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Scattered Sundays

Ashes to ashes, clucks to clucks. Well, we brought in two new chickens last week, and sadly lost one of our older girls this week. But honestly, five of them all look alike so we don’t really know which OG chicken it actually was. Solid chicken parenting happening over here. At least my kids can talk and identify themselves.

I found her around the side of the house in their run after everything had been fine all morning and then BAM. Thankfully it happened on a day that Troy was home because I am not a fan of dealing with dead chickens. 

Troy took rubber gloves and a plastic bag (you can’t bury dead chickens unless you live in the country) and was around the side of the house for a long time. He was behind the shed for a long time, so I yelled “what are you doing, giving her an autopsy” and he yelled back “yeah”. 

Like the EMT that he is, Troy looked her over for wounds trying to isolate the cause of death. There was nothing we (HE) could see, no feathers anywhere, and none of the other chickens looked suspicious, though hand to God, I did hear Troy ask them “what happened here? Did one of you do this? What happened?”. 

He looked down her throat (gross), and palpated her stomach (yuck) and everything felt fine. So, we’re chalking it up to her just being an old AF chicken. Initially, we thought it might have been our bully bird, Poo Poo Sandwiches, and I did remark that Satan had just gained a chicken. 

I got an email this week letting me know that now is the time for us to start picking middle school classes for next year. I’m not sure who they meant to send it to, but there is no way I have a kid old enough for middle school! Also, it seems so weird to plan for the next school year now when no one knows what the world is coming to (or if they’ll even be in school).

Last night I posted a video to my Facebook group showing a 13-minute video of me cutting Troy’s hair. 

I’ve been cutting his hair for over 17 years now, as well as Jack and Bennett’s. I’m not a professional, but hopefully…it helps someone prevent the “quarantine” buzz cut. You can watch the video here on Facebook.

The clipper set we have is no longer available, but you can find a similar set here on Amazon. Our last pair of clippers lasted a solid 20 years until someone (it was meeeeeee) kept dropping them during haircuts.

If you intend to continue on with home haircuts, a $60-90 set will serve you well. We once figured that if Troy was paying $25 per haircut every eight weeks, that’s $175(ish) a year. Over 17 years we have saved almost $3,000 on haircuts.

Troy and I started (re)watching 30 Rock. We loved this show when it first came out, and adore Tina Fey. But I gotta say…the first season has NOT aged well. Jokes that seemed hilarious 13 years ago are now seen in poor taste. We’re still on season one, and I’m hoping it seems less icky soon. 

We did finish most of Schitt’s Creek a few weeks ago, and like you all said, it does get a lot better. But I think we have to wait for the final season to come to Netflix. The last episode we watched was the Cabaret performance.

We did watch a decent Netflix movie recently called Unlocked. Soon we’ll be on the hunt for a new show. It seems like we’re avoiding anything too heavy right now, so that means Ozark is in a holding pattern. Any suggestions? 

The couch to 5k is going well(ish), and things have reached the stage when it seems REALLY hard. I’m posting updates on Instagram stories, and have been referring to the avatar chick on the app I use as “stupid robot Constance with her stupid robot face”.

Sadly, when the robot wars eventually happen, I’ll be a solid peon for their army. When her stupid robot voice says “jog”, I do. No question. I mean, I yell swear words at her, but I jog. I feel like life with robot overlords won’t be too bad. Cozy and secure probably.

I wonder what trade I will be given in the robot factory. It’s fun to learn new skills! Maybe I’ll be on a propaganda poster like Rosie the Riveter but it is just me against a cement wall looking terrified with “We Can Do It If the Benevolent Machines Allow It”. Would that make me a robot influencer? Could be fun!

Week five has been the week I’ve been dreading since I started this stupid thing. I’m NOT a runner, so the idea of doing 8 minutes of running, then a 5-minute walk, and another 8 minutes of running was giving me the anticipatory boob sweats. 

I keep my phone in my pocket when I’m running, and during the first 8-minute leg I thought “dear God, please let 5 minutes have passed already”, and I was pleased that when I pulled out my phone I had already been running for 7 minutes. I guess that is progress? But the second 8-minute leg had me cursing at dumb dumb Constance and her big stupid face.

