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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for January 16th-22nd

I had an experience last week. A matter of two inches could have changed my life. Two little inches, and there is a good chance I would never recover from shock and the subsequent freak out.

Let’s set the scene: It was Monday morning, and the temps were in the mid-teens. It was freezing outside, and the sun had just risen over the horizon. It was a gorgeous and crisp morning, and I could see my breath as I hauled the chicken food and waterer out to the coop. I rounded the corner, and saw a huge crispy leaf on the ground right in front of the door to the yard leading to the coop. I was wearing my chicken boots, aka, my three-year old filthy and comfy Boggs, and was about to step down on the leaf when I paused. Everyone loves to step on a crispy leaf and hear the crunch, right? I awkwardly did a little skip jump to avoid the leaf, and as my foot came down two inches from it, I noticed it had a tail. The leaf had a tail.

The. Leaf. Was. A. Rat. It was a petrified, leathery, mummified dead rat. Dead. Dead. Dead rat.

Why was a petrified rat in the middle of the walkway? It clearly hadn’t recently died, so it’s not like it just wandered there and gave up the goods. I came screeching walking calmly in to the house and told Troy he had a task to attend to outside. He said “where did it come from” and I said “I’m not sure, I didn’t quite catch his backstory while we were chatting”.

It was not ok, and I will never step on another leaf in my life. I may even take to carrying a leaf blower with me at all times and sweeping the ground in front of me while I walk.

Static and fine hair are a bitch

Do they even make floss without wax anymore? I can’t see any benefit to it at all. “Hey, throw me the floss. No, not the good stuff that works well, I want to the floss that shreds and gets stuck in-between my teeth. Yeah, the unwaxed stuff. Thanks”. I’m sure one of you must know why unwaxed floss still is a thing. What use does it have to keep it around while there is much more efficient floss on the market?

A friend of mine recently created her first ever budget. It was such a proud moment for me to see her working out the kinks and setting priorities. As she was asking our group text crew for help identifying categories and reoccurring expenses, it struck me how so much about budgeting is really getting down to the nitty gritty, adjusting, and eventually just becoming comfortable with the routine of it all. The idea of building the foundation for the first step of drafting a lasting budget gave me an idea. Combined with the desire to do a No Spend challenge for February, sparked the idea for a month-long series.

So, coming at you next month will be back to basics throwback jams on starting a frugal journey from scratch. A bit of a revisit to why I started this blog way back in the day, and how we have lived for years. With that in mind, I’d love to hear anything you’d like to read more about during the month. Any burning questions you’d like answered that might help you find the missing piece of your financial puzzle? Any focus you’d like to read about? Would love suggestions left in the comments to help me sketch out the posts for next month.

This coming week finds me starting a project for Bennett’s birthday present. I won’t give away the details until it is done, but I will say it is updating something that was handmade by my maternal grandfather. It has been used by two generations of my family, and Bennett will become lucky number three. I’m very excited about it, and will share it with you all very soon!

As many of you know, I have dedicated my life to ending a tragic condition that is sweeping this country. The chronic camel toe exposure has reach pandemic levels. The surge of yoga and workout pants being worn has led to a more comfortable population, but once that has caused me to dedicate time and energy in to finding a pair of pants that are less um, crotch focused. While discussing this pressing issue with some friends, one recommended that I buy longer shirts. I informed her that “buy longer shirts” is crap that short people say.

This was me in a public bathroom. That mirror wasn’t hung with my kind in mind. #thestruggleisreal

We had a breakthrough in our crotch-o-flauging research two weeks ago, and I have finally found a pair of running (ha ha, I’m so not running in these) pants that I am not horrified to wear during my long walks. These Motorunning pants are thermal lined, which means they are warm enough to wear when it was 28 degrees the other day. The sizing seemed to run small, so I ordered a size larger, and I am glad I did. And nary a camel toe will be seen.

Or, don’t get the pants. You can always go to the extreme to hide your crotch that this poor woman did. Apparently, she also couldn’t find long shirts, so she just went ahead and removed her rectum and vagina to solve the problem. That’s thinking outside the box… 🙂

until baseball starts in March. Basketball, unlike baseball and soccer, means I always get to sit in a heated gym and never have to pack gloves, coats, an umbrella, and a folding chair. But the games are soooo late some weeks.

Monday:: Paninis, roasted sweet potatoes, and salad.

Tuesday:: Organic hot dogs, roasted broccoli, and leftover sweet potatoes

Wednesdayr: Pasta, mixed greens with roasted beets/goat cheese/hazelnuts/vinaigrette. I’m kinda obsessed with it lately.

Thursday:: Frittata, fruit, biscuits, and bacon

Friday:: Popcorn and movie night

Saturday:: Leftovers, or out depending on the state of the fridge

Sunday:: Family dinner

What are you having this week?

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20 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for January 16th-22nd”

  1. Yuck on the dead rat! Have you ever found a snake in your coop? We have rat snakes here. I keep a hoe or shovel near the coop at all times just in case.

  2. I am so looking forward to your series next month! Our trusty, paid-off, old-but-still-amazing car got hit last week and I have a feeling it’s going to be totaled. We expected to be driving her for another few years, so we have not been budgeting for a car. I’d love to just make do with one car, but unfortunately the bus doesn’t go by the barn that the kiddo and I spent 4 days a week at. Oh, and the hubby will be out of town almost all summer for work and will be taking a vehicle with him. Which means we need to figure out how to fit a car into our budget.

    I would like to know the pen-and-paper details of keeping a budget. Do you write it out or have a spread sheet on the computer? How often do you review your budget and what does that look like? Do you keep all your receipts and input the info somewhere or just go off your on-line banking info?

    Um, yuck on the rat. We have an opossum that has decided out place is the cool hangout. It isn’t too big a deal if I remember to close the girls up before the sun sets, but if I want to long (or we get home late), I always have to chase him away. He’s ugly!

    • You’re in WI now, right? Somewhere up there? I’d highly recommend a used Subaru! Even their sedans are AWD and they’re fabulous in the snow. So sorry to hear about the accident! Hope everyone is 100% ok.

      • Close! We are in MI. Funny you mention the Subaru, it has been our plan for years to buy a brand-new Subaru once Rosa was thoroughly driven into the ground. Looks like we are just upping our time line and going with used. I went and re-read your post from when you got Subbeca (sp?) as we were concerned about the leg room in the back seat and I had remembered you mentioning it in your post!

        Thankfully everyone walked away with only sore muscles. Yet one more reason to love our Rosa, she protected us when it mattered most.

      • So glad all are well and safe. RIP sweet Rosa.
        I still love my Outback so very much! Like, it is almost creepy at this point. The legroom in the back is stellar, and I don’t have a single complaint about Subacca (25k miles at this point). If you were looking to spend a little less, the Forrester is still one hell of a car. I know they were redesigned for 2017, but I am not familiar with the improvements. I drove one for a week as a loaner, and initially I didn’t like it because it had a very boxy SUV drive feel. The Outback is built on the chassis of a sedan, so it drives like one. But the Forrester grew on me, and if I didn’t have the Outback, I would absolutely drive the Forrester. Legroom is still great, but it has a smaller trunk. It feels like a large car because of the insane headroom.

      • Thanks for the info! We are looking for used as that’s what will fit in our (non-existent- c’mon February!) budget. Trunk space is a major want/need for us. The hubby needs to be able to toss a bike in the back, and I am hoping to be able to fit some Gracie mats in there