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Scattered Sundays

Have you ever had something on your to-do list for a really long time and it just keeps getting pushed to the back burner? And maybe that keeps happening because you’re scared to know what is actually going to happen if you finish the task? Or maybe what will happen if you even start?

For me, that to do list task has been to finally make an appointment with a dermatologist. Ugh, being 37 with acne is the stupidest. 

I’ve struggled with it since college when I ended up taking Accutane for five months. And then, of course, it came back. I tamed it in my 20’s using the oil cleansing method which has actually been the best thing I’ve found to manage it naturally. I’ve been meaning to call the dermatologist for months but other things just kept getting in the way.

Two weeks ago I sent a photo to a friend of my outfit to show her we were wearing the exact same thing that day. After I hit send on the photo, I saw my face. REALLY saw my face. And I cried. And then I called four different doctors until I found one I could see as soon as possible. 

I go on Tuesday. I’m hoping for something that works because this is just freaking ridiculous. I’ve witnessed real problems and acne is not a “real” problem. But over time it chips away at your self-confidence and worth and it sucks!

It “snowed” two days in a row. We will rebuild.

The plan was to head down to Portland this weekend to meet our newest little cousin. Naturally, Bennett woke up at 2 am on Saturday morning with an epic snotty nose. Jack was devastated (he looooooooves babies) so we told him baby Brixon was the one who was sick. The secret stays between us, m’kay.

To soften the blow of not going to go, Jack decided we should go to laser tag. He got a TON of gift cards for Christmas and hasn’t had a chance to spend any yet. 

We played four games total, and I’m not going to brag too much (yes I am) but I won the final game! Out of 40 people total! One of the teens we were playing with awkwardly bowed to me and said: “Sarah, we honor you”. I shit you not. I’m not sure Jack knew what a total badass his mom was.

But he does now.

Many of you have been sending me messages on Instagram asking if I can share what we’re eating during our “no sugar/half of the plate needs to be veggies” March challenge. Gladly!

Getting extra veggies in can be pretty annoying and there are some mornings when I feel stretched to hit my goal. I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m not a salad kinda girl, so needing to get creative has led to some interesting meals.

Breakfast: I’ve been adding a heaping serving of Encurtido to my Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs and those are my favorite mornings. Arugula is the green that I actually like and when my store has it in stock, I’ll put two big fistfuls on my eggs and then smother it in green Tabasco.

For coffee, I have been using my Chocolate Coconut Coffee Creamer. Normally I would add maple syrup to the batch, but I’ve been skipping that. And I have to say, coffee is gross.

Our coffee creamer recipe is so simple to make you can whip it up in your jammies with bonkers bed head.

Lunch: Usually leftovers from the night before or some form of homemade soup that is always in the fridge. If I can stomach it, I’ll have a salad. But it is usually raw veggies.

I did a photo shoot this week for an upcoming recipe and it involved a TON of crunchy cut up veggies, so that’s been nice to have on hand. The downside to that is I have cold-sensitive teeth so I have to remember to put my veggies out at room temperature an hour before I want to eat. #snowflake

I’ve been making a butt ton of Pressure Cooker Beets to have on hand as well. Troy doesn’t like beets so they’re allllll mine.

Dinner: you see our dinner plans. Sneaking in lots of salads (snooooooooze), roasted frozen vegetables, and at least once a week Troy and I will happily snack on a whole plate of Blistered Shishito Peppers.

And then I close the kitchen for myself for the night. I’m a world class snacker and when I’m struggling the most with sugar I will find myself grabbing a handful of chocolate chips any time I pass the pantry. So, it is better for me to just stop the snacking altogether once dinner is over.

We eat super early because of the kiddos but I’m often still up until 11 pm or midnight working, so that is a huge swath of time when I could be rifling the cupboards and pantry. If I’m actually hungry at night I’ll grab something that is protein based like a slice of cheese or hard-boiled eggs.

I refuse to walk around feeling hungry or deprived. That’s dumb. But these eating resets I do a few times a year help me remember to actually listen to my body and see if I am really hungry or bored. And it turns out, it’s easier for me to listen to my body when I don’t have a spoonful of Nutella in my hand.

“Helping” to make communion bread for church.

This week I got exciting and crunchy mail in the form of some Darn Tough Socks that I bought myself. I know it seems strange to pay so much for one pair of socks, but these socks are guaranteed for life. You read that correctly – LIFE. My oldest pair of their socks are two years old and look brand new.

I used to buy the six-pack of wool socks from Costco and they were awesome! Two years ago I noticed I was going through a six pack of them in six months. They were clearly different and wearing out so quickly. I noticed the manufacturing had changed from the United States to overseas. Not sure if that is why the quality changed, but it sure did. And I was over spending money on what essentially had become disposable socks.

Whenever possible and when the budget allows, I aim for something long-term even if it is more of an investment item. It’s better for the environment and better for my wallet in the long-term.

