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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

Whomp. Whomp. This guy broke his arm this week.

Troy keeps saying “I can’t believe he broke his arm” and I keep saying “I can’t believe this is his first broken bone”. Not sure how he survived 9.5 years of active craziness without breaking something until now.

Every Sunday that Troy is not at work he will take the boys to the YMCA for swimming, and then they do the Costco run and hit up Target if needed. That gives them some boy time and it gives me 3-4 hours at home alone in silence to get some blog work done.

I can knock out 2-3 recipes or just really hunker down and get shit done on the admin side.

Well, last Sunday the boys chose to not swim but just wanted to play at the indoor play structure and adjoining kid gym. There had been a birthday party earlier in the day and a bunch of obstacle courses made with big foam blocks had been left out.

Jack is taking parkour courses at a local gymnastics gym and kept leaping over some of the foam blocks at the Y. He dove over a huge foam circle once and did an awesome (by his own account) tuck and roll and decided to try it again.

Troy said he saw the whole thing happen and knew the wrist was broken as soon as Jack landed.

Longtime readers know that Jack has zero chill when it comes to injuries and illnesses. Zero. But Troy reported he only cried a little bit and was pretty composed at the ER.

I went to the ER to pick up Bennett who was bitter that he hadn’t been able to go to Costco and have samples. Yes, I wanted to stay. But have you ever tried to keep a two-year-old entertained at an ER?

Everyone was happier I took him out of there. And yes, we went to Costco.

Are you impressed with Troy’s DIY sling? It had just been mostly removed when I took this photo, but his wrist had been stabilized with Jack’s swim towel and a sling made out of Bennett’s and packed with ice all around. If MacGwyver were a firefighter. With big freak calves.

He broke it in two places and was given some meds and a splint. We woke him up every three hours that night to give him pain meds. Forty-five minutes after his 5:30 am dose he came out to the living room to ask why we hadn’t given him any meds that night. #strongstuff

He decided to be med-free after that point and seriously has been a trooper. Except of course when it comes to the itchy factor. He has kept us up until late for the last few nights because of all the desire to scratch.

We’ve pulled out every bag of tricks we had (we built things with Legos, zip ties, chopsticks, etc.,) but nothing really moved the needle.

His permanent cast was scheduled to be put on Friday morning at children’s orthopedics. The doctor informed me that given his style of break, Jack was eligible for a brace instead of a cast and that it could be removed for itching and showering. Winner, winner!!

Unlike the hard cast for 6-8 weeks that we were told about at the ER, Jack can wear a brace as long as he is extremely careful (no comment). And it will only need to be on for 3-4 weeks.

The velcro on that thing is industrial strength and I really had to put my back into it to adjust it for him at home.

For anyone who breaks a limb in the future, we did find out that there are now totally waterproof casts available! The brand was Aquacast (though I am sure there are also others) and you can shower and swim in it. I called our insurance company and if we did have to go the hard cast route it was totally covered. How is this just now a thing?! We walked on the damn moon already but you had to put a plastic bag over your arm to shower?

In other news, I have an almost three-year-old for sale! I’ll give you a good price.

Dear God, the whining. So.Much.Whining. Despite being fully potty trained for months, Bennett randomly decided last week that he was scared to poop on the potty and thus decided to just not go anymore (we offered him a diaper instead).

As his belly grew, the whining reached epic and very puntable proportions. Given our experience with Jack as a three-year-old, I already think that age leads to certain Satan-like tendencies. But yikes.

We have taken um, control of the situation and he finally went to the bathroom and within minutes he was back to sweet and happy Bennett. But we’re leery the potty terror will continue and we’ll go through cycles where we list him on ebay.

His cuteness is what keeps him safe.

I discovered an amazing and versatile new kitchen tool this week! It’s this little silicone spatula, and while it seems basic, it’s not. Just like guac, it’s so extra baby! Side note, I hate when people say “baby”. I want to punch myself in the face right now.

I heard Elaine talk about it on the Dishing With Delishes podcast (I was even on her show before!) and thought I’d give it a try. It was true love at first stir. It stirs, scrapes, and does a bang-up job of breaking up ground meat while cooking it. It totally rules and I’m sad I lived life without it until now.

