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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

I need a hat. I hate hats. They look super stupid on me, but from a sun safety standpoint, I really should be covering up. I feel like fedoras are overplayed at this point. I need something I can throw in a backpack or suitcase and it won’t get crushed.

Ugh, I’m going to end up with a Gilligan hat, aren’t I?Weekly meal plan

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your feedback and input last week! I tabulated them all and have made some decisions. I’m going to continue to publish my meal plan on Sundays and will include a shopping list. I never anticipated anyone would adopt my meal plan each week, but I am guessing some people use it to generate their own ideas. Since there doesn’t seem to be a perfect day to post it, I’ll just keep my schedule as is. Also, I’m going back to the old format for listing the meal plan in the post to make it easier to read for those on mobile. I will still include the printable menu link for anyone who wants it.

But listen here. If no one finds the grocery list useful, please let me know cause it took me a shitload of time to do. Maybe it was the initial set up of formatting and crap like that or having to think about what people may or may not have in their cupboards, but yowser. I’ll do it each and every week if it is helpful, but if we’re all feeling “meh” about it, tell me!

Also, to the person who has talked about the text color in two separate posts- please go back and read my response in the comments. I’ve responded twice, but maybe you’re not signed up to receive notification if I respond? The text of my blog did change about two weeks ago due to feedback from readers like you (and my dad), but you may need to clear your broswer cache before you can see the updates. I know I had to.

Jack’s last day of school was this week, and we have been living it up since then. Crazy exciting things like going to the park, the library, and even the post office. I mean, I should probably start doing Instagram Stories or Facebook Live just to keep you all updated on our insane life. 🙂Weekly meal plan

I shared this story on Facebook, but will repeat it for those who haven’t joined us over there yet. We had Jack’s award ceremony on Tuesday for getting (primary) student of the year for his school. The ceremony included all the schools in our district, excluding the high school, and took a really long time. Jack’s teacher got up and said some super sweet stuff about him, and I was so thankful he was in her class this year. After everything was over, Jack went up to her and said “thank you for nominating me. It was a great honor. I’m glad I could come tonight, even though I missed Jeopardy”. The kid has priorities, that’s for sure!

While we’re super proud of him for the award, it is sweeter knowing we got to this place even after our disastrous Kindergarten year. I feel like Jack is the poster child for an “It Gets Better” campaign for parents who are just trying to survive each day of a brutal start to school. I can tell you that for us, getting an amazing first-grade teacher changed our lives. And we were so incredibly blessed to continue that with a stellar second-grade teacher. Troy and I are both the kids of hard working and dedicated former elementary teachers, and we respect the hell out of those who make such a difference in the lives of children.

Weekly meal plan

Father’s day gift, courtsey of my sis and I. πŸ™‚

My mom’s oldest friend and the woman I am named after came to visit this week. She is such a joyful presence, and she and mom had a blast. She organized a little scavenger hunt for Jack and my nephew and also bought a bunch of cloth gifts bags. It was like my Etsy site had a pop-up trunk sale for a day. She had an exclusive “pre-sale” to my big holiday bag sale that I’ll be doing in July, so that was fun to see someone get excited about Christmas on the first day of summer.

We hit up an RV sale this week for the boys. The big boys – Troy and Jack. We go to the county fair every year, and there are always a few campers and trailers to look at. Jack and Troy go nuts for looking around in them, so a giant RV sale was like a free version of Disneyland. We were perfectly honest with the salesperson in that we had no plans to ever buy a trailer, and were just looking for fun. He left us alone, and we spent an hour poking around.We looked at motorhomes, little trailers, a Mercedes travel van that smelled like old people and was $144k (W.T.F.), but our favorite was this Rainier Ascent trailer (fifth wheel?). We actually went back and looked at it twice, because Jack thought the kid bedroom in the back was so cool.

Weekly meal planWeekly meal plan

Before I get to the meal plan, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I was reading an article this week about using Instagram for business, and it mentioned that you should be following some of the of people who follow you. I don’t have my own social media handles, just the blog’s, so I’m assuming this is a normal protocol that I have been totally ignorant of this whole time. So I requested to follow some readers, and have been having a blast looking at pictures of gardens (drool), kiddos, crazy yoga poses, and delicious food. I got a few comments and messages from people telling me they thought it was cool that I was following them because they had been blog readers for awhile. Talking with people in a different format other than blog comments or Facebook has been fun. A few readers mentioned something they had learned by reading my blog or became motivated to make food changes because of a recipe I posted. I need to make it perfectly clear that the pleasure and honor are all mine. What I get/take from this place is easily 20 times more than what I give. You all inspire, motivate, and keep me on task every single day. When I can’t sleep because I’m thinking and am excited about the blog, it has nothing to do with the potential to increase income. It is all about what I can do to share something that could help someone. Or maybe show that struggling family that healthy food can have a place in their budget. And even to maybe make someone smile or loosen them up with a

I need to make it perfectly clear that the pleasure and honor are all mine. What I get/take from this place is easily 20 times more than what I give. You all inspire, motivate, and keep me on task every single day. When I can’t sleep because I’m thinking and am excited about the blog, it has nothing to do with the potential to increase income. It is all about what I can do to share something that could help someone. Or maybe show that struggling family that healthy food can have a place in their budget. And even to maybe make someone smile or loosen them up with a fart or “that’s what she said” joke.