It was one of you lovely readers who turned me onto Darn Tough. Y’all are so smart. I put them on my birthday and Christmas list and am slooooowly building an adorable and comfortable sock arsenal. You can see the ones I bought here, here, and here. Lesson learned for next time, don’t be cheap and try to save $2 by buying the medium size. My big ass feet need the large.


OOOOOOOMG, you all have to listen to The Dropout! It was recommended two weeks ago by long-time reader YJ and it’s so good!

It’s the story of Elizabeth Holmes and essentially the total BS company she built called Theranos. I’ve heard about this story and wanted to read the book about it, Bad Blood, but I’m like one millionth in line for it at the library.

This podcast scratched all my itches. Fascinating, creepy AF, and just really well done.

Comment/Review of the Week

Jenn left a five-star review for Whole30 Tomato Soup:

So good. This comes from a girl who grew up understanding how gross Campbell’s tomato soup (sorry fans) was and refused to eat it until the ripe age of 39. Now I am kinda obsessed. This was my first crack and making it myself and I will for sure be making it again. Soon.

Two bowls of Whole30 tomato soup with parsley

^Want to know an insider fact about that photo? I needed something to break up the sheer redness of that bowl but didn’t have any creme fraiche or anything. That white squiggle you see there is vanilla yogurt. BAAAAAARF! 

Also, you can see my reflection in that spoon. STUPID me forgut to use a dull spoon! But I’m waving to you because I love you.

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

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If you check out this post make sure you scroll down to the shot of the three tacos in a row. I searched our small town for a taco holder (TWSS) and there was nothing I could buy and none of our friends or family had one either. Troy built me one for the photos out of chicken wire and sheet metal.

whole30 pressure cooker chicken tacos on a salad in a bowl with a fork

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a plate of baked butternut squash fries with a dipping sauce

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Meal Plan

Looking for someone to do the meal planning for you? I’m partnering with Real Plans to bring you personalized meal plans that fit all dietary needs. Try it yourself for free for 30 days.!

Monday:: Clean out the freezer.

Tuesday:: Shredded pork (sandwiches for the boys, and salads for Troy and I. Whaaaaaaaa. Insert fart noise here.), coleslaw, and Spicy Sweet Potato Fries.

Wednesday:: Zuppa Toscana and salad. Yes, I was supposed to make this last week, but I ended up making Chicken Gnocchi Soup instead. I had to bring a bunch to church for an Ash Wednesday supper and realized making two kinds of soup was beetle-headed. And yes, I took new photos of the Chicken Gnocchi Soup. Because I can’t be helped.

Thursday:: Italian sausage, salad, and mashed potatoes.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: I have a green curry sauce from Trader Joe’s that I want to try. Normally I am not a curry fan but I wanted to try something new. Let me know if you have a favorite way to use a simmer sauce!

Sunday:: Family dinner

What We Bought This Week

Butcher Box: $129

If you have thought about signing up for Butcher Box but are on the fence, March is the month to do it! For this month only, they’ve brought back their most popular offer ever – free ground beef for life. Yep.

Anyone who signs up this month will have two pounds of free-range organic ground beef added to their monthly order forever. How long? Forrrreeeeeever. <—-name that movie!

And, if you’re an ebates customerButcher Box qualifies you for a $2.50 rebate.

What are you having this week?



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17 comments on “Scattered Sundays”

  1. I bow to you too, oh, Master of the Laser!My mother got tired of watching my brother-in-law try to “win” hats for all the kids at a shooting gallery in Las Vegas. She finally stopped watching, elbowed him aside and, boom, boom, boom, won hats for all the kids. I couldn’t believe it, and asked where she learned to shoot like that (she had to be 65 at the time). ” Well,” she said, “I had to brothers!” “I have one brother,” I said, “and I don’t shoot half that well!.” We still laugh about it. I say keep being a bad ass! My younger daughter takes photos of some of the stuff she does, so that when she’s old she can prove she did some of the things she will claim to have done. She’s gotta catch up with Grandma, though (one of the things she did was to sky dive at 67), and she never stopped “going for it.”

  2. My mother, God bless her pointed head, just wasn’t much of a cook. She called one day to ask if she could substitute vanilla yogurt for sour cream in a (savory) recipe she was making. ” No,” I said, “generally, you can’t.”” Why not?””Ask yourself: would I put vanilla pudding in this recipe?””Ew! Gross! Of course not!” ” Then you can’t put vanilla yogurt in there, either.” Unless, apparently, you are just going to take a picture of it, then scoop it out. You’re too hard on yourself about those photos, silly. I didn’t see you waving. I hope you didn’t think I was rude, since I didn’t wave back!

