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Scattered Sundays

I had someone leave a comment this week calling me a nitwit and mock my “Sustainable” title for using precut veggies.

Before I even looked at the name of the person who left it, I knew it was a dude. Women are way more ruthless but much more clever about name calling. :Yawn:

Old me would have ruminated on that comment for days. It would have wrecked me. Finally, I would have thoughtfully responded and tried to demonstrate my sustainable cred. I would have explained I’m a gardener who keeps chickens for backyard eggs, and they eat our garden and food scraps, and then produce compost to grow the garden.

I would have pointed to my many posts on how to cut down on food waste by meal prepping, and explained I could make three meals from one whole organic free-range chicken and that I would even pressure can the bone broth I made from the leftovers.

That was the old me.

New me has been through some shit and realizes that life is too short to deal with douches. New me realizes I don’t owe anyone an explanation. New me simply marked that ish as spam and deleted it.

New me gives exactly zero fucks about bullies. I like new me. I wish she had better hair though.

So if I don’t care about it, why am I bringing it up? To make sure YOU know that whatever your journey looks like in life, chances are it will Somewhere out there is a person looking to take a dump in your Cheerios.

Do not let them get to you, my friends. Don’t.

Take it from me. Just get your ass up every day and try to make it better than the day before. Don’t let people stand in your way and tell you that your efforts are wrong or not enough. At least you are trying.

From one nitwit to another, you’re awesome. Just on keep getting awesomer. <—-that’s for all the grammar haters.

Seattle’s Snowpocolypse hit on Friday, and it hit hard. Most schools were let out two hours early before it even started snowing. That is how we do things in Seattle. 

By 7 pm on Friday, we had received just a dusting and let me tell you that Jack was a walking ball of bitterness. Jack and I are the snow lovers in this family (Bennett enjoys it, and Troy loathes it) and the idea that the storm of the century passed us by was pretty devastating. 

Jack went to sleep and that is when it started to DUMP snow. By the time I went to bed our very steep hill was covered in snow. I thought for .5 seconds about being the cool mom and waking him up to sled, but that moment passed once I realized someone might run over us.

We all flipped out and got excited in the morning and went sledding the second it was light enough to be safe.

And then my (almost) 10-year-old drama king started crying and felt all the feels when he realized the snow was powder and it was terrible for sledding. Y’all, he drop kicked a sled in anger.

Yep, shorts and a winter coat. That’s how 10 year olds roll.

I explained to him we had to pack the snow down by going over it over and over and over again in our sleds to create channels. I then spent the next 45 minutes slogging through 6 inches of snow to create epic sledding opportunities for my delicate and lazy little snowflakes. 

I almost did a “when I was a kid I had to make my own sledding channels”, but Jack being a smart little wise-ass (that’s my kid) would have retorted “yeah, but your parents were disabled”. 


We sledded so much and Bennett wanted to be carried most of the trips back up the hill that my thighs and arms are currently on fire. We sledded until Bennett lost his damn mind and I realized that lunch and nap time had passed us by.

YEAH, my hill is steep. Tell me about it. I walked that beast about 40 times.

And then the sun came out and I got to watch the snow drinking an iced coffee while editing photos. And it was so pretty that my heart almost burst.

I love snow. LOVE snow. But if the kids are home from school more than one day this week, I will straight up murder someone. Bennett has only had two days of preschool in the last two weeks due to field trips and snow days. I rely on them being gone to take my recipe photos. And keep my sanity in check.

Ever tried to photograph something in the living room while a three-year-old asks you 15,719 questions about it? And tells you every .34 seconds that “actually that is my stool Momma”. I don’t recommend it.

My hat is off to any stay at home moms out there. I’m not sure how you do it. I’ve come to realize that while I love my kids, I must not like them enough to have them around all the time.

Before the storm came, Troy “weatherized” our open-air chicken coop (built by Troy and my father-in-law almost five years ago!). Troy is what one would refer to as “a scavenger” and has never passed a construction site dumpster he didn’t look through.

Do look at the “before” photos here to see how beautiful the coop is!

This weatherized chicken coop is rocking:

  • plastic in the rafters leftover from scraping all the popcorn ceiling off of our upstairs two years ago.
  • a piece of plastic roofing from a dog’s run. We don’t have a dog.
  • a metal drip pan for working on cars.
  • a tarp held on by clamps that I’m sure were leftover from working on movie/television sets when we lived in LA.

