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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

What if Jango Fett (the original stormtrooper) was claustrophobic? And then they cloned him a million times over not knowing that the standard issued uniform helmet was going to be a real issue? That would have been an HR and stress leave paperwork nightmare. And even though it is so many years in the future, I just have this gut feeling that the Empire requires departments to fill all forms in triplicate.

two kids reading


The other night I had one leg that was covered in goosebumps and the other had absolutely nothing on it. I mean what in the world? How does that even happen? Bodies are weird.

I read about the founding of this group the other day in EatingWell magazine and thought it was wonderful. Just goes to show you that so often prejudice comes from a place of not understanding and being unable to see similarities in the lives of someone different from us.

Nothing is funnier than seeing computers on old reruns of Law & Order. They are huge and can’t do anything, but the cutting edge technology is always so impressive to the characters on the show. Except for Lenny. God rest his soul, Lenny cannot be bothered by computers. He’ll stick to his Rolodex thank you very much.

I know our Sustainable Cooks community is pretty amazing, so I’m sharing this story in the hopes that this brave little girl recovering from severe burns can receive letters from around the country (or even world).

This week as I started to ramp down my crazy person pace of launching the new site. I took little snippets of time to let myself have some enjoyment. I found myself turning on Top Chef on Hulu at night when I was working on posts, editing photos, etc. I watched a lot of Top Chef in the two weeks right after Bennett was born, and it felt like meeting up with heavily-tattooed old friends. Still no idea why they put Pop Rocks and foam on everything, but it’s good entertainment. Troy likes to joke that if I were a judge on the show I would vote out anyone who served mushrooms.

Who watched the Super Bowl last week? Jack was losing his mind for most of the game. I don’t know much about the Eagles and have no real preference for them, but it was so lovely to see the Patriots not win another Super Bowl. Sorry. Not Sorry.

left skeleton with rocks

We had Bennett’s birthday party yesterday and it seemed to be a decent success.  Kid’s birthday parties are not my wheelhouse and I don’t go all in or crazy about them. If that is what you love to do, then I salute you. But better you than me. 🙂

I usually put all my energy into the food for birthday parties, and I was honest with myself this year and parred it way down and simplified it.  And that worked well in my favor since we had people dropping like flies the day of the party. Had I done my normal spread of food, we would all be eating the same thing for the next week. This time, I just did sandwiches from Costco, salad, chips and salsa, and a winter fruit salad. And cupcakes of course.

The theme of the party was two things that Bennett loves dearly – peacocks and ferry boats. His invite:

boy peacock on a ferry boat

I have a friend who makes absolutely amazing cake toppers with fondant. She is like a ninja with that stuff. Me? I buy some Peeps and glue some candy peacock feathers on their asses with frosting. I invented the Peepcock. And that my friends is how I roll.

peacock cupcake toppers

When the townie peacock shows up 30 minutes early for the peacock-themed birthday.

little boy and peacock

My stance on giving kids expensive presents is pretty firm, especially when they are young. They don’t know what is happening and can’t properly take care of the item. Last year we gave Bennett a refurbished play kitchen for his birthday. My grandpa made it by hand for my mom when she was a kid.

Jan 2017

Since his birthday last year, the play kitchen has been used almost daily. Every kid who comes over wants to play with it, regardless of how old they are. It is not unusual to see a toddler and a 10-year-old playing together. But we have never had a good solution for storing all the play food that Bennett was gifted and inherited.

I had the idea last year to rework a little cupboard that my grandpa had also made for my mom. As far as we can tell, it originally was designed to hold doll clothes and accessories. I’m sure my grandma made every single one of those doll clothes meant to hang on the little dowel. The plan had been to turn it into a fridge last summer, but given the turns that our life took during that time, the cupboard sat in our garage.

Troy started the process of remodeling the fridge a few weeks ago. My grandpa’s work was always amazing and he did incredibly solid work. This doll cupboard was no exception. It took Troy two days to sand it down to the grain because the paint grandpa had used was so thick and expertly applied that it was like lacquer. Come to think of it, he probably did use lacquer.

