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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan

My dad bought a used motorhome! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll already know that Jack and Bennett are obsessed with it. We spend hours in it every day, and B’s new favorite word is “RV”. In fact, I accidentally left the gate to the stairs open the other day, and as B made it halfway down the stairs, he kept saying “RV, RV” and was headed down to spend some solo time in there.

Jack keeps referring to it as “mine and Grandpa’s motorhome”, and he has big plans on where “they” are going to take that thing.

Watching pre-season football in the RV…parked in our driveway

My sis and I couldn’t be happier for Dad. He loves to wander, camp, and fish. For the last 20+ years, he has stayed close to home (except for two weekends of fishing each year) since Mom couldn’t participate. He has more than earned some vagabond time.

The motorhome came with a very special gift for me. My dad is letting me put in shelf liner and get things organized!!! I’m nice and am letting my sister help a bit too. Seriously, it is my early birthday present. I loooooove organizing new spaces and would open a business called Sarah Puts Away (Your) Shit (or SPAS) if I thought there was a market for it. A blank space AND shelf liner? I may have squealed a bit. I’ve been checking out a few RV organization hacks on Pinterest, but so far nothing has really stuck out to me. Do you have any tips you can share?

I made quinoa in one minute in the Instant Pot this week! I used this recipe from Pinterest. I rinsed and then toasted the quinoa with a tsp of olive oil on the saute setting. Instead of water, I used chicken stock because it gives more flavor. The cooking (pressurizing) time was only one minute, but it took a few minutes to get up to pressure, and then 10-15 minutes to depressurize. I wouldn’t say all in all it was that much quicker than doing it on the stovetop, but it sure was a lot easier and more hands off.

I used the quinoa in this recipe and it was really good. I made extra quinoa and had it as part of every lunch for the rest of the week. Any random leftovers that would be decent with it were thrown on top with some feta and this chickpea/cucumber/tomato salad. I had leftover grilled chicken, some odds and ends from our kebabs last week. I have always tolerated quinoa as a side dish, but never as a main course. I was surprised this week how full I felt after eating it. But not that gross full feeling. My afternoon desire to snack was totally gone, and I didn’t feel hungry until dinner. A big ass batch of quinoa will be part my new go-to lunch plans for the foreseeable future.

Last weekend, Troy and I saw Atomic Blonde. I love Charlize Theron and I love action movies, so this one was a no-brainer. It was really good. A lot of her walking around Berlin (Troy called it part fashion show), but the fight scenes were amazing. The clothes and music were insanely delicious as well.

For anyone who likes intense and nutso movies with good action, check out What Happened to Monday. Troy found it on Netflix, and it’s three kinds of crazy. The scenes are pretty graphic, so I warn you in advance. But it’s good! Just have a glass of wine first, m’kay? Or at least some cocoa.

Jack has been obsessively talking this summer about having a Nerf gun sale. Like a garage sale, but just selling his old Nerf guns. When he gets an idea in his head, he doesn’t/won’t let it go. We finally were able to have it on Friday, and he unloaded about 15 various-sized guns. I usually applaud anyone with an entrepreneurial mind, but I had a lot of issue with this event. His main motivation for selling old Nerf guns was to buy new Nerf guns. He explained to me that he didn’t want the old ones anymore because they “were old, and not cool”. This has caused me a lot of angst and “where did I go wrong with this kid” moments. Troy thinks I am overreacting, but I think I am underreacting. Sure, all kids like new stuff, but Jack seems to take that to another level.

He is extremely blessed with family and friends who are generous, and the presents and gifts pile up. We almost never buy him toys for holidays, and try to stick to books and experiences. It isn’t to be righteous or anything; I just know with all the toys he gets from everyone else, he won’t notice we don’t give him any.

I’m starting to get anxious about his insistence that new is better and something no longer has value because it is more than three months old. And frankly, I don’t know how to fix it. I’ve done a lot of self-reflection about words that I use around the boys. Am I talking a lot about new things, or wanting more? I know I complain a lot about wishing we could remodel the kitchen. It’s something I have to work on along with them. We’ll figure it out. All I know is that the desire for more stuff and cooler stuff isn’t going to decrease as he gets older, and this issue won’t become easier to resolve. And as he gets older, he’ll be of age to volunteer at various community organizations, so hopefully, that will give him both perspective and a heart for serving others.

We had a three game soccer tournament yesterday. It was pretty much all soccer, all day. Jack had fun, and none of the kids managed to hurt themselves too seriously (despite the hysterical sobs a few times). Jack’s coach has never coached before or even played soccer, but she is awesome with the kids and makes sure they have fun. I played (fairly poorly) for almost 10 years, so I volunteered to help out on days when Troy is there and can watch Bennett/The Squirrel/Stinky. I was able to help at all three games yesterday and will lend a hand at the upcoming practices this week. Ya’ll, I had a BLAST yesterday. I didn’t realize how much I missed soccer, and the kids were mostly receptive to feedback. None of them actually internalized it, but they listened. 🙂 And since his coach has never played, I was able to help the kids with the technical aspects of the game. It got me thinking about coaching his team next year. I’m not sure how to make it work on the practice and game days when Troy is at work. Maybe I’ll put Bennett in a giant hamster wheel on the sidelines and throw some snacks at him from time to time.

