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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

Ok, I think I have officially determined the name of my newest weekly blog segment. I’ve been headed in this direction for years but defining it has taken some time.

Sarah Eats Alllllll The Soups, or SEATS is my new jam. As a lover of soup, I have been training for this moment for my whole life. Nary a week goes by without soup of some sort gracing our table. Troy doesn’t care, Jack whines, Bennett just goes with it, and I am happy all day every soup day. SEATS is life.

We had Jack’s final soccer game last week. I think it is his best sport, and it’s fun to watch him play. I was the assistant coach this year and had a blast. Our coach said she would do it again if I helped and I absolutely would in a heartbeat. Many of the parents said they would request us if we coached again. I’m guessing their boys probably didn’t tell them about all the times I yelled at them and made them run laps with me for mouthing off. 🙂

Their game was in the back of a school that is surrounded by brick buildings. Our coach and I noticed our voices were carrying fairly loudly during the first half of the game. The team we played for our last game was really good. I’m pretty sure one of their players was 17. They had stomped us once before when we didn’t even have a full team that day. This time it was a slightly closer score, but they still won. The field was completely muddy, and the other team was super aggressive.

One of our players got into a shoving match with one of their kids. Jack and another little punk ass with green hair from their team spent the whole game trash talking each other and trying to outplay the other. One kid purposefully grabbed Jack’s finger and wrenched it back when Jack took the ball from him. The other coach was so awesome and sweet and it didn’t seem right to ask her to tell her kids to stop being a gaggle of dicks. A gaggle of dicks is the correct nomenclature for 8-9-year-old boys acting like tools.

Towards the end of the game, the same green-haired little creep pushed Jack with zero reservation. Jack was about to retaliate and I saw this all with my “I know my kid can be an unsportsmanlike total ass” mom eyes. I yelled “Jack, let it go”, and he yelled, “they’re not playing fair”. To which I wanted to reply “it’s FAIRLY”, but I let it go. Instead, I took advantage of the brick building acoustics and yelled in my loudest former-ROTC voice “I know they are pushing and not playing fairly, but WE don’t play like that. You either play the right way or you shouldn’t play at all”. It was instant laughter on our parent’s side of the field. Our coach started giggling. Two of the dads fist bumped me after the game.

I’m fairly shocked at our trophy party that night to not get the award for the “best passive-aggressive coaching”.

We had friends come and stay with us for a few days this week. Naturally, the night before they flew in, Bennett spiked a fever. They decided to come anyway. Bennett was not the best version of himself during their stay. Her daughter discovered early on that a fun little shriek in the car would set Bennett off on a sobbing tangent of epic feverish proportions. If only he could have sacked up just a little bit. I took to calling them “Shriek and Snowflake” for the visit.

My friend’s daughter found someone to focus on during her visit.

The first thing Poppy would say in the morning was “where’s Jack”. She is his biggest fan, and he is the cheapest babysitter around.


We loved having them, but the toddlers didn’t mesh well together given they both spent much of the visit being tired and sick. After I got home from dropping them off at the airport yesterday, Kristina texted me that their flight was canceled and she wasn’t able to fly out until 6:30 pm. Ugh. I offered to come back and get them, or have them take the train into downtown and we’d meet up with the kids and chill in Seattle. Thankfully she stayed there and was able to get onto a 2:30 pm flight. They met some lovely people during their airport purgatory: the family who adopted them, the people who watched her stuff while she went to the bathroom, the nice lady who told her there was an earlier flight out, and the people who gave them snacks. Just a reminder that there are great people out there and we need more of them.

Quick question. How do people stay married if they have to sleep in the same bed each and every night? I am a light crazy sleeper and Troy snores, flops around, and does this annoying throat scratching sound in his sleep. He says it isn’t my fault that a mosquito three towns over can fart and it would wake me up. Due to his job, he is gone for 25-33% of each month, including overnights. And I live for those nights. I sleep in the middle of the bed and don’t have to deal with snoring. I sleep much harder (the mosquito would have to be five towns over to wake me) when he is gone. And then I realize that most other marrieds and coupled up people have to share a bed on the daily. And I shudder.