  3. I ADORE arugula!
    My go-to when I need a real meal but too tired to cook: 
    • Cooked rice (or grain) of your choice
    • two big handfuls of arugula, torn or chopped
    • tuna or salmon, canned, jarred, cooked, or sashimi
    • Asian-style salad dressing. I like Annie’s Shitaki-Sesame. You can also do with soy sauce and rice vinegar. You can mix in wasabi if you roll that way.
    • sesame seeds or Furikake (Japanese rice sprinkles) topping
    Adjust proportions to taste. I like a lot of fish and greenery. Some may prefer a lot of rice.
    It’s not unlike a big bowl of sushi. ????

    Mix together, eat as much as you like while watching Netflix.

    • This sounds awesome and much better than the soup I’ve had every day for 4 days while getting over a sinus infection. Thanks!

    • That sounds delicious!!!

      Arugula truly is the best. I’ve converted so many people over to it just by serving it at parties. I use it in my aunt’s famous salad – greens (though she used a spring mix), pears, candied pecans, gorgonzola, and homemade dressing (olive oil + pear vinegar + dijon) and it traps people every time and brings them over the arugula side!

      And I always roll that way when it comes to wasabi.

  4. It’s funny?, I am so on top of medical appointments for the rest of the family, but I go years between doctor’s appointments unless I have some kind of major issue. This is especially galling as I really believe in preventative health measures. Do as I say…not as I do.
    I have been on a healthier eating path as I turn 50 this year and want to be healthy when I get there, not starting from scratch! Luckily I really like salads so that has been my go to. One thing I eat to satisfy my sweet tooth sounds really gross, but I like it! Mash a banana and mix in a very well beaten egg. Place the mixture in a microwavable cup (not sure if you use microwaves…) that’s been sprayed with oil/nom stick and microwave on high for 2 minutes. ..”Banana Souffle”. Add a tbsp of cocoa to the mix and its kind of like a cake.
    My cousin gave me a pair of Darn tough socks about 7 years ago and they are still going strong. love those socks!
    Have a great week!

    • Yes! We’re always the last one to get the preventative care in the family.

      Congrats on your new journey down the healthy path!! Your dessert sounds a bit like a mug cake. I bet adding some almond extract to that would make it next level!

      Seven years? I bow to you and your amazing sock ninja-skills.

  5. I love how inventive you and Troy are. And your photos are kicking ass! All your hard work shows (well, the photos look effortless, but I know how hard you’ve worked to get there).

    Yay for self-care! That’s my mantra for the year and my word for the year is ME. It shouldn’t take us this long to get there, but better late than never.

    I actually love salad. I hate making it though. I’ve been having a BAS (big ass salad) most days for lunch. I usually use ACV and olive oil for dressing and have deli meat, sardines, or leftover meat for protein. I started with bagged salad (LAZY!) and add whatever veggies we have on hand. Oh, and sunflower seeds.

    I add spinach to my eggs every morning. And at some point in the day I also have some high quality sauerkraut.

    And yet I still feel like I’m not eating enough veggies.

    • It’s more Troy than me, but maybe I inspire him just a little bit?

      Will Emma eat sardines too? I love a good bagged salad; no shame in your game! Have you ever tried the Mediterranean Crunch Salad from Costco? So good.

  6. TJmaxx has Pretty Darn Tough socks from sometimes. They’re usually marked as factory seconds so they don’t have the life time guarantee but they’re cheaper and mine have all held up for several years.

    • I have never once looked for any kind of socks at TJ Maxx but you can bet your butt I will now! I’m there at least twice a month because they have amazing food photography props. Thanks for the amazing tip!!

  7. I’m glad you’re doing some self care for your skin. You don’t realize how much better you feel after you stop accepting it as YOUR normal. You’re oil cleansing method and diet changes helped me get rid of my cystic acne and has helped me maintain a clearer complexion with only hormonal breakouts.

    We’re just getting back from Argentina so it’ll be back on plan for us. No more dulce de leche :'( *sniff*. I do pickled dark greens (kale or collards usually) to add to my eggs.

    Funny sock story. While in Argentina, I realized I paired one of my son’s socks with one of mine. No biggie, just put them back in the suitcase. Leaving out, no more clean socks. Get it on and it’s not so bad. Go through the full body scanner at the airport and they want to pat down my lower legs due to a density discrepancy (high sock, low sock) . I confessed my predicament to the TSA agent and she had a good laugh. I could also tell I put a hole in his sock from the cold spot on the bottom of my foot.

    • What do you think changed in your diet that helped? Many people say dairy but I know keto is pretty dairy-heavy.

      How was your trip? Did you end up taking the cooking class you hoped to?

      Re: pickled greens – do you pickle them yourself?

      You know that TSA agent is a mom because it sounds like she gets it.

  8. I hope that Tuesday goes well, misbehaving skin isn’t the end of the world but it does chip away at you. My skin is currently doing perimenopause acne and I’m so fed up with it, having it for years would legitimately drive me bananas…