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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

Who here has spent some time in the last week hand feeding and also rubbing pink eye medicine on a chicken?

Our poor sweet chicken who has been isolated from the rest of the flock for months now seems to be circling the drain. She can barely open her eyes and the area around them are all dry and look painful. It’s hard to diagnose a chicken (they’re notoriously tight-beaked about explaining symptoms), so we’re grasping at straws right now.

She is our favorite chicken and has convinced us she was on the way out before. But this time I do believe we’re going to lose this sweet mother clucker very soon.

Kale and brussels sprouts

While I was doing a little bit of clean up on a few old posts, I realized I was missing two very important categories in my recipe archives. And so, I have added 20-Minute Dinners and One-Pot Meals into the mix. I hope it gives you some inspiration for speedy meals and some that require minimal dishes.

And no, we weren’t driving. We were waiting for preschool to open.

I’ve debated whether or not to talk about this, but after something weighs on your heart long enough, you realize that the only choice is to say it. And please read what I’m about to say without the lens of politics.

Certainly, I know many of us were watching the supreme court hearings this week. And I’m definitely not the only one who has felt sadness and distress over the whole proceedings in the wake of the Me Too movement.

Back when I was in second grade I walked into my mom’s classroom at the end of the day sure I was in trouble. I went to the same school where my mom taught so news traveled fast if you had done something wrong in class. When it seemed like she hadn’t heard yet, I decided to be the one to tell her; to get my version of events to her first.

I told her I had kicked a boy in the balls at recess and was caught by the playground lady. She was surprised because I was terrified of being in trouble (try going to same school where your mom teaches and your dad is a juvenile detention counselor and tell me YOU wouldn’t be scared of being in trouble) and usually didn’t do things like that.

I explained a boy in class had been trying to touch all the girls during recess. Touch them in a way that made me super uncomfortable. And when he got close to me, I nailed him right in the nards.

She was silent for a minute and said “you did the right thing. You’re not in trouble. Thank you for telling me and I will handle it”. And handle it she did.

My amazing memory is pretty legendary in our family. Troy hates it because he can’t remember what he had for breakfast that morning and being married to someone who can remember HIS grandma’s old mailing address, can be a bit um, annoying. But I’ll be damned if I remember that kid’s name. And he was in my class for a whole year. I remember his desk was always pushed over to the side because he was super disruptive. And I remembered he was the stinky kid in class.

Knowing what we know now about kids who get in trouble a lot, have poor hygiene, and seem to be making very adult choices at a young age, I fear for what his home life was like. But I also fear for the other little girls who went home that night and didn’t have a mom to take charge of the situation. And for those little girls who weren’t even believed when they told their parents, my heart breaks.

This last year has brought a lot of reckoning for a lot of bad people, but for every Harvey Weinstein, there are thousands of victims who remain silent due to fear of shame, being called liars, or who still have memories hidden so deep inside their brains that they aren’t yet ready to remember.

Many of those people are my friends, people I love dearly and without question believe when they confide things to me. I believe you. I trust you. I am sorry, and I love you.

My point with all of this is not to drag out politics again. We’ve had enough of that this week. It is to remind people to be a fucking human being.

As a parent, the last year has deeply shaped how I am raising my boys. Kids don’t listen and they adore pushing the envelope. Jack especially will look directly at you when you say to stop something, and he will do it one more time and waits for your reaction. He wants to test the limits each and every time without fail.

Especially this week, I have started a new tactic. There are immediate consequences when these children of mine don’t listen the first time. They are small and appropriate to the actions, but the message being sent loud and clear to both of them is when I say stop you stop. And I follow it up with “no means no gentlemen. Every time”.

As they grow up, there will be very uncomfortable conversations (for both of us) on what it means to be a partner to another person. On what it means to be responsible for your actions and to keep a close eye on those of your friends. What it means to respect someone without question.

Parents, please, believe your children. And believe in them enough to talk to them about boundaries and consequences. And love them enough to emulate how to treat others with kindness and dignity.

Be a human. Raise compassionate humans.

I don’t have a gracious way to segue this post into our weekly housekeeping. So, away we go.

Learning to make Honduran street food at my neighbor’s!

Comment/Review of the Week

This week’s comment of the week comes from Rebecca who left a five-star review on one of my favorite recipes – Crispy Oven-Fried Gnocchi and Veggies.

It was so good! I forgot about the pesto (oops) and used Italian dressing with fresh grated Parmesan.
I made one tray with sausage and another without for a vegetarian who plays joins our game night. ‘‘Twas a big hit with brown bread and butter. Carbs on carbs on veggies. 
Delicious is an understatement and I am jealously guarding the leftovers for lunch at work. Will definitely repeat!!

On Sustainable Cooks This Week

Canning Applesauce – How to Can Applesauce Step by Step – A step by step guide on canning applesauce with no sugar. This easy to follow guide teaches you how to can applesauce in a water bath canner.

Bowls of homemade applesauce with a cinnamon stick and apples on a grey board

Paleo Salmon Cakes – These healthy and freezer-friendly Paleo Salmon Cakes are outrageously tasty! Using canned wild salmon, this recipe is a speedy paleo, Whole30 compliant, or gluten-free dinner.

a plate and platter of paleo salmon cakes

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic – This easy side dish of Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic is so delicious and healthy. Made crispy and caramelized in the oven or air fryer, these roasted brussels are Whole30, paleo, keto, and vegan.

