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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for December 19th – 25th

If you are self-employed and develop recipes for your blog, can you claim workers comp if you hurt yourself making peppermint bark? Damn, I always forget how sharp that stuff is when you’re trying to break it in to pieces!


I’m not sure if it is the dramatic spike in blood sugar, or actual fact, but I think I have finagled the perfect sugar cookie recipe. It is a bastardized version of about five different recipes floating round the interwebs, but has a personal spin (thanks to my sister’s suggestion) on it that I haven’t seen elsewhere. But juuuuuuuuuust to make sure, I consumed about half of a cup of raw dough. For testing. In the name of science.

We always forget the day of that we never have Christmas color dye. The orange brontosaurus doesn't care.

We always forget the day of that we never have Christmas color dye. The orange Brontosaurus doesn’t care. Nor the blue Yoda head.

Our church helps support a local business that houses and trains homeless youth. Last month, our congregation’s point of contact for the shelter asked if I would make four dozen sugar cookies for the teen’s Christmas party. She knows two things about me that make me a great fit for such a role: 1) I love to bake 2) I never say no when people ask for favors. Jack and I make Christmas cookies every year, but I’ve never been in love with any particular recipe. I feel like this one is a winner, and will be our new yearly go-to recipe. I’ll make it a few more times over the next year, and will share it with everyone next year.#12monthtease




Have you ever noticed if you say or write a word too often in a short period of time, it all the sudden starts to not look/sound right? You begin to question if you even know how to spell it, and your tongue trips over the pronunciation of something that should be so familiar. So then you say the word over and over, and then people start looking at you like you’re insane as you say “constitution” on repeat. In Target.


I cut four inches off of my hair this week. And that was after I cut about four inches off in October. Most years of my life, I haven’t even had eight total inches of hair on my head. I’m just someone who is better with shorter hair, and I am ok with that. It’s gross and stringy when it is long, and looks like a hot mess within an hour of taking the time to blow dry it. Not sure what is more distracting, the super dirty mirror, or my limp hair.


Ahhhhh, much better.


All ready for the holidays? My friends who are Jewish and married to Christians are a bit overwhelmed this year with Hanukkah starting on Christmas Eve. To help them out and make sure there aren’t too many presents this year, I totally slacked graciously have delayed making their kids Christmas presents. I’m a giver like that.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Sweet potatoes with shredded pork and roasted broccoli.

Tuesday:: Chicken, scalloped potatoes, biscuits, roasted broccoli, and coleslaw. We’re having people over. 🙂

Wednesday:: Popcorn and movie night. Half day at school, and we’re busy Friday night.

Thursday:: Tomato soup (canned from the garden), biscuits, and leftover slaw.

Friday:: We’re going to Zoo Lights with all the cousins. In an effort to cut down on presents and excess (good freaking luck) from the extended family, all the moms of the cousins decided to do an experience this year instead of getting the kiddos individual gifts. Troy always said the best part about Christmas growing up was spending the day with his cousins, so we’re doing just that. Each family pays for themselves, and we spend time together with those that we love.

Saturday:: Christmas Eve!

Sunday:: Christmas!

What are you having this week?

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4 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for December 19th – 25th”

  1. The Zoo lights outing is a great idea. The kids will love it and will talk about it for years. I’m an old lady and when all the cousins get together we still reminisce about our favorite times.

    Can I get credit for last week’s meal planning instead of this week’s? I had crazy amounts of time last week and cooked/baked up a storm. There were meatball parm sandwiches on homebaked rolls, a copycat recipe of Olive Garden’s zuppa toscana, homemade sloppy joes and rolls, roast chicken, mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts, chicken tacos with homemade tortillas and a big pot of beans with cornbread as well as a banana cake and brownies. Like most of the country, it’s been very cold and combined with the holidays made a perfect storm of culinary frenzy.

    I haven’t been to the store yet, so it’ll be Fend For Yourself night tonight, at least. And I’ve got Christmas gift baking for my neighbors on tap so I hope the memory of last week’s indulgences carries over to this week. 🙂

  2. I’ve cut myself on granola before. The recipe called to smooth it into a block then break it apart to get the chunks. Cue blood smear with no idea when it started. At least I was the only one who was eating it.

    I did the big chop too and don’t use conditioner. So much easier to deal with.

    I think someone stalked our post last time we discussed the six month slump and I said I pumped a lot then proceeded to spill most of it. I read FML regularly and someone posted that exact same scenario. What are the odds?

  3. Love the idea of an “experience” instead of more toys for Christmas gifts.

  4. My hair is stick-straight, too. My grandmother called it ‘lank’. I don’t know if you use conditioner or not, but I discovered when I quit using it I could go the day I washed my hair and the next day, too, before feeling like a sad girl. Especially if I took the time to blow dry my hair on the ‘cool’ setting. I also started using a volume enhancing (note: couldn’t figure out how to spell voluminizing) shampoo. If I can get two days of hair out of one day’s shampooing I am a happy camper. 🙂