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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

I listen to a lot of business-related podcasts and I have been hearing the term “overwhelm” a lot lately. As in “if you work too hard at x, you may have overwhelm”. Is this new? Have people always said it like this? It strikes me as a tad douchey. Anyone else?

While listening to a podcast this week about personal data protection (obvs I got alllll the boys in high school) I learned about a crisis text line that is free and available to anyone who needs help or to talk. If you’re in a place where you need to reach out to someone, please keep this information handy. You are important, loved, and worthy of health!

One of these weeks I won’t mention our chickens in a single post. Because one of these weeks our flock may not be in a fowl mood.

Hee hee fowl mood.

Our chickens start squawking between 6:30 and 7 am this time of year. I go let them out and feed them so that they will STFU and not piss off our super kind neighbors who never once complain about the chickens.

But one morning late last week, the chickens went balls to the wall crazy at 6:10 am. I knew something was up, so I headed out there with a flashlight and their food.

And there was a big, dark blob in the middle of the coop. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped. And I may have pooped a little.

At least a tiny shart.

Training our giant bright Costco flashlight onto the blob, I saw it was Garfield, one of our dark grey chickens (blue Wyandotte). She hadn’t been sick or displaying any signs of issues.Sigh. It wasn’t even our poor chicken that has been picked on (pecked on) for the last three weeks.

I have no idea how she passed but it was clear from her positioning that she just dropped down from the roost at some point in the night.

One of the good things about having Hospice in our lives with my mom for so many months is the amazing supply of rubber gloves we still have in our house. I donned a pair, grabbed a garbage bag, and hauled poor Garfield to her resting place. I only squealed like a girl a few times.

In happier news, it was a big week around here! This happened:

They call it a preschool but honestly I think it is more like “learn not to bite and hit” school. Which I am totally ok with because it involves him playing with kids and me having two hours to cook and take photos without dodging tiny hands or having an audience.

Computer, extension cord, camera, and food all left unguarded!

I kinda feel like this will be a game changer for me and work. In just one day I was able to photograph three recipes which hands down is the hardest part of posts for me. This means I can spend nap times, early mornings, and nights doing the actual writing and recipe development. It’s freaking awesome.

Bennett had a lot of fun and was only a little bit sad during drop off on the first day. Honestly, I think he thought he has to leave with us and was bummed. He was the first kid there and when a little girl showed up he said “hi new friend”.

One awesome thing we got for Christmas this year was a Ring doorbell. We really love it and it gives all of us peace of mind. When Troy is at work and the boys and I are playing outside, they love to ring the bell and talk to him.

I logged onto Amazon this week and saw they had dropped the price by almost 40%. If you are in the market for one this is a great price.

If you’re part of the Sustainable Cooks community on Facebook you’ll know that I had an epic excitement freakout over some roasted veggies last week. I am sharing a recipe with you all this Tuesday on how to roast freaking FROZEN VEGETABLES. Picture Bambi having a sneezing attack during a hurricane and THAT is me dancing in excitement.

We had Jack’s party last Sunday and it went well. Anyone who has read this blog for awhile knows what a terrible cake decorator I am. But I always try my best and Jack loves having his favorite cake for his birthday. This was the best I could do for a “Minecraft” cake. Oh well.

Mr. Nine Year Old started Hunger Games this week. Part of me is all “eek” about it, but the bookworm in me knows I read many highly-inappropriate things as a kid. It is a nerd’s rite of passage I suppose.

He is loving the book and I told him to ask any questions he needs to and stop if it is too much. We’ll see. Besides, it is the first non-graphic novel he has ever really gotten into.