I had a sports massage this week, and she did cupping on me. I’ve had it done before, but never by this therapist. I decided to forego tank tops for a few days to avoid scaring small children and the elderly.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Asian lettuce wraps (the shredded pork is in the freezer already), scallion pancakes from Trader Joes that my friend Kristina convinced me to buy, and spicy Asian green beans.

Tuesday:: Weeknight Eggplant Parmesan (basically this recipe but with eggplant instead of chicken), pasta on the side, and salad.

Wednesday:: Puff Pastry Sandwich Bakes, with green beans on the side.

Thursday:: Giving these Greek Turkey Burgers a try, paired with grilled zukes, and the cucumber/chickpea/tomato salad I can’t stop eating.

Friday:: Popcorn/movie/leftovers/fend for yourself night

Saturday:: Homemade pizza, and stir-fried green beans.

Sunday:: Family dinner

Grocery Spend this week:

Smith Brother’s Farms – $19.34 (if you are a Smith Brother’s customer, their organic Yami yogurt is on sale this week!)

Costco – $55.14. I really hate single packaging items like yogurt tubes, but…they were on rebate and I can’t deny the convenience of throwing a frozen one in my purse for Bennett when we’re out and about. And freezing them and putting one in Jack’s lunch. Once these are gone, they’re gone.

With my “one sweet per day” rule, that Nutella will last forever. 🙂 It was on a $3.50 rebate.

Farmer’s market – $25

Fred Meyer – $11.88

Parsley in the mesh produce bag

We were buying a ton of baguettes because the boys are super into them right now. At $1.99 a pop, I was getting annoyed with the cost. Not because $2 will break my budget, but I hate spending money on things that I know I can make myself and that taste better. I have a baguette pan that I found at Goodwill and have always used the fool-proof recipe in this book. I made a batch (two loaves) on Friday and will make more this coming week.

What are you having this week?


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8 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan”

  1. My 6-almost-7 year old son is the same with always wanting new stuff and more stuff except he doesn’t like getting rid of the old. I think this is a great idea and I only hope, as you do, that it gets better.

  2. I’m going to try out those turkey burgers next week I think.

    Hope I’ve done this right, here’s what we’ll be eating:

    Monday: Chile
    Tuesday: Pasta bake (cooked on delay in the oven so it’s ready when I get home from the gym)
    Wednesday: Something from the depths of the freezer – I think there’s a risotto back there somewhere
    Thursday: One pan Oven baked chicken thighs with food processor thin sliced potatoes and roasted carrots (based on this recipe
    Friday: Leftover BBQ meat from the freezer made from a Spicery ( box a few weeks ago

  3. There is a market for SPAS!!!
    There are so many hacks for organizing, it’s ridiculous…and as I was putting away items in my kitchen after our remodel, I had a no holds barred anxiety attack. I literally sat on the step stool losing my s**t.
    Sent a SOS to my real life version of YOU ? and she came over and took the reins . Her life is like a 3-D Tetris game…house, car, purse, etc. And she loves it. She went a little easier on me because her style only works if it’s replicated.
    It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I was showing pictures at work of her handiwork. Many of my coworkers said they would gladly pay for her service!! Turns out that I am not alone with OA, organizational anxiety.
    (Side note: We’re on the friends and family plan, so hubby and I are on deck when she and her hubby put out a SOS?).
    Look into this, lady. I’m telling you, it’s ??? that’s just waiting for you to earn it!

    • I agree! If you could find a way to fund a trip to Michigan, I will gladly let you take a run at my basement. I will even provide containers, rubber tubs, space bags, shelving and even a label maker! Did I mention label maker? S.O.S.

  4. Stop fretting the nerf situation.. No matter how much you try to bubble your boy from rampant consumerism.. he lives in the real world and goes to school and sees and hears it from his village of little people..
    The real takeaway is that he IS internalizing the lessons from mom and dad.. did he outright beg for a new gun from you? Or did he know that he needed to weed out his current collection, make some money and then purchase himself.. THAT is what will truly teach him the appreciation of what he has.. And he is already there.. at his young age! YOU DID THAT!!! Good Job Mama!!!
    My assumption is that nothing he sold was of serious emotional/family sentimental value.. Otherwise you would have put a limit on it.. I would probably bet that loved ones who did gift him the toys would be impressed that he was wise enough to know that he needed to sell the ones he no longer wanted to play with to earn the money to purchase something new…
    So I congratulate you on raising such a smart kid.. He’s getting it.. one day all too soon he will make a less than steller choice/sale/purchase and you get to use it as a gentle reminder that this was HIS choice!!!

    • Well said!

    • I agree with you and appreciate your thoughts. I also realized as I was reading your comment that I did a crappy job putting into words what I’m truly worried about. I part of the consumer culture; we all are. But teaching Jack to be a conscious consumer is important as well. Having him designate things as no longer having worth after only three months is both terrible for the soul and our earth. I’d love to teach him that just because live in a disposable world, we don’t have to live disposable lives.