A bowl of roasted brussels sprouts with garlic, a fork, and blue cloth

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week

  1. Crockpot Baked Potato Soup (Instant Pot instructions are included too)
  2. Grandma Dorothy’s Soft Pumpkin Cookies
  3. The Ultimate Instant Pot Beef Stew (slow cooker and stove top instructions are included too)
  4. Whole30 Bruschetta Chicken Recipe (slow cooker and oven baking instructions are included too)
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Meal Plan

Monday:: Instant Pot Vegetable Soup With Noodles. Click here to pin the recipe.

Tuesday:: Instant Pot Pot roast (with lots of potatoes and carrots) and salad. I got a chuck roast in our Butcher Box order from last month. Anyone have a good IP pot roast recipe they could recommend? I have made it in the crockpot a ton, but never the IP. We’ll be having some home canned peaches on the side (pin it).

Wednesday:: Breakfast for dinner. Bacon from the freezer (pin it), make ahead scrambled eggs (pin it), and whole wheat waffles (pin it) with blackberry pancake syrup on top (pin it).

Thursday:: Crispy Oven-Fried Gnocchi and Veggies. Nope, we didn’t have this last week because the fridge was stuffed with leftovers! Click here to pin the recipe.

Friday:: Out for my birthday. I ain’t cooking. Eff that noise.

Saturday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Sunday:: Family dinner (my sister is hosting!)

What We Bought This Week

We cannot find a single receipt from this week! Numbers below are best guesses.

Fred Meyer: $42

Costco:: $72

What are you having this week?

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12 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. I was walking home from a friend’s house when I was… wow, pretty close to Emma’s age now, so 13 or 14 when this group of boys rode up on bikes and surrounded me. There were 4 or 5 of them. Close to me in age. They started talking about me like I wasn’t there, talking about how they could mess with me, do whatever they wanted. I was very much a Tom-boy, and fairly tough, but I was so scared all I could do was keep walking and stare at the ground. Eventually one of the boys got freaked out because he thought maybe my dad was a cop, and they all took off. I don’t remember what my parents did when I told them, but I do remember that I BEGGED for self-defense classes for years after and they never signed me up. Well, fast forward through 20 years of avoiding eye contact, crossing the street to avoid men (and boys because most of them are taller than me), to the week that I finally got my self defense classes. I LOVE Gracie Jiu Jitsu and what it has done for my self confidence. And I love that I was able to share that same sense of self confidence with others.

    I’m failing at the food planning again. But, this week is crazy and the kiddo and I leave for a recon trip to CA next week, so I’m not inclined to care much about it. We will get back to the food planning when I get back.

    • Tina, that sounds terrifying! Also? I want to smack your parents for never getting you those self-defense courses.

      One of the first comments I ever remember you making on the blog (waaaaay back when) was about Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I’m so glad you finally found your thing!

  2. You are awesome! I love that you took care of that situation! Happy early birthday!

    I was in 7th grade walking 2-4 blocks from my middle school to my family friend’s house because my parents were away at my grandma’s funeral and some rando came up behind me at 3pm and groped me. I started screaming and NOBODY was around or came out to beat him up. That’s when I also learned that if you’re being raped or assaulted, you’re supposed to yell “FIRE” not “help!”.

    I got away but empty sidewalks still freak me out 20 years later.

    • That sounds absolutely terrifying! I’m so sorry you experienced that and I’m sorry it still impacts you today.

      That fire tip is something someone told me a long time ago and I always keep it in the back of my mind.

  3. I love you! Great post, that’s all. ❤❤❤

  4. Ditto, happen to me in high school. I was 16 and he was my mothers 30 year old male friend. He groped me while she ran to the store. I instantly felt ashamed and embarrassed and I never told her what happened that day. As I got older, men would, once again, try to take advantage of me but; at that point, I could fight back or leave. There was a HUGE positive in the situation, I raised one helluva fighting feminist and a son who is quite the gentleman-Stay strong…

  5. Check out this blog she’s awesome ( you’d love her blog). She keeps chickens as well and might have some insights.

  6. I am sure the Universe has spoken! And now women are speaking!! This morning I went to Facebook with a 45 year-old story about an incident I had in high school. However I DO remember this guy’s name, but I’m sure my name would NEVER enter his little pea brain, now or 15 minutes after the incident happened. I had only told two people before, and this happened in 1973. Before I put it on Facebook I told my husband of 34 years and he was shocked I had never brought it up. These kinds of things make you (a woman) feel like you did something wrong, “asked” for it (WTF?), or weren’t careful enough in your decisions. Bull shit! I say! I am so happy more of us are bringing these kinds of actions to the forefront. Whew! Thanks for letting me unload. Your mom was a woman for all women!! You are so lucky! xoxox

    • Mary, I’m so sorry you had to go through that and I’m even more sorry that you didn’t have many people to confide in at the time.

      May we all beat the drum loudly enough to make our voices heard. And god willing we teach the next generation to have more respect and love towards the opposite sex.

      My mom was so very wonderful. We were all blessed to have had her with us for so long.