If MacGwyver wore Carhartts and had giant calves, I’d probably marry him too.

All of this was to keep the very weak heat lamp going overnight when the temps dipped into the teens. I was worried their coop would be too warm, but their water holder still froze, so I’m no longer stressed about finding cooked chickens in the morning.

So last week I mentioned that I switched to a new email server for sending out posts. I’ve heard over the week that there have been some glitches in the matrix. Sometimes my posts are going to social or promotional tabs in your emails. When it goes to promotional, some email systems have been marking it as spam which results in you automatically getting unsubscribed.

If that happened to you and you haven’t received any other post emails from me this week, please resubscribe or email me and I can do it on your behalf. I appreciate your patience as we figure out the tech side of things!

Hey, so my designer and I fiddled with some settings on my site and you can now access my recipe archives chronologically if you’d like. Because maybe you’re not able to sleep one night and you want to check out some super old posts with hideous photos, have at it.

I’ve also updated the Shop page with odds and ends and things we love!

Comment/Review of the Week

This week’s review comes from Pauline who made our Sesame Sheet Pan Pork Fajitas {Whole30, Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}.

Delicious and so simple to do! I used belly pork cut into strips as that is what I had on hand in the freezer.

Such a pleasure to use Sarah’s recipes, so well written, much tested and beautifully photographed. Love the ‘straight to the recipe feature’ and also that it says Keto, Paleo or whatever in the title. AND lots Instant Pot adapted! Perfect!

So glad you enjoyed them, Pauline! And the garlic sauce from that recipe may be my new favorite thing.

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Meal Plan

Looking for someone to do the meal planning for you? I’m partnering with Real Plans to bring you personalized meal plans that fit all dietary needs. Try it yourself for free for 30 days!

I’ll be honest in that I don’t have an actual meal plan for the week. I’ve been thinking about doing a “fridge/freezer/pantry” clean out challenge lately because we are bursting at the seams. And since I have no idea when I’ll get the store next, now is as good as time as any!

I can promise you there will be soup. I have enough chicken carcasses leftover from making Paleo Roasted Chicken to make about 90 quarts of chicken bone broth. That collective groan you just heard is the three males in the house yelling “soup isn’t a meal”. Lies I tell you, lies!

What We Bought This Week

Smith Brother’s Farms: $14.48

Costco: $79.84. I never buy blueberries or raspberries ever, especially not out of season. But, I needed them for garnishes for a recipe (you’ll see it this week) and I knew they going to be gross and tasteless. And yep, they were. 

We grow our own (check out this post on building raspberry supports for little four-year-old Jack photos) and storebought berries suck.

Butcher Box: $129. They’re currently running a promo for 2 free filet mignons, free bacon, and $10 off your first order.




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12 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. That is an excellent attitude to have 🙂

  2. Wow.  Your schools before any snow hit?  And you only got 6 inches?????
    We have had a big snowstorm that plopped almost a foot of snow on us in an afternoon (it took my daughter FIVE HOURS to public-transit-it home from school -normally about an hour long trip) and the Toronto District School Board kept the public schools opened.  Walking to pick up the kids I babysit was fun THAT day. (NOT)   The day after, however, was more mild and it took us almost an hour to walk home.  But that was because I let them climb ALL the snowbanks on the (normally 10-15 minute) walk home.  We also had a day-long freezing rain day last week and the public schools here STILL didn’t close.  University did though, so my daughter didn’t have to try to get THERE.  
    I am tired of the snow.  If I could send it to you, I would!!! 

    As for kids always around, I think it just depends on what you are used to.  I was a stay at home mom (who STILL stays at home, even though the kids are adults now, and one is married and out of my house) and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  You don’t understand how we do it, and I don’t understand how you don’t want to do it!  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.  

    Lastly, because I am so nosy, what is in your Costco cart?  Beside the kiwis with the green label?

    • Oh my gosh, your poor daughter!

      Yep, things shut down here when there is snow, simply because it doesn’t happen often. We get a “snow event” (seriously what they call them) every 5-8 years. Other years it is maybe 1-2 inches a few times during the winter. As such, the road departments simply aren’t equipped to handle it. I know of one county that has 550 miles of road and eight plows!

      Plus, everything is hilly. I can’t get out of my neighborhood without going up a huge steep hill or going down two steep hills…to then go up another one. The snow started on Friday night and my street has not been plowed, sanded, or deiced.

