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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

This last Thursday I was at Target. Alone. It was glorious. I had run in to simply get Jack a pair of pajamas, but it turned into something more.

Within seconds of walking in the store, I heard a toddler pitching a giant fit. I walked back to the clothes and could hear his fussing even back there. It was clearly a few minutes past nap time.

The mom was doing a great job remaining calm and trying to calm him down, but she was in over her head. I’m sure some shoppers were giving her the stink eye and thinking “why not just leave”.

Well, if you’ve ever tried to go shopping with kids, you know that you probably don’t want to be in the store any more than the other shoppers want to hear your kid whining. But maybe you need a certain item and it’s not your fault that Target only has two cashiers working for 500 shoppers. Bottom line, she was trying really hard to not lose her shit.

Inspired by a story my friend Mary told me, I ran to the Starbucks in this store. I ran back to the mom trying desperately to calm her exhausted kiddo and I handed her a $5 gift card. I told her to go get herself a drink and then I gave her a big hug and told her we’re all in this together and every parent had been in her situation.

I was not prepared for what happened next.

The mom and the woman behind her (no relation) both burst into tears. The woman behind her said “that’s right, it takes a village and I remember when my kids were young”. And the mom said ‘”thank you”, but couldn’t say anything else.

I’m planning to keep a few gift cards in my purse in the future just for this reason. Five dollars is not a lot of money to brighten someone’s otherwise shitty day. Try to think back to the time you were feeling crazy shitty about yourself and someone told you that you had great hair or they liked that color of shirt on you. Changed everything, right?

Life is freaking hard enough without other people judging you because you are having a bad day. I think we should start a movement called “Caffeine, not Contempt” or “Don’t be a Dick, Buy Them a Drip”.

Let’s be kind to one another. It is a lot easier than being a judgy douche.

Can I tell you a secret? I work super hard to produce three recipes and/or gardening posts every week. They’re all my little babies. But…Sunday posts are my favorite to write! I feel like we get to know each other on a different level during these weekly posts.

Want to know another secret? I love you punks. It’s true.

Soooooo, I am closing up my Etsy Shop – The Blind T-Rex.

I started it last spring for two reasons. I needed a distraction from everything that was going on with my mom, and I was ready to give up on my blog. Traffic was down, I was unmotivated, and overall I felt super blah about it.

So, rather than actually deal with either of those things, I threw myself into a new project. I needed to feel excited about something and the Etsy store was just what I needed.

But, now things are turned around completely for this here little blog and I no longer have any time to dedicate to the Etsy shop. In fact, I have had new bags completed for months that I never even felt motivated to photograph and put in the shop. So, that seems like a sign that it is time to throw in the towel.

To close everything up, I’m offering 20% off all the remaining inventory. Use coupon code coupon code “poopydoopy” (Bennett’s favorite saying) to get the discount. Orders over five bags will ship for free (the system will charge you for shipping but if you buy more than five I will manually refund the shipping after purchase).

Ok, so we are at an impasse with Bennett and his desired Halloween costume. I don’t know what to do about it.

He and Jack accidentally saw a preview for the new horror movie “The Nun”. Jack is terrified of it and Bennett thinks it is the funniest thing ever. And um, he wants to desperately wants to be an evil nun this Halloween.

On one hand, I think it is hilarious that a two-year-old boy wants to be a nun. On the other hand, is it kind of insulting to an entire religion? I’m not sure how portraying members of the church goes over.

Our current thought is to get him the nun costume and not add any face paint or anything. If he wants to act scary, fine. Thoughts from my Catholic peeps?

This week at Jack’s soccer practice I saw a mom in a super low beach chair. I thought to myself “I couldn’t get out of that thing”. And then the next day I increased the font on my blog. So, I think it is all downhill from here? Yes? Anyhoo, if you have crappy eyes like I do, I hope you like the larger font size. It makes it easier to read my site while watching Golden Girls and Lawrence Welk.

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Healthy Quiche With Hashbrown Crust – Mind-blowingly easy and tasty, Healthy Quiche With Hash Brown Crust is delicious for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Packed with veggies and dairy-free, this healthy quiche is also Whole30 compliant. Easily adaptable for a Vegetarian meal.

A slice of quiche with hash brown crust in a cast iron pan

Simple Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce – This healthy and Simple Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce is an easy alternative to storebought. So easy to make, this paleo and Whole30 compliant marinade will be the star of your next stir-fry.

