love it served on a bed of greens or scooped into an avocado. This paleo and keto chicken salad recipe also has a mayo-free option! {Pin this recipe}

A glass bowl of whole30 chicken salad with avocado on a grey plate

17 Handmade Gift Ideas That People Will Actually WantIf you’re looking for unique and creative gifts, you’ll love these 17 Handmade Gift Ideas That People Will Actually Want! Get 17 affordable DIY gifts for women, men, coworkers, friends, or neighbors. {Pin these gift ideas}

5 photos of handmade gifts - fudge, rice bags, marshmallows, lotion bars, and tumeric latte

Healthy MarshmallowsLearn how easy it is to make honey-sweetened Healthy Marshmallows. These paleo marshmallows are perfect for gifts, roasting, baking, or in a cozy cup of cocoa. Marshmallows without corn syrup are the perfect allergy-friendly treat. {Pin this recipe}

homemade healthy marshmallows on a wooden board with powdered sugar

Paleo and Whole30 Instant Pot RecipesYou’re going to love these paleo and Whole30 Instant Pot recipes! Free from dairy, gluten, grains, sugar, and soy, these delicious pressure cooker dishes are all tasty and compliant. {Pin these recipes}

5 photos in a grid - orane chicken, chicken taco salad, broccoli beef, mashed potatoes, and zuppa toscana

Two-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Butter CupsTwo simple ingredients to make amazing Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups! You’ll love this easy homemade candy recipe for gifting or to satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthier option. {Pin this recipe}

3 dark chocolate almond butter cups stacked on top of each other. Top one is cut in half

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

Welp, it is officially the holidays. Know how I know (besides owning a calendar?)? Not a single canning post was in the top 5 this week!

  1. Virgin Mojito  {Pin this recipe}
  2. Trader Joe’s Whole30 Shopping List  {Pin this list – it’s printable!}
  3. Crispy Fried Onions  {Pin this recipe}
  4. Make-Ahead Scrambled Eggs  {Pin this recipe}
  5. Costco Whole30 Shopping List  {Pin this list – it’s printable!}

Meal Plan

Monday:: Chef salads and garlic bread

Tuesday:: Grilled chicken with veggies and garlic bread on the side.

Wednesday:: A new recipe I’m shooting during the day. You’ll see it in January.

Thursday:: Leftovers from a recipe I’m shooting on Wed. Can’t wait to share it with you at the end of the month!

Friday:: A recipe I’m shooting that day and will be sharing with you in January.

Saturday:: TBD, depending on soccer

Sunday:: Family dinner

What We Bought This Week

I started posting our grocery hauls on Instagram stories as I shop throughout the week.

Fred Meyer: $25.74

Costco: $29.74

Trader Joe’s: I have no idea where the receipt ended up! Troy unpacked while I was running around trying to get everything ready for soccer.

What are you having this week?

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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10 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. Dude, 8.42 a mile is awesome! Celebrate that shit!

    I also love Slow Burn. I’m waiting until the season’s done to binge the whole thing. The Biggie/Tupac story was a bit of a detour from its usual so I was a little concerned. Glad you liked it. 

    • I held off on season 3 for a long time because it was such a deviation of season 1 and 2. But the awesome and detailed reporting is still there even if the topic is different! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  2. It’s a vicious cycle, this kid talking thing. They talk and talk and talk so much that in order to hear a movie you have to make popcorn for them to eat just so they zip it. Then they hit puberty and you have to beg them to even speak a word. Ugggg.

  3. It does not seem right that you ran a mile in 8:42 and only burned 106 calories. Just saying….
    I am making lemony lentil soup and Chicken Vindaloo this week and there will be enough to freeze.

    • Girl, I agree! I never look at the calorie burn when I work out because I work out to be alone, clear my head, and be less of a bitch. But yeah, the calorie burn is unfair!

      Tell me more about this lemony lentil soup!

  4. Um…my mile time when I run is, at best, 11:10…so you are an official bad-ass in my book! I tip my hat to you.