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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for February 13th – 19th

Calling all Puget Sound chicken owners. I’m in need of someone to act as my chicken baby momma (or dad) and raise some chicks for me. Due to allergies, we can’t raise chicks on our own, and have to get “coop ready” chickens to add to our flock. I’d love three to four more ladies, and I am willing to pay. If you are interested, please email me, message me on facebook, or leave a comment.

Guess what? It finally snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like legit snow, and not just a heavy frost that foolishly shuts down the city. Actual flakes and actual accumulation.

I was stopped when I took this picture. And my Outback kicked ass on those unplowed roads.

I’m a bit of a iphone weather app whore, and when there is even a mention of potential snow, I check it at least hourly. I have been disappointed so many times, and like a lovesick fool, I keep coming back for more. When percentages like “90%” started showing up near the snowflake symbol, I was hopeful but built a little wall around my heart. Some flakes started around 7 pm Sunday night, and it didn’t stop snowing until noon the next day.

A snow day was called around 4:15 Monday morning, and Jack was beside himself with glee when he finally woke up and looked out the window. We love snow so very much, and it is a very rare occurrence here. And yes, my children are so pale that their faces blend in with the snow below.

I broke our No Spend February a little bit this week. I looked at my calendar and realized our friend’s kiddo was turning two and we had a birthday party coming up. I thought, I Googled, and looked through all the stuff in my sewing closet and came up with the idea of a felt play set. Ugh, I know, I rolled my eyes too. It seems like some Suzy Sunshine and Holly Hobbity bullshit. But…I had most of the supplies already, and I knew my additional financial output would be minimal.

Not sure how that fireman is supposed to be able to ride on that tiny ass fire truck.

I’m not sure why all the buildings look so scared. Troy was nice enough to draw a face on the guy for me.Total spent was at Joann’s with three coupons was $4.24. I’m also making a little felt board with a pocket on the back, but it hasn’t been completed yet. My crafting skills are not the best, but I hope effort makes up for the actual lack of talent.

Our bath toys are a bit out of control, and you know how much I love clutter. 🙁 I looked on Amazon, but the storage set up that looked like they would work for us all involved permanent sticky tape. Plus, they all cost $15 or more, and this is No Spend February. With a 1 gallon empty coconut oil bucket, and Troy’s drill, we created a $0 solution. This is also similar to how I reuse these buckets for blackberry picking in the summer.

My in-laws wanted Jack to spend the night on Saturday. No Spend February put a bit of a crimp in the day though. Any night without Jack would be a cause for us to run out and get teriyaki or something like that. Instead, we hunkered down and made pasta, a huge salad.

And we ate the first batch of whole wheat banana Nutella muffins I made while trying to hammer out the details of the recipe. They were freaking delicious, but a little too flat. It will be a tasty journey while I perfect it. And then share with you. #recipecreationperks

After our Thanksgiving that never was, I froze the turkey I had purchased. While making homemade chicken stock this week, I realized I was totally out of chicken carcasses (sorry, there is no better word to use here) in my freezer. Any time I make a whole chicken, I save the body in a Ziploc and throw it in the freezer. I save veggie peels in a separate Ziploc, and will make stock when I feel like dragging out my pressure canner and canning quarts of the stuff. My mom is on a liquid diet, so we’re burning through stock like you wouldn’t believe. That damn turkey taunts me every time I open the freezer door, so I’m roasting it this week. Meals for days, and stock for weeks.

I got a fun surprise in the mail this week in the form of some rad socks from my friend Anne. They’re Darn Tough Vermont Wool Socks. I’ve been a huge fan of the wool socks from Costco for a few years now, but maybe it’s just me, but they wear out after one season. I also noticed this year that they are no longer made in the USA, and are now made in China. The Darn Tough socks are made in the USA, and even better, they come with a lifetime guarantee. If you wear them out, the company will replace them for free. For life yo. It reminds me of Patagonia products (which I don’t own, but I aspire to); seems expensive upfront, but built for longevity. So, I’m adding them to my growing list of rad products made in the United States. ‘Merica and socks man, ‘Merica and socks.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Pizza (Jack’s request) and salad. I’m annoyed with salad, but whatever.

Tuesday:: Thanksgivintines day! Roasted turkey, cranberry sauce (from my beloved stash of frozen cranberries), mashed potatoes, and I’m trying my hand at my sister’s stuffing recipe.

Wednesday:: Turkey, pesto, and mozzarella paninis, salad (snooooooooooore), and roasted root veggies.

Thursday:: Turkey noodle soup and biscuits.

Friday:: Popcorn and movie night. And Troy and I are having our long awaited date night.

Saturday:: Nachos with shredded turkey, black beans, and avocado.

Sunday:: Family dinner.

This week I spent exactly $45 at the grocery store. How often does that happen? With the snow, we missed our milk delivery, so I had to buy milk and eggs. The milk had a $.50 rebate from ibotta, and I also got a $.50 ibotta rebate for the eggs. I had a coupon for the salad and the cans of tomatoes (for soup for my mom).

What are you having this week?

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14 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for February 13th – 19th”

  1. Can’t remember if you said you had well water or not, but make sure (if you do) to put some holes at the edges of your bucket, too. I have well water and the # of holes you have would not be enough to keep the slime from accumulating (hey, water that’s not chlorinated has living things in it) in the bottom.
    Love ya, your posts make me laugh.

  2. Packing lunches has saved me sooo much money over the years. Making the taste good is an ongoing challenge though. Hopefully I can improve that with the tips I’ve gotten from this blog. One thing that really saved me some time, was discovering that I can make lunches and dinners in bullk on the weekend to save time during the week when I’m busier. My food saver is an awesome tool for freezing bulk meals that still preserve the flavor and taste fresh.

    • Tony, I totally agree! Packing lunch is huge in terms of saving. For us, I always just make enough at dinner to provide for two lunches for us for the next day. It is simply food I am already cooking, but just a bit more.

  3. How do you roast your root veggies and which veggies did you use?

    Have you heard about socks from “sock art” from sock connections They’ve been on Good Morning America deals and steals on sale a few times. Good quality.

    • I roast whatever is on sale, and I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, hence the vagueness. LOL. I heat a huge cast iron skillet at 425, and throw a dollop of butter in there when it is ready. I use brussels, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips; basically whatever I can get my hands on. Toss the root veg in a little olive oil, with sea salt, fresh minced garlic, and smoked paprika. Roast for 20 min, stir, and keep roasting in the oven until it is your desired “doneness”. I like them crispy.

      When I am making a smaller batch, I use a smaller cast iron skillet in my convection toaster oven.

  4. I hadn’t noticed that costco had changed where the socks came from but I have noticed my new pairs this year already look more worn than last year! 🙁

    Thanks for another sock option!

  5. I was just considering converting my big stash of chicken carcasses and veggie bits into stock today. It is snowing here and predicted to keep snowing all day. Do you keep your carrot peels for stock too? I never seem to think of it tho I always have lots of celery bits to go in, and slightly over grown broccoli harvested from last years’ garden. I did not even know you could buy coconut oil in 1 gallon buckets. How expensive is that? What do you use all that coconut oil for?

  6. Fresh snowfall is always so pretty. It’s raining here in Michigan right now. So you got our snow and we got your rain???