You know shit is getting real when the Carhartt jacket comes out.

Once it was finally sanded down, Troy used a spare piece of wood to make a little shelf for the play fridge. We spent $8 for drawer pulls that became the play fridge handles. Troy looked on Amazon for little appliance logos, but even the cheapest was $6. I suggested we (he) pry the logo off of our basement freezer, and he glued it to the front.

A few $2 baskets from Target completed the project. And for a total price of $14, Bennett now has his very own play fridge for storing food. He is a prepper no longer. I told Troy that if Bennett gets an island for his kitchen before I do, heads will roll.

Play kitchen for kid

boy in homemade play kitchen

The weather was incredibly mild here this week (sorry Midwesterners) and not only did I walk almost every day without a jacket, we even had to the mow the lawn! Between Jack’s basketball schedule and the weather, we didn’t have a single fire this week. I need to get an app where I can just watch some flames for a few minutes to zone out before bed.

Can we talk about light therapy for acne? I keep seeing these masks in ads and I need to know more about them. Do you have one? Does it work? Overall, I have been fighting my adult acne by using the oil cleansing method and that mostly works. I have occasional flare-ups from time to time, but nothing like what I used to have. But my real problem is really dark scarring and nothing topical seems to help with that. Have you used a light mask to improve scarring?

Thank goodness for make up

Something I need to know: What is one item in your kitchen that you can’t live without?

Meal Plan time!

Monday:: Instant Pot Lentil Soup and No Knead Bread. I love having a big pot of soup to eat all week, and this one is so healthy and full of veggies.

Tuesday:: Instant Pot Sticky Korean Chicken and rice. <—This chick’s brother just won a gold medal for snowboarding!

Wednesday:: Homemade frozen pizza and roasted veggies. Jack has basketball so a quick meal is necessary.

Thursday:: Easy Homemade Tomato Soup, roasted veggies, and biscuits.

Friday:: Popcorn, leftovers and movie night.

Saturday:: TBD

Sunday:: Family dinner

Smith Brother’s Farms: $19.79

food in a smith brothers farms porch box

Fred Meyer: $21.21. Have you ever tried Real Salt? We love it.

Costco: $39.35

What are you having this week?


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35 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. Hi Sarah, have you tried tea tree oil ointment? It’s my go-to for acne red spots and scars. The spots heal and fade much more quickly. My mother has used it after multiple surgeries and her surgeons were impressed with her quick healing and lack of scarring. 

    • I used to use it for acne treatment, but I never noticed much of a difference. I also used it for bathroom cleaning. And then I spent so much time barfing in the bathroom while pg with Jack and now I cannot tolerate the smell at all! 🙁

  2. I have very similar skin to yours (very fair, prone to adult acne) and I’ve had really good luck using Mederma.  It has a new formula that is just a once a day application (used to be 2x/day which got annoying) and works great, especially if you start it right away when you notice the discoloration.  And it’s easy to find Mederma at most any grocery store or Walgreen’s, etc.  But maybe you’ve already tried it . . . ?

    • I’ve definitely seen it but have never tried it. I was always under the impression that it was for newer scars and not old ones. Hmmmm, I’ll look into it. Thank you!

      Isn’t it so fun to be butt white with lovely acne scars? Ugh.

      • Hahaha, yes it’s the BEST!!!  Anyway, for the Mederma I do find that it’s helpful on both new and older scars although you need to use it for a longer period of time on the older scars . . . My derm also gave me a hydroquinone cream to use on a few light sun spots I have on my temples but I’m still deciding on how well I think that one works . . .

  3. I love the randomness of your post. So first: I will have the kids “write” to the little girl in (from Germany!) and talk about fire to them again!
    Second: You cut some very good looking citrus fillets!
    And… I love the odd combination theme party. 2 year olds are weird (and so cute at it). The fridge is amazing! Please tell Troy that it has an essentianl flaw, and that he needs to mount an LED the turns on when they open the door. This might possibly give you approx 5 hours of uninterrupted work time day its installed, and at least an hour per day in the week that follows 😉

    • Thank you! I learned how to do that in a cooking class I took for a team event when I worked for a $$$$ company in LA. I adore citrus of any kind and especially love it when it is all ready to go in the fridge.