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits From Scratch – These copycat Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits From Scratch are a tasty addition to any dinner. An easy one-bowl recipe that beats boxed mix every time.

homemade red lobster cheddar bay biscuits in a basket with a blue linen

And while I didn’t republish it, I did a ton of updating on this Instant Pot Beef Stew post. More clarified directions, less jibber jabber, and better photos. It now looks like stew and not a turd in a punch bowl.

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

  1. Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites
  2. Canning Peaches – How to Can Peaches
  3. Crack Bread – Cheesy Garlic Bread
  4. How to Make Amazing Refrigerator Dilly Beans
  5. 10 Minute Instant Pot Roasted Garlic

Meal Plan

Monday:: Taco bowls. I’m cooking the huge pork butt that came with our Butcher Box order. I’ll freeze the rest for future meals.

Tuesday:: 10 Minute Instant Pot Tortilla Soup and salad. I had leftover vegetable juice from reshooting the Instant Pot Beef Stew recipe and the tortilla soup recipe will help take care of that.

Wednesday:: Chef salads and Cheddar Bay biscuits for the boys.

Thursday:: Troy’s amazing burgers, grilled veggies, and onion rings I found in the freezer.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Hash brown crust quiche and fruit.

Sunday:: family dinner

What We Bought This Week

Fred Meyer: $44.27

Yogurt and those frozen dinner things were on clearance. Yogurts went into the freezer for lunchbox treats and the dinners are for Troy to take to work for emergency meals. Feeding my nephew breakfast is a stressful part of my day. Right now he wants cereal. I would feed him coal if that is what made him eat. That Forager yogurt was free! Jack really likes it because he eats very limited dairy after all his issues. It’s the most delicious non-dairy yogurt we have found.

Costco: $17.91 the food (toilet paper was part of a different budget)

Butcher Box – $129

No photo, but close your eyes and picture frozen meat. Imagination is fun!

What are you having this week?

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42 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. I asked my five-year-old niece what she wanted to be for Halloween. She replied, “A butt crack.” So, there you go. If Bennett wants to be a nun, so be it. There may just be a little butt trick-or-treating as well.
    Friggin’ kids.
    Love the blog!

  2. I just loved this post. So inspiring and beautifully written. I especially enjoyed the suggested names for your kindness movement. You rock! I vote YES to Bennett’s Halloween costume (what’s more hallowed than a nun?), but my Catholicism has lapsed, so I may not be the most impartial judge.

    • I think we all need to find little tiny ways to show other people that we’re here for them!

      Thanks to everyone’s input, we ordered the costume and it will be here next Tuesday. He’s so excited.

  3. I never thought of freezing yoghurt, how is it when it defrosts or is it still partly frozen when you eat it? Love the gift card idea.

  4. Can it be for mom’s with a teenage girl too?  Sometimes the aloof attitude is a tough pill when all you want to do is hold on to that sweet baby girl who didn’t think you sucked. I know, woe is me, but damn that sometimes truly kills the entire day and a hug or kind word would be very appreciated. 

  5. I don’t know what the church’s official position on wearing religious costumes but as a Catholic, I personally think it would be adorable. It think that as long as there is no malicious intent – impossible with a two year old – you’re good. Be sure and post pics! 🙂

    Love all your posts but especially love Scattered Sundays because they offer the most insight into your life.

  6. So glad you have maintaned this blog. Always enjoy your writing and snapshots of real life. I always laugh! Thank you for sharing your perspective.
    Your gift card to a tired stressed out Mom was marvelous. Let’s all help this post go viral!

  7. I think Bennett as a little nun would be hilarious! I think if there are catholics out there that would be offended, I haven’t met them yet. But from my recollection he’ll also need a ruler to wave about!
    I’m on holiday countdown so food this week is all about making sure the fridge is clear by Sat when we go. So lots of frittata and soup!

    • That’s so funny because he does walk around with a ruler from time to time for no reason. Maybe he is a method actor and we just don’t realize it yet!

      How did the cake turn out?

      • When he wins an Oscar, you can say you always knew! Cake was fine, everyone liked it, the bride took the rest into work and reported that it’s the most popular her part of the office has been! If I say I’ll do it again, shoot me!

      • Sounds like it was an experience that was good to have and not one to be repeated!

  8. Awe your one of the best parts of my day!! I love anticipating what new phrase your going to say next! ????
    Tomatoes are coming in now so I’ve been busy with those and using them to barter with my neighbors who grew different things than I did! Yay for turnips and beets. ????