      When we lived in Los Angeles, I would laugh at the people who didn’t know how to drive when it rained. People who are used to snow laugh at us when we get any significant snow fall. And if a hurricane hit Toronto every 8 years, people in Florida would laugh at you all. It’s simply what you know and what you’re used to. And it’s hilarious to everyone else. LOL.

      Costco cart: bagels, kiwi, apples, berries for a blog post (that tasted gross), coffee, carrots, cinnamon, pecans, and pita chips.

      • Oh!  I forgot about your hills!  That would be treacherous!  I nearly wiped out in my own (slightly sloped) driveway after the freezing rain.  Yeah, I’d be keeping the kids and myself home on hills, for SURE!
        We are supposed to get more snow and freezing rain tomorrow.  15-20 cm of accumulation is what they are calling for (-roughly 6-8 inches) Yay us……  I’ll bet the public schools stay opened!  And it doesn’t matter if my daughter’s school closes because she has ‘placement’ (a co-op placement where she goes to work in her potential field for marks instead of pay) and THAT will absolutely not close.  It is *kind of* a shelter.  So, exactly the kind of place people go to when they have nowhere to go.  Poor kid.  I may never see her again!
        I know that tornadoes touch down around here once in a long while, but you are absolutely right.  I would have no idea what to do to prepare for it (well, I DO know a little about preparedness in general) or how to handle things during and after.  HOWEVER, that won’t stop me from giggling at you and your snow worship!
        It was the coffee I couldn’t identify. Thanks!! Our Costco doesn’t carry any in clear packaging, so I didn’t recognize it.  I didn’t really even notice the cinnamon.  

      • Yep, the hills are no joke. Our neighbor grew up in Buffalo NY and has an off-road Jeep Wrangler. It took him 2 hours to go 10 miles the other day. We are in a “tier 2” neighborhood which means our expectation is to get plowed 72 hours after the final snowfall. It stopped snowing at 7 pm on the 11th, so hopefully today they’ll clear our road.

        It sounds like your daughter’s role is even more important when the weather is bad. She must have a really big heart!

        I *think* that is the only coffee our Costco has in a clear package. It’s a rainforest-safe, shade grown organic coffee. I think it is only $3.50 more than the other brands.

    • They actually closed the schools that day!  I am still surprised.  And my daughter DID have to go in, but they sent as many people home after lunch (she is in the ‘cafe’ making and serving meals) as they could.  Being a student has it’s benefits because they sent their students home.

      We drive a built-up Jeep Wrangler too.  But, just because our vehicle is extremely capable in the snow doesn’t help a lot when everyone else is slipping and sliding and in the way.    We have always driven Jeeps and I remember one winter, before we were married (so, over 26 years ago!!) that hubby was out “playing” in the snow and he helped something like three different people who were stuck, by pulling them out with his Jeep.    I hope your road is cleared now, and it is safe to drive and walk.

      We get our coffee beans from Costco too.  They are in a foil package and are cheaper than anywhere else.  They are Kirkland, but claim to be made by Starbucks.  I find it interesting that the same chain sells such different stuff in different locations!

      • Oh, wow, it must have been one snowy AF day!

        That Jeep must have seen a lot of helping action over the years. Roads got plowed finally here on Thursday.

        We are between two Costcos (35 minutes in each direction) and even they have different products. I went to one in Denver and was amazed at the different items they had. It’s so cool to see, but makes me bummed when we don’t have all the good stuff.

  3. My freezer clean out happens during the summer. I don’t want to lose everything when the power goes out during a tropical storm or hurricane.

    You’re right, screw that guy. He obviously isn’t a long time follower of yours.

    I agree that I bow down to stay-at-home moms. I love my kids, but some days like is a pretty strong word for how I’m feeling towards them.

    My hubby is working out of town for the next two weeks straight and we were in the 40s yesterday with tomorrow being in the 70s so I have no clues about dinner. I told my son the best part about us going to Argentina is he gets to eat real food instead of mostly keto.

    • That makes sense. At least if my power goes out I can put stuff outside in the snow!

      Does he get back right before your trip? You all must be so ready for a break.

  4. We homeschool and I am home with the kids pretty much 24/7 except for my own doctor’s appointments and the times when my husband is teleworking and I can go to the grocery store alone. After 18 years, I’m used to it and I guess the kids are too–that is to say they know just how far they can push me before I’ll snap.

    We have a sledding hill near us and we also have to create channels for sledding–I grew up in a very, very flat part of the USA and we never went sledding so I pretty much lose my dang mind when we can go sledding!