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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for April 24th – 30th

You know you have officially jumped the shark with juvenile humor, when your eight year old rolls his eyes and says “grow up mom”. Gulp.

I was making soup, and had thrown in some tomatoes I froze from last year. They cooked down a bit, but still needed some more squishy. I strained them out, put them on a cutting board, and let them cool. I picked one up and it started dribbling a little juice out of a hole in the skin. I said “look Jack, it’s peeing”. He shook his head, sighed, and mumbled that I should grow up.


Baseball season has started, and it’s gross. This has been an especially rainy winter/spring, and while we have beautiful days, I’m ready for it to just stop raining already. Keeping J warm and B occupied in the cold and rain has challenging. Last season, B just slept in the Ergo for every game. This season? This season it is like trying to herd a drunk cat. I’m lucky if I can watch Jack even bat, since Bennett just wanders around and tries to eat rocks. When it is especially gross out, I’ll bring the stroller and just shove snacks in under his rain tarp to try to contain him as long as possible.

Who made baseball so boring and long anyway?


But surely enough, spring is trying to win in the end. And we’re cheering it on, and urging it to hurry the heck up.

Two Fridays ago, I got a call from the Highly Capable office in our school district. Jack had tested prior to spring break, and they were calling to tell me he hadn’t qualified for it based on the testing. I was a bit surprised, but was fine with that. Then, she informed me that when they told his teacher about it, she essentially said “nope, test him again”. The test had been the day after he got out of the hospital during his latest bout of intussusception, so who knows if that played a role. So, this last Friday, he was given an IQ test by a child psychologist. She came to his school and pulled him out for an hour. We received a call later that day that he had done “very well, and was more than qualified”. So, that was cool, but also now we have to make the hard decision about where to send him next year.

In our district, the HC program is housed in an elementary school that serves all the HC kids from all the various schools. It is a newer program and there are challenges with it. Many of the kids who are in the program feel like they’re the smart weirdos at the end of the hall. They don’t feel integrated in to the rest of the school or anything. Jack is open enrolled at his current school, and I’m worried that if he goes to the HC program and hates it, he can’t get back in his home school. The school in our neighborhood is crap, and would likely be his only option if he left the program. We’re going to the open house for the program this week, and I’ll attend with an open mind, but lots of questions.

Jack started bawling when he found out his friends wouldn’t be at the new school if he attended. He was also very concerned he wouldn’t get recess and “all those smart kids won’t like PE like I do”. He was excited about the fact that there would be math that is challenge. Nerd. He could make friends any time, anywhere, so I’m not too concerned about social chances, but there is a lot to consider overall.

Even when off, wood stoves make great pant dryers

So…I’m working on a secret project. I should be ready to share it with you all no later than May 1st. Hopefully before, but we’ll see. It is something I have thought about no less than 100 times in the last two years. It was always something that seemed like it would be fun, and maybe a new challenge for me. I kept putting it on the back burner, but now I’m happy to have a project that I can throw myself in to that provides lovely distraction. Just shove those emotions down deep. It’s what healthy people do…right?

I plan to get back to my normal posting schedule once this thing is “out there”. I have created two new tasty and fast weeknight dinner recipes that we love, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you. As I sketch out my posting schedule for the next month, help me out by completing this sentence (put your answer in the comments please. Don’t just say it aloud. I have great hearing, but not that great.) – “one thing I would like to read more about on this blog is x”. Please and thank you!

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Street tacos, black beans, rice. I made a pork butt in the crockpot last week (same pork butt that made me think someone had broken in to our house), and used half for one dinner, and froze the rest. We’ll use the rest for the tacos.

Tuesday:: One of the recipes I’m making for posting later in the week.

Wednesday:: Breakfast dinner

Thursday:: Asparagus ravioli with garlicky cream sauce, and salad with roasted beets.

Friday:: Popcorn and movie night.

Saturday:: Soup. Likely.

Sunday:: Family dinner

This week I spent $61.12 at Costco.

And $35.38 at the grocery store.

I had so many coupons, and it ruled. I only got a $.25 ibotta rebate from this trip, but earned a bunch more at Target and Joanns this week.

What are you having this week?

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17 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for April 24th – 30th”

  1. I like your practical ideas for thrifty crafts, food, etc. Love the confessions posts, pix of kids, etc. I would also like specifics on your pizza prep. Your sense of humour and honesty are what make the blog though, so really anything you write naturally is a hit.

  2. I love your confessions posts but I also like recommendations and stuff you’re enjoying posts (TV shows, podcasts, books, snacks…whatever else).

  3. (With regard to the canning, I am curious about how feasible it would be for a very small household to do. There are only 2 of us in my house and I don’t grow tons of produce or anything, but I do occasionally make batches of jam or applesauce, that kind of thing. I would say a maximum of about 5 jars’ worth at a time or less, that’s it.)

  4. One thing I would like to read more about on this blog is some of your go-to snacks that you have everyday, how to can things (and what would be the very least amount of gear you would need to buy to do so because I have a small home), and also more about what kind of gardening you do. Do you grow organic? How do you keep your soil enriched year to year? How do you choose what to plant? How do you manage to use up all the produce and not waste food when it grows so thick and fast during the summer? etc.

  5. one thing I would like to read more about on this blog is….
    vegetarian freezer recipes! Nothing beats the comfort of just having to thaw something at the end of a tiring day. I usually freeze soups, stews and the occasional curry, but this limited repertoire is getting boring after a while.
    Otherwise: love your blog ?

  6. I, too, like the blog as is. Your humor makes me smile. Maybe more info on gardening and canning. I tend to freeze everything because I am intimidated by the whole concept of canning.

  7. I am interested in how you make your homemade frozen pizzas work. I have a homemade WW crust recipe that works well for me but have never frozen it. If you could share your method and your crust recipe I would appreciate it! Having them assembled and frozen would be nice on busy nights…………..almost as convenient as throwing sauce and random items on a WW pita and calling it pizza 😉