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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

We started watching Killing Eve this week. Has anyone seen it? It’s good, crazy, and insane AF. It was recommended on one of the podcasts I love and it was pretty much all the things they said it would be. I need to talk about it, so please leave a comment if you’ve watched it!

I was able to chaperone Jack’s school field trip this week. I honestly didn’t want to. That kind of stuff just isn’t my jam. But they were in a bind with a parent dropping out and I was able to make the daycare situation work.

Everything was really organized and the kids overall did super great. I will say I was struck by something I saw on the bus we were on. It was a school bus and the kids who normally rode that bus had assigned seats. And the seating was tiered based on what grade you were in. I can tell you that at Jack’s school they also eat lunch at assigned tables in the cafeteria.

I get all of these things are likely put in place to combat bullying. Now, I’m not child development expert. Shocking, I know. Me, the mom of a kid who got on red his third day of kindergarten. A kid who likely would be on parole right now if we hadn’t been blessed with the best first-grade teacher in the world.

But here’s the thing. It seems like bullying is getting worse across the board. It is terrifying to send kids to school these days in the US. And I can’t help but think that maybe all the things we think are helping…are actually making things so much worse. Could we be bubble-wrapping our kids so much that they have zero coping skills and no tools to handle their own shit?

I read an article years ago in The Atlantic called The Overprotected Kid (go have a pee first. It’s a loooooong read) and it was all about an abandoned area in England filled with junk where kids play unsupervised and do dangerous and dirty things. You know, the stuff we all did as kids.

Anyhoo, linked in the article are studies showing a correlation between safety on playgrounds and in school and an increase in injuries. Basically, kids don’t know how to test their own limits anymore and therefore they do stupid shit and get themselves into real trouble. There are also studies discussed how all the hovering that we do over our kids is leading to an increase in bullying.

So, I read an article a few years ago. I guess I am a child development expert!

It was so interesting seeing the differences between the four boys and two girls in my group. The boys spent most of the day flossing and dancing, and farting and the girls were sweet and polite. At the end of the day, the boys asked me for their lunch bags back and then made fart noises. The girls said “thank you, Mrs. Cook, for supervising us today”. Ha!

Play kitchen built by my grandpa and modernized by Troy and me.

We got a load of wood chips this week from church. They were offering free chips and we have a garden that needed free chips. It was a win win.

I’ve been mulching with straw for years. Troy hated it, but whatever, it worked. The wood chips though? They’re gorgeous! They make the garden look so great. I sigh a happy sigh anytime I look out of the kitchen window. It looks like a fancy garden and nothing like anything that belongs to me.

We’re getting a truckload this week for the blueberry beds and the chicken coop yard and calling it a day. Life’s good in my garden hood.

Do you think kids understand the actual term “roll down the window” in the car anymore? I mean, I can’t tell you the last time I was in a car with an actual crank window. Troy’s old truck had them but that was five years ago. Kids today.

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Meal Plan

Monday:: Cabbage Roll in a Bowl, garlic bread on the side

Tuesday:: Pork tenderloin (trying this recipe), cauliflower mash, and roasted asparagus. Pork tenderloin was in our Butcher Box order this month and I have all the ingredients already for that recipe. Win/win.

Wednesday:: Dinner with my sis and nephew

Thursday:: Bahn Mi bowls (basically this, but over cauli rice and grilled veggies)

Friday:: Popcorn dinner, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Dinner with our friends/neighbors. She is the one who taught me to make Encurtido!

Sunday:: Family dinner/Father’s Day

What We Bought This Week

Costco: $54.02

Smith Brothers Farms: $15.47

I stupidly forgot to update our order before the cut off so we got our default order of milk and two dozen eggs. I wanted bacon and their asparagus ravioli. Instead, I got more eggs (which we don’t need but hey, there are always deviled eggs) and milk. Which I used to make ice cream. 🙂

Fred Meyer:$52.03

Have you tried that Giovanni Rana ravioli before? I had to buy some to supplement the asparagus ravioli I was supposed to order through our milkman. I thought it was good but the packaging was huge compared with the amount of ravioli.

Trader Joes: $20.42

What are you having this week?

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27 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. I am 5 episodes in on Killing Eve. Oh so good. Weird and bad AF. Thanks for the recommendation

    • And omg how beautiful is the crazy psychopath lady? I want to put her skin on my face. <----I just made it weird (coughspeakingofpsychopathscough)

  2. I watched Killing Eve! (Just saw no one else said anything, so I’ll admit to it…not sure I have profound things to say, but WOW! It was super interesting!)

    • We’re like 4 episodes in I think? It takes us forever to get through TV shows because we’re unable to watch them consistently.

      What in the hell is up with the assassin’s skin? Does she wash her face in holy water and dry it off with newborn puppies? It is freaking luminous!

      • She is Stunning and plays crazy so, so well!!! I have to admit I was watching it alone (husband had no interest) and there was some skipping ahead of parts. I will not say more until you’re further in. ๐Ÿ˜€ (I started to type and deleted several things! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      • Last night we finished the episode where they had dinner together!