Later this afternoon I’ll be doing a super scary workout starting with a 5-minute walk and then 20 minutes of running. Straight. Without a break. Here is the thing…I’m super stubborn. I’m going to do it. I’m not going to enjoy it, but I’m going to do it.

I doubt I’ll be able to keep my 9 (ish) minute pace for the whole stupid thing, but check on my Instagram stories later this afternoon and hold me accountable. If I haven’t posted results by 4 pm, assume my body couldn’t take it and I’m probably being eaten by a pack of chihuahuas on the side of the road.

Mask making is still happening in this house, but it has slowed considerably and I’m looking forward to being done with it. The latest batch when to Bennett’s preschool for the instructors, Troy’s cousins, and my elementary school principal. I also made one for my mother-in-law, and she (foolishly) gave the boys carte blanche to pick out fabric for hers…

Troy’s comment: well…I guess people will definitely make sure to stay 6 feet back

Thank you all so much for taking the time to bookmark my Amazon shop last week! I noticed a big increase in clicks and purchases (remember, you don’t have to order what I recommend in order for credit to be given to me) and I really do appreciate it. It’s a totally free way that you can support this blog so it keeps running. Though not as fast as Constance wants.


A few weeks ago, Thrive Market, one of our favorite online resources for food, staples, and home items, paused new members due to demand. They’ve opened it back up, so if you’ve ever been interested, now is a great time to try out their membership with a free 30-day trial.

Thrive offers the highest quality, healthy and sustainable products available for every budget, lifestyle, and geography. You can shop for thousands of the best-selling organic foods and natural products at 25-50% below traditional retail prices, all shipped right to your door. And by signing up via my link, you’ll also get an extra 25% off of your first order and free shipping. They also offer cashback via Rakuten (formerly ebates).

This incredibly exhausted guy loves that we stock our pantry with Thrive items. And Nutella.

In the Garden This Week

We didn’t do a whole lot this week. Everything is just in a holding pattern right now while we wait for stuff to do its thing and grow/mature. One of our garden beds is falling apart (they’re like seven years old now I think) and needs to be replaced soon (we’re going to build one of these galvanized steel beds from Wholefully. And by we, I mean Dr. Doolittle, AKA Troy.)

There currently are some carrots and beets that we planted in fall in that bed, so as soon as we harvest them, we’ll be replacing the bed and planting green beans with our DIY garden trellis and a zucchini plant in the middle between the trellis. When you have a small garden, you have to maximize your space!

Rinsing carrots from the garden that HE picked and then didn’t eat.

Our raspberry bed has been turning into a hot mess with canes (the sticks that raspberries grow on) over the last few years. It looks fine at the start of the season, but by August, the foliage is towering over the walkway and the poor milkman has to dodge thorns to get to the front porch.

Part of the issue has been these cement edge pavers that I installed seven(ish) years ago. Raspberries grow everywhere (EVERYWHERE) and multiply like crazy. They’re the bunnies of fruit plants. We’ve had multiple canes growing between the walkway and the edge pavers and it’s just a hot freaking mess.

Bennett and I removed the pavers, dug out all the errant raspberry canes, smoothed out the soil, and put the pavers back in. One of the canes had grown through our chainlink fence and grew so big it bent one of the wires off the fence. Bananas. Wait, no. Raspberries.

What I’m Listening To This Week

If you’ve ever seen the show Scrubs, you might really enjoy the new podcast “Fake Doctors, Real Friends“. The actors who played JD and Turk are going episode by episode to discuss behind the scenes information, and it’s actually pretty fun.

Apparently, there is a famous dance that Turk did that is also now also a Fortnite dance(?)…well it turns out that the actor never prepared for it and just made it up on the spot.

I was never a huge fan of the show, but my mom loved it, so I would often watch it with her. Listening to the podcast brings those moments back in a fun way. Head’s up: the podcast does have an explicit rating so it may not be suitable for all audiences.

Reader Spotlight of the Week

Sonia left this five-star review on our Baked Butternut Squash Fries {Pin this recipe}:

Made these with the zig-zags from Trader Joe’s and subbed the arrowroot powder (didn’t have any) for cornstarch and OH MY GOD. Ate my entire plate in about 2.5 seconds. So so good!