After a delicious but sugary diet of homemade fudge and homemade Almond Roca from December 15th-31st, I’m relieved to be back to normal eating. For me, normal means a pretty standard breakfast of make-ahead scrambled eggs (topped with a shit ton of arugula and an ill-advisable amount of green Tabasco, a strip of bacon (I bake a big batch of it all at once), and some sort of fruit. Sometimes I’ll add one or two Gluten-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

I like a biiiiiiig breakfast, but because everything is already made, it takes me less than 60 seconds to get it on a plate and microwave it for 60 seconds.

Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner the night before or some sort of soup I have hanging out in the fridge. And well, you guys see our meal plans for dinner. I try really hard during the week to keep a nighttime snack to an apple with cinnamon almond butter (sometimes with mini chocolate chips. OMG so good).

And then I go bonkers on Sundays and eat whatever sounds good. And all the desserts. I never see how I eat as restrictive or following a way of eating, but it’s intuitive that keeps me from feeling like crap most days.

Even with it being the rainy season in Seattle, I have been working really hard on walking every afternoon that Troy is home. It’s a nice 1-hour loop that I consider my “lunch break”, but it isn’t just fun exercise for me. It’s more like mental health clarity that I have come to depend on.

Randomly this week I started to run during one of the walks and ended up running a little over a half of a mile. Many of you may remember that after my mom died I vowed to run 31 miles in October (2017). Having random challenges or projects is how I distract myself from reality, so you know.

During that month I tracked my time and made it a goal to run a 9-minute mile. Which I did. I always worked to improve and get faster and better.

And I ended up quitting at about 19 miles in because my Achilles tendon was making me scream when I leaned back on it.

This time? I run until it doesn’t feel interesting or fun anymore. Some days I realize I went a little faster than the previous day or maybe got a bit further, but I don’t track it and honestly, I don’t care what my “stats” are. I’m just doing it for the sake of doing it and seeing how it goes.

Maybe my term for 2019 is “no shits left to give”?

Ohhhhh, the most amazing thing ever happened this week! Troy and I agreed on a design element in our house. It.NEVER.Happens. Which is why 95% of our house is grey, white, or light blue (except my bright and bonkers Harry Potter sewing closet).

Our area rug that we love dearly was getting pretty busted thanks to having booger-picking children. I found one at a (regional) store and it was 30% off and then an additional 10% off (Only $130 with tax!).

And Troy actually liked it. And there is color!! I should buy a lotto ticket.

^that super comfy (and gray. of course) couch is from Costco and is almost four years old. It’s held up so well to kids and is so cozy. The big square footstool on the far left of the photo is where I take 99% of my food photos thanks to our huge windows giving me great light. I’ve legit spilled 1/3 cup of olive oil on that thing and wiped it off. Costco couch for the win!

Comment/Review of the Week

The comment of the week comes from Megan who left a five-star review on Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Garlic:

OMG!!! I made these last night and they were AMAZING!!! My husband is an incredibly picky eater who usually only eats canned veggies and canned fruits, but he actually ENJOYED eating these!! This recipe has definitely been placed in my tried & true recipe book!! Thank you for this amazing recipe!! Happy New Year to everyone!! May it be blessed!!

Yahoo Megan and yay for winning over picky eaters!

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Meal Plan

Monday:: Gluten-Free Tomato soup and salad.

Tuesday:: New recipe I am working on. Secrets are fun!

Wednesday:: ‘Nother new recipe.

Thursday:: TBD

Friday:: Out. We started a tradition last year to go out to my mom’s favorite (crappy) Mexican restaurant on her birthday.

Saturday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Sunday:: Family dinner

What are you having this week?

PS. “What We Bought This Week” should return next week. With the holidays and broken arms and a general feeling of laziness, we have been terrible about remembering to get photos.

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15 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. Today, my 8 year old son screamed bloody murder when we were trying to pick a big splinter out with a needle. We had to hold him down. This all was before we started. Cue us moving outside so a family member could rest. He asked for me to hold him, and there were a few whimpers and a “That hurts.” Ridiculousness.