On Sustainable Cooks This Week:

  • What’s in My Fridge – April 2018.produce drawers of a real food blogger
    • The one thing I got more questions about this with this post is how do I reheat scrambled eggs successfully. The key is making them properly in the first place. Get your pan hot for 5 minutes over medium heat. Add a sliver of butter. Scramble the eggs with just eggs – no milk, no water. Add seasoning (except salt) if you like. I love dried dill and lemon pepper. In the last one to two minutes of scrambling, add a slice of cheddar. Fold the eggs over the cheese and let it keep cooking a bit longer. Break up the egg pile and cheese and let it sit in the hot pan another minute or so. To reheat, I simply microwave for about 25 seconds. In my opinion, the butter and cheese give the eggs enough fat to keep them from drying out and getting gross.
  • Squishy Soft Homemade Pretzel Rollshomemade pretzel rolls on a blue cloth
  • Homemade Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Creamhomemade mint chocolate chip ice cream with mint sprigs and chocolate chips on a white background

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week:

  1. What’s in My Fridge
  2. How to Plant Garlic – Step by Step
  3. Squishy Soft Homemade Pretzel Rolls
  4. The Cleaning Schedule of a Working Mom
  5. Homemade Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Meal Plan!

Monday:: Easy Tomato Soup, salad, and biscuits. We were supposed to have this last week but had so many leftovers that I postponed it.

Tuesday:: Baked Potato Bar, salad, and leftover soup for those who want it (meeeee).

Wednesday:: Instant Pot Lentil Soup and garlic bread.

Thursday:: New Instant Pot dinner I’m working on. I hope it doesn’t suck!

Friday:: Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli (from Smith Brothers) with frozen veggies roasted in a cast iron skillet. <—- life changing!

Saturday:: We’re headed to a housewarming party for someone new to our town and state. Any gift suggestions? They are into a lot of the same things we are, so I was thinking maybe a map of awesome resources for local products, and some things from those stores (ex: local raw honey,etc.). Thoughts?

Sunday:: Family dinner

What We Bought This Week

Smith Brother’s Farms:$26.80. That little carton is their yummy cream that became mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Fred Meyer: $37.39

Costco:: $44.85. Jack’s class celebrated his birthday this week since his birthday happened while they were on spring break. He chose the Costco chocolate chip cookies. I totally get why schools don’t allow for homemade goods in classes, but I mourn the loss of bringing in special treats I made for these kinds of occasions.

Local butcher: $25.61. I got a bunch of their homemade sausage and made it into loads of patties to freeze. A quick 25 seconds in the microwave and you have part of a hot breakfast ready to go. I also picked up two pounds of top round steak of the Mongolian Beef I made in the Instant Pot last week. The recipe calls for flank steak, but our butcher recommended the top round. It was much cheaper and we found it tasted better than the previous batch I made with the flank steak.

What are you having this week?



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10 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. I’m loving the addition of “THE FIVE MOST POPULAR POSTS THIS WEEK” to the blog! Great for me because then I can see what others are into, and it narrows down which posts to read that are of interest to me or if I only have enough time for 1-2 posts to read. Win-win! *jessiespanoexcited*

    • I shamelessly stole that idea from another blog, so you’re welcome! There are probably only about four original ideas left in this world. Lol.

      Given the reocurring popularity of a few of the same posts each week, I may change it up from time to time and slip down into position 7-10 for some variety. Pretty wild and crazy over here, clearly.

  2. Excellent idea. Very original. If I moved to another city that’s the kind of gift I’d appreciate.

  3. what do you do with all those carrots?
    I’d love to buy carrots in bulk but worry I wouldn’t go through them all.

  4. Hi. So about the housewarming gift you suggested – I loooove that idea and would totally value something like that. When I meet new neighbors I usually have verbal diarrhea and tell them all of my fav places, etc. this would be much more effective if written down (and even more so since they like the same things). 

    I’m usually not that creative so I tend to give people food and Penney’s spices. 

    • Thank you Jackie! And I hear you on the verbal diarrhea; I’m exactly the same way. Even in my head I’m like “shut up Sarah” and I CAN’T STOP TALKING.

  5. Great welcome gift idea. I would love to have something like that if I moved to a new city, it would save so much time and effort!