My friend Susan from the Philippines likes to joke that my family is very Filipino in that our labeling of relatives is pretty fluid. Troy’s cousin’s kids are younger than us and thus refer to us as Aunt and Uncle instead of “second cousin” or whatever it is we actually are. We call the people married to those cousins our sister or brothers-in-law. Is that weird? I need to know.

Why did you need to learn all of that? Well, because my “sister-in-law” Erica who is married to Troy’s cousin, came over last Sunday to help me out. Homegirl sells Younique makeup and is like a product ninja. We started by looking at everything she brought to see what the overall theme of my face would be. I assumed it’s a theme? Motif? Ugh. Girl stuff. She busted out this compact and I said “oh good, that should be pale enough for me”. She started laughing and said it was highlighter (whatever that is).

Erica laid out all her stuff and presented me with her “minimalist” options. We then looked at my daily makeup products. And then we laughed for a good long time.

My stash is the stuff off the towel.

She put some stuff on my face and then handed me a lipstick to put on. It speaks to her kindness and patience that she didn’t even laugh when I said “I don’t know how to put that on”. Troy and Jack both said “whoa” when I turned around all made up and Jack later said “Aunt Erica did a really good job mom”.

And then we went and took some photos because I need a new picture for my new website. The weather was overcast, but trying to be sunny. I have crazy sensitive eyes and wear sunglasses 100% of the time when I am outside. Since that wouldn’t be kosher for the photo, I spent half the time with my eyes watering. Troy calls them my “millennial eyes” because they’re so sensitive and delicate. 🙂

Erica is super terrified of birds of all kinds, so of course, the wild neighborhood peacocks wandered into the yard right as we headed outside. I also then grabbed a chicken to snuggle for some of the photos.

She was a trooper. Even if I am cruel af.

After tons and tons of attempts, I think we finally nailed down the perfect picture…! Breathtaking, right?

Hee hee.

That lipstick stayed on me freaking forever. How long? Fooooorever.

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving this week? Are you using my free downloadable Thanksgiving checklist? I haven’t felt the planning and prepping urge really hit me this year, but it will come. It’s like nesting when you pregnant; you can’t control the timing of it. It just happens.

Here is the recap of this week’s posts!

Sheet Pan Dinner – Healthy Sausage and Roasted Vegetables

sheet pan dinner

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meal prep

DIY Superman Chair

superman chair

Vegetable Soup with Mini Cheese Ravioli

vegetable soup

Meal plan time! We ate so much meat last week with my friend’s visit (not complaining), but am going meatless for the first half of the week to do a bit of a protein cleanse.

Monday:: Homemade Ramen, per Jack’s request, and salad.

Tuesday:: Easy Tomato Soup with biscuits.

Wednesday:: Homemade frozen pizzas and salad.

Thursday:: Thanksgiving!

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers, and movie night.

Saturday:: Thanksgiving leftover, or out.

Sunday:: Family dinner

Smith Brother’s Farms: $19.71

My friend’s daughter likes a little chocolate milk once a day. The chocolate milk from Smith Brother’s is the best I have ever tried. Kristina said that when they got home, Poppy wouldn’t drink the chocolate milk they had and cried for “Sarah chocolate milk”. Chick has excellent taste.

Fred Meyer: I can’t find the receipt!

I officially give up on feeding my nephew breakfast. It is a 30-45 minute process to get him to eat 2 oz of food. He requested cereal last week, so I got him all the cereal. Whatever kid. Don’t come crying to me when a strong wind blows you away.

Fred Meyer had all the organic Halloween candy on clearance when I was there.

What are you having this week?

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6 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. Your SIL did a great job. I have the same amount of make up as you, except I also have a tinted Burt’s Bees chapstick that I use about 2-3/ year as my “lipstick”. Except post as always. Thanks for the morning chuckle as I eat my breakfast! 🙂

  2. I love that you post the most ridiculous pics and don’t care…its part of your special charm. Erica did a great job but to be fair she had a good canvas. Love that you included the chicken because I miss your hen stories 🙂

  3. Va va voom!!! Love the look, lady….your SIL did an amazing job of making you look like YOU.

    In our family, we call 2nd cousins aunt and uncle too….we don’t say in laws though. Different strokes ?