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3 jars of buttermilk on a wooden board

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Meal Plan

Monday:: Takeout to support a local small business

Tuesday:: organic hot dogs, fries, and salad

Wednesday:: Nachos and carrots. Because by Wednesday, I don’t GAF.

Thursday:: Takeout to support a local small business

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: The boys want street tacos and I have a huge pork butt in the freezer from our last Butcher Box order. I’ll make rice in the Instant Pot, and pull some black beans out of the freezer.

Sunday:: Bruschetta chicken over some angel hair pasta I found in the pantry (we don’t eat angel hair. Whyyyyyy is it in my pantry??) with salad on the side.

What We Bought This Week

Smith Brother’s Farms (our milkman): $35.24

Fred Meyer: $187.29 (no photos) from our first “big shop” at a regular grocery store in a month. Maybe a month? Time no longer has meaning. This was our first time doing curbside delivery and it went well. There was a lot that we ordered that wasn’t in stock, but I anticipated that and it was very much a first-world problem.

Costco: $192.84. My sis once again hit up Costco and kindly took our list. It’s been 3(ish) weeks since we went, and this will be her last time shopping for us. She ended up with two carts looking like a hoarder, so I don’t blame her for sticking to her family’s list.

There’s a bunch of stuff in the box too

Local farm: $11 (just salad greens. No photo)

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12 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. The new season of Last Kingdom just got released. It’s good sweaty historical fiction. We decided to start from season one again because why not we have all the time now! 😉
    I tried Schitt’s Creek – soooo many people I know recommended it – and I couldn’t get through the second episode. I blame my low tolerance for TV watching. Husband wants us to watch Homeland but like reading Shock Doctrine last week, I think now may not be the right time. Thank you for the podcast referral by the way! I loved Scrubs (stopped watching around season five though I think?) and will have to listen to that podcast.

  2. I started watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon yesterday while I was prepping garlic for the freezer (thanks for the info btw!). It is quite funny. Just be sure no kids are awake because um…language!

  3. Yeah. We are picking out classes for Emma’s freshman year of high school. WTF happened to the last 14 years of our lives!!!

    I’ve been cutting Jared’s hair about as long as you’ve been cutting Troy’s. We go every 2-3 weeks. I want a damn raise! I started to watch your video then got called away from it, but I need to finish watching it because I’m oddly fascinated to see how we cut hair differently.

    We’ve been using You Need a Budget(YNAB) for about a year and a half now. Our grocery budget is always so freaking ridiculous, so I’ve decided that starting last week, I am trying really hard to keep us on track. When the hubs mentioned he wanted to run to the grocery store today (for Mt. Dew and cookies… plus other things of course), I told him we have $34 dollars to get us to the next paycheck. We’ll see if he sticks to it.

    Other than groceries, I am happy to say that YNAB has been a game changer and a life saver for us.

    Love the fabric the boys picked out for your MIL!

  4. I also cannot handle heavy shows right now. Husband and I are watching Barry (since HBO provided some of their content free!) and Virgin River (kinda dramatic, we don’t have to pay close attention and can snarkily guess at the storyline). During our daily quiet time (introvert moms NEED this) I started rewatching Community, which is still as funny as I remember and has been a great comfort watch.

    A neighbor dropped some rosemary, oregano and mint from her garden over our fence so you know the first place I checked to see how to freeze those suckers was here! I’m adding the mojito ingredients to my husband’s grocery list this week. I think the kids will all like them. They were so intrigued by the mint leaves in particular for some reason.

    • Love Barry but we’re so sad the newest season has been delayed. It’s heavy but in a good weird way!

      You can regrow those herbs too. Especially the mint will be happy to be planted in a pot (it takes over everything!!!) and ignored except for some water from time to time.

  5. Ha, ha, ha Dr. Doolittle. Love it!

  6. I recommend The Last Kingdom for a Netflix watch. I started binging it when we just started on this quarantine/stay home/my kids are now feral stage of life. Reasons to watch it: British sense of humor, very attractive Viking sort of people, good acting. Why is good acting last? Idfk. But it’s a great show and the rest of today will be spent watching the most recent season by yours truly!