      Oh man, how did we miss the LED light in the fridge? He’s so fired!

  4. I am 41 and never had a themed party. I didn’t know I needed a peacock ferry one until right now. Riding the Vashon ferry and peacocks are two of my favorite things, now and when I was a kid. But I don’t think I will look nearly as cute on the invite.

  5. Peepcocks! I died. 😀

    I’m also cracking up that Troy is using a back board! #emslife

    The one item I can’t live without in my kitchen is my husband. Bless that man, he does 99% of all the cooking, baking, and I am well fed.

  6. What is one item in your kitchen that you can’t live without? Oh boy, I took this a little too literally – I can’t live without the food in my kitchen. A good set of quality, very, very sharp knives is essential. I don’t do a lot of cooking but I’m always using my knives.

  7. I cannot live without my really good knives. I can cook in just about anything, but I need good knives for the prep. 

  8. Other than coffee maker (and yes, I have a back up!) I’d go with the workhorse square pans with handles that I use twice daily for pancakes/protein pancakes/French toast in the morning  and then roasted veggies/chicken sausage/etc nightly!  I’d be lost without them!

  9. My cutting board…it’s huge!

    • Question: how do you sanitize it? I have a medium cutting board that I love and it is the perfect size to make it easy to clean. My giant ones are like wrestling a tiger to try to clean.

      • Our kitchen sink is also a bit larger than a normal sink?.  It is still a pain in the rear to clean, but it’s worth it.

  10. My extra large cutting board used to cover one side of my sink -doubling my counter work space. 

  11. my santoku chef knife! can make-do with other stuff, but not without a decent knife!

  12. It’s between my instant pot and crock pot. I know people have gotten rid of their crock pots but I love making more chicken stock in the crock pot than the IP makes. 
    If I HAVE to pick one it would be the crock pot. 
    I’ve been reading on the light therapy and wondering how it would work also!

    • What size IP do you have? And what size crock do you have? I got the little lid that turns my IP into a crockpot so I can make just as much stock as in my old 7-quart slow cooker.

  13. Carhartt smarhartt. What’s real is that Troy’s “workbench” is a body board from an ambo! You guys really are serious about recycling stuff! Haha! Must have kitchen item is/are probably my knives. We recently moved and I didn’t get the knives unpacked right away – had to make do with a decent paring knife but going crazy! Now we don’t have a wall on which we can hang the magnetic strip we used to use. Looking for a countertop option that isn’t a traditional knife block. 

    • Hi Laurinda, I love my magnetic knife strip, but thought I’d share that my daughter uses a knife orgaizer from it fits in a drawer.
      Hope you find something that works for you.

    • Troy is a scavenger and so many of our projects look like a mad scientist made them. The ambulance company he used to work for was getting rid of those and of course, he needed one.

      Good knives are the best!

  14. I’m spending way too much time debating my kitchen essential…my favorite knife? my mixer? Finally decided tight now its my electric kettle, to get boiling water SO FAST has been so nice this winter!

  15. Great post – thanks! Kitchen item of love = coffee maker. If it dies, we snowshoe to the store if need be to get another. As I’m typing this I realize I’m going to buy a spare to keep in the basement.

  16. I love lots of things in my kitchen.. but if I have to pick a hill to die on I will go with my knives.. For a few years there my husband was a traveling for work fool. Through no choice of his he missed my birthday, our anniversary, kids first days of school, last day etc. He was bothered by it while I was like ” Bills need paid”… So on my birthday one year i get a box on the front stoop… inside was this amazing block of Racheal Ray knives.. way more money than I would have spent but they have lasted all these years with no issue at all.. and if I cannot keep my microplane.. at least I have these knives!