In other words, you people rock. So thank you.

Meal plan time! Click here for a printable copy of the meal plan, grocery list, pantry list, and prep notes.

Monday: Sesame chicken, rice, and spiralized peanut zucchini noodles. We have this spiralizer and it works great.

Tuesday: Chicken street tacos, black beans, and grilled zucchini (throw a bit of shredded mozzrella on there. Go nuts.).

Wednesday: Frittata, grilled asparagus, fruit.

Thursday: Burgers, grilled zucchini/sweet onions/zucchini, and pasta salad.

Friday: Popcorn and movie night!

Saturday: Leftovers, fridge clean out, quesadillas for the picky ones.

Sunday: Family dinner. My Dad decides on the main dish by Thursday, and we all make sides and dessert.

Smith Brother’s Farms – $19.95

Weekly meal plan

Farmer’s Market – $17

Weekly meal plan

Costco – $70.82. Those Aidell’s chicken burgers were a sample that I actually bought because it was so tasty. Ingredients are minimal and not sketchy. We didn’t need marinara, but a lot of their organic products were on rebate, so I stocked up. Same with the Clif Z Bars. I only buy them when they are on same. And the crackers!

Weekly meal plan

Fred Meyer – $63.65. I know the photo is dark. Sorry. My kitchen sucks. Ocean Spray mocktails and the Pure Leaf tea were both Friday freebies. The Glutino pretzels were on final sale, and I bought them for my friend who is gluten-free and loves their pretzels.Which one of you recommended the Kettle Chips Pepperoncini flavor? I scoffed when I heard it, but they really are freaking delicious.Weekly meal plan

What are you having this week?


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19 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. I am always thankful you post what you’re eating for the week. Does your budget include your parents or just you, hubby, and the boys? Just curious! πŸ˜€

    • Three meals a day and snacks for four of us, plus dinner for my mom. My dad chooses to eat his own thing, and mom is more of a grazer for breakfast and lunch.

  2. Oh man, rainier cherries are back in season? Those suckers easily have the potential to bankrupt me- they usually go for something ridiculous like $8.99/lb.

    Awesome news about Jack. Kudos to you too, Mom and Dad. We had an equally disastrous kindergarten year. It got to the point where I would avoid eye contact with his teacher at pick-up and there was certainly no dawdling to socialize or otherwise. I just couldn’t hear about one more thing my kid did wrong (and by wrong I mean, rocked in his chair or ran in line).

    Your kind words about the pleasure and honor being all yours are very touching and I am very much enjoying the increase in posts and updates on social media. I always look forward to seeing them.

    • They’re $4.49 here at the farmer’s market for organic. But then again, they are native to WA, so maybe that is why they’re a bit cheaper? My friend told me a few years ago that she read an article that they sold for $1 per cherry in Japan.

      Your kid rocked his chair and ran in line? OMG, how can you show your face in public anymore! πŸ™‚

  3. I also was stupid excited when you asked to follow on Instagram! I’m pretty chaotic with what I post, but that’s just how my life goes.

    That grocery list is awesome, but I’m too lazy to use it. I do, however, LOVE the printable recipes. I typically print them, throw them in a binder, forget about them for a while, and then I am always super excited when I rediscover them! You should write a cookbook in all your spare time πŸ™‚

    I am so happy for you guys that Jack had an amazing teacher this year. It’s so great when other people are able to recognize how good your kids are, even when they are not perfect.

    And that shirt. I’m pretty sure I would bust out laughing if I ever saw someone wearing a shirt like that because it’s so freaking hilarious!

    Our local farmers market pretty much sucks for veggies. We have two stands and both of them bring in their veggies from other places. It looks a little to me like they bought there stuff at the grocery store and put it on their tables. I think we are about to bite the bullet and enroll in a CSA through the college. It’s organic, year round, and it helps the students. Plus it’s right across the street from where the hubby works so we can stop in and say hi!

    And, to be a pain, your last paragraph is in there twice.

  4. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your comment. I love reading your blog but haven’t gotten around to starting mine so all I share is on instagram and it was great to know that now you get a glimpse into your reader’s lives. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Sarah! I’m one of the people you followed on IG, and I was so flattered by it! I even made a Facebook post that I thought it was so cool that someone’s who blog I’ve been reading for quite some time, followed me! So yay!

  6. I hate to be rude, but I am meh on the grocery list. I can live without it. Sorry!!! ☺️

  7. I have a thought. Usually my husband now says, “Oh no!” I am anal about using the same Christmas wrapping for all my gifts. What if I find/buy a fabric I love this year and enlist you to make an assortment of bags? Full payment is a prerequisite, Sarah! What do you think?

  8. Hi Sarah – A comment on your weekly meal plan: To be honest, I don’t follow your meal plan but I often look at, and sometimes use, the recipes you link to. Thanks for your blog. Your energy and honesty inspire me.

  9. Honestly when you asked to follow my Instagram it made my week! Your blog is really the only one I follow every week at this point so it was like my favorite celebrity was asking to follow me ?!!

  10. Jack’s priorities are dead right, you only miss your favourite tv show for something really important πŸ™‚

    You’re following me on Instagram but my pictures are mainly full of sugar cakes and cats with the occasional picture of a nice view so you may be disappointed, happy to have you as a follower though!