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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

Sending love and thoughts for safety to all of those in the path of Florence right now.

I wonder if our garbage man knows how much joy he brings to our house each week? One day a week we’re all on high alert between 8 and 8:30 am; listening for that distinctive rumble.

The first one to hear it screams “GARBAGE TRUCK” and all little males go rushing to the kitchen. Well, Jack hangs back and lets my nephew and Bennett have all the fun. Because nine-year-olds don’t give a damn about garbage trucks y’all. They’re into culture and things like talking about Fortnite (but not playing it) and great literature like “The Gamer’s Guide to Minecraft”. Pfft.

From the time we moved into this house, I have put the occasional treat on top of our container on garbage day. Cookies or other baked treats or maybe some super icy bottled water during the hot summer days. And there is always Almond Roca and S’mores Bark along with an envelope with a little cash at Christmas.

Troy always said it was odd to be pampering our garbage man. But I’ll tell you what, kindness paid off a year or so after we moved in. There was a giant windstorm on garbage day. We live on a super steep hill and I came home to see all our neighbor’s garbage cans at the bottom of the road. Ours were wedged against our retaining wall and the garage with two rocks shoved against the wheels to prevent rolling.

So yeah, we love the garbage man. Who is someone in your life that you and your family just adore but rarely get the kudos they so rightly deserve?

Longtime readers of this here blog know that kindergarten for my oldest son was brutal. I felt sick to my stomach every day and thought his college fund would be used for bail money before middle school. It.was.tough. Thankfully, our first-grade teacher changed our lives and his teachers after that were all awesome fits for him.

So, it strikes me as hilarious and somewhat vindictive of me ironic that this year Jack was chosen as a fourth-grader who was responsible enough to walk the kindergarteners to class each day…and he was assigned to his kinder teacher.

Bennett started preschool this week. We sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes on Monday until I finally realized that it started on Wednesday. So that was some amazing parenting on my part.

We were on time on Wednesday, and Bennett had a great time. I found out at pick up that I was the only one who forgot to bring a sippy cup (I had one on Monday thank you very much). But you know what? My kid was the only one who brought his teacher flowers…stolen from his grandpa’s flower garden.

Troy and I are almost done with Peaky Blinders and I loooooooove it! I’m sad the next season won’t be out until 2019 but I’m glad the series isn’t over. We have a hard time finding a series to watch and this one was just so good.

I also watched Jack Ryan over the course of a few very late nights (turns out that writing posts correctly and actually spending time trying to take good photos means each post takes forever. How long? Fooooooooorever. <—- name that movie) on Amazon. I liked it a lot and am excited they are already filming season two.

And now I’m onto catching up on Homeland which I really enjoyed years ago but just stopped watching. I only watch TV at night while working so I want to make sure it is worth my time. Anyone have any good quality shows to recommend? Nothing like Grey’s Anatomy, This is Us, or anything like that. Not my jam.

As of this week, Bennett is officially potty trained! Last week the diaper fairy came and took all his diapers away. He had been using the potty (or rather the urinal) for months and months but we never really pushed the issue of him also wearing diapers when he wanted to. I decided I was over it and we ripped that band-aid off.

We kind of did a mix of Three Day Potty Training (like we did with Jack) and a method I call “bribe him by letting him pee outside when he wants to”. What can I say…second kid.

Thank you, thank you all for your input last week into Bennett’s desire to be a nun (specifically an evil nun) for Halloween. Dreams do come true.

He is still working on his evil face. We have a ways to go.

With everyone back in school now, the inevitable walking germ factories that I call my kids descend on our house every afternoon. I’ve started diffusing this kid safe germ buster essential oil. No, I don’t sell essential oils, and I certainly don’t think they will cure all that ails you. I never assume they are magical elixirs nor will they cause rainbows to shoot out of my butt. But if there is something out there that does that, let me know.

But this one doesn’t smell like shit and if it keeps us from getting sick too often, then I am in.

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Meal Plan

Monday:: Basil Thai Chicken With Zoodles

Tuesday:: Paleo Salmon Cakes, salad, and green beans. The kids are going to hate me.

Wednesday:: A new recipe I’m trying out. For you. Are you not entertained (<—name that movie)?

Thursday:: BLTAs, green beans from the garden, and salad. Gah I hate salads; they’re so boring! But they’re easy and fast.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night

Saturday:: Going out for my mother-in-law’s birthday!