    I’m glad Jack’s break is going as well as it could be. My nearly three is nearly potty trained. She also will not poo in the toilet and usually releases when she naps. What’s your secret?

    • That sounds like my nephew just going into the exam room to get his flu shot. It took multiple nurses, my sister, and Troy to hold down this tiny little whisp of a 50 pound 8-year-old.

      That sounds pleasant. I’m sure you have a love-hate relationship with naps right now! We did a formal “Three Day Potty Training” session with Jack when he was 22 months old. It took us five days. Ha! Bennett could have been trained earlier than he was but honestly, I just didn’t care as much the second time around.

      I think it also helped a little that we used cloth diapers for both boys. They could feel the wetness more compared with paper diapers.

      • She’s fine with going number 1 in the potty. We’ve had only minimal accidents. But everyday there’s a butt bomb waiting for us. It’s going on a week and a half now with no signs of changing. I even sat her on her potty in the living room for over an hour because I knew one was brewing. It happened while we were at Sam’s a half hour later.

      • All the “books” say if your kid is uncomfortable going #2 in the potty you should offer them a diaper. As in they tell you they want a diaper and then go poop it in. It usually seems to be a short-term thing. Good luck!

  2. Yay for a brace instead of a cast! Good to know on the water cast. Hope we never need it!
    That rug is gorgeous!
    I’ll trade you a whining almost 3 year old for an eye-rolling phone obsessed 13 year old. With PMS. Also, she needs horses like most people need oxygen.
    I’ve started hiking (that makes me laugh considering how flat MI is), three days a week. I’ve also gotten back to daily yoga, signed up for strength training classes at the Y, and this week I plan to add in swimming once a week. I’ve managed to go the past 6 days without eating any garbage. And I feel freaking amazing!
    I still suck at meal planning.

    • May none of us ever need the cast knowledge!

      Hmmm, eye-rolling phone obsessed 13-year-old sounds quiet. There is a distinct lack of quite in my house. Are there horses near your next duty station?

      You’re crushing it with your fitness goals!!

      • Thanks!
        It looks like there may be a few options for barns around where we will be stationed. We are also seriously considering buying her the horse she is leasing. However, we need to move first and see what our options are for boarding and training before we make any major commitments.

  3. Love hearing about your week. I look forward to it every Sunday after work. 

  4. Sounds like your household has had a heck of a week. Remember, there is a whole year of good times still to come. Good luck.

  5. I love your restaurant tradition!  My father-in-law loved my apple pie and every year I try to make one on or around his birthday.  
    I hope Jack is careful and can take that contraption off as early as possible!  Years ago, my daughter managed to break both of her wrists at once, so I know (as a parent) what that is like!  knitting needles is what she used for scratching itches under her plaster casts.  They were her favourite tool. (She has no spectacular parkour story, she just slipped on some mud and tried to block the fall with her hands)
    With luck, Bennett won’t have any more potty issues.  Glad they are solved. Fingers crossed that is NOT temporary!
    Isn’t parenting FUN?
    I’m looking forward to your new recipes.

    • Oh, that’s so sweet about the apple pie. I think those things that connect us are so important.

      Both wrists at once? Goodness no! We did try knitting needles; I have four different sizes and none of them were deemed satisfactory enough for his royal highness.

  6. Ouch I feel for Jack. I broke my wrist just over 10 years ago at the end of July so I had my arm in a cast in the hottest weather. Like Troy, my husband said he knew it was broken as soon as I did it (fell over playing sport) but I was given hope by the Arrested Development-like doctor who said to me while looking at the x-rays “From this angle it doesn’t look broken…but it is”. That brace sounds brilliant though, having your wrist held still for 6 weeks is painful when the cast comes off.

    Continuing our efforts to eat more fish we’ve got salmon & cous cous and haddock fishcakes on the menu this week. We’re also still valiantly battling on to eat all the Christmas baking I did.

    • Oh my gosh, I bet you were the sweatiest mess ever. It must have been so uncomfortable!

      I know exactly what you mean when you say the Arrested Development-like doctor. Man, I love that show!

      Sounds like a solid effort to move past the holiday baking. I’m on the upside of fudge-withdrawal and am thankful to be purged of all of that (delicious) sugar.