Sunday:: Dinner with our neighbors. She is the one who taught me how to make Encurtido and always makes us amazing Honduran food. Can’t wait!

What We Bought This Week

Smith Brother’s Farms: $20.07

Fred Meyer: $18.14 (I put the ice cream back but forgot to take a new photo. I realized I wouldn’t be home for 90 minutes so buying ice cream would have been dumb).

Costco: $40.14. My nephew says he likes Special K, so Special K he gets. I’m over trying to feed this kid!

What are you having this week?

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17 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. Little guy looks cute as a nun but suddenly I am wondering if this movie is going to create a whole generation of people who are terrified of actual nuns in their robes. My Mom tells tales of being so afraid of nuns she would cross to the other side of the street. They were “other’d” because her family was not Catholic. Even I can recall having a slight tremor the first time I set foot in a Catholic church as part of a tour group in some city or other. Did Jaws not create a terror of sharks? How does a parent deal with such potential issues?

    On the subject of your garbage guy I think you are very thoughtful and wise. In the winter I always try to dig a path to the fuel tank when I know we are expecting a delivery. That guy is doing me a big service and it seems like a good idea to acknowledge it.

    • Eh, there are terrifying movies released every day. I’m not scared of dolls because of Chucky and I’ll say “Candy Man” three times into the mirror without fear. I am however grossed out and creeped out by portable toilets because of an X-Files episode. Who knows.

      How often does your fuel person come during the winter?

      • Usually once for propane and twice for fuel. Two difference companies. In fact the propane guy was just here this morning.

  2. I don’t know why I find it as funny as I do, but the ads that show up when I read your blog on my phone are for funeral wreaths.  Like ad after ad for funeral wreaths, it’s so weird.  

    • That is hilarious and wacky!!! I sometimes get the Washington Lotto a lot. Who knows.

      Ad networks are generally tailored to a person’s searches on that device but at times there are only “fill ads” at the moment. I don’t control what they are but if there is ever one that you find inappropriate there is a button that lets you report them (right under the ad).

  3. Jane the Virgin, get hooked! 

  4. I remember how difficult you and Jack found the first year of school (we call it reception instead of kindergarden) so it’s lovely that you both got through it and he’s enjoying school! I think Bennett makes a great nun too.
    This week I’m on holiday and although yes, we did have to bring all the food we’d grown at home with us, it’s a pretty indulgent menu for this week (I’ve already had fish and chips and we had a knickerbocker glory for lunch – I regret nothing!) we’ll mostly eat the veg we grew with the meat and fish we buy locally. Holidays are the best…

    • Reception? I’ve never heard that term before!

      Oh I love that you are no someone who vacations with her own veggies. It makes my heart so very happy.

      • Kindergarten isn’t really a word we use and if we did we’d think of it more as nursery school, what you’d call pre-school. Reception class is your year of school, so makes some sense in terms of being received into school! But theyre all a bit strange, when you think about them! 
        I was having a conversation about how, if you’re very lucky social media allows you to find your people. In this case people who get why I have to take food on holiday, because it has to be eaten!

  5. Oh that nun picture is priceless. I closed my phone and couldn’t stop giggling. Had to show it to my hubby. 
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I remember how hard kindergarten was for all of you. I love that it’s being rubbed in her face that it was her and not Jack that was the problem.

    If I may be so bold, I’d love to see a post (or series) based on all that you’ve done since you moved back to this house. Like, ‘Year one we did this, year two we added this, etc.’ Our next assignment will possibly be 4 years and I’m curious what I could accomplish (garden wise) in that time frame.

    I love the relationships you have with the ‘invisible’ people in your life. You are an amazing person!

    I canned beets with a friend on Friday!!! She did most of the work, but I’m excited about the jars of beets I have in my cupboard now.

    • It.Was.Brutal!

      Oh wow, that would be a pretty in-depth series! Are you just talking about garden stuff, cause remember we also did a year-long remodel on the house. And I can’t be certain if I have before after photos of everything that has been done.

      • I was thinking just garden and preserving food (canning, freezing, etc.) I tend to have a “all or nothing” mentality, which gets me into a lot of projects, but few get finished. It would be great to see more of a long range plan/mindset.

      • I can definitely be like that too Tina. I have to slow myself down on the daily!

  7. Check out The Patriot in Amazon. Super well done, quirky, and clever. Lmk what you think!

    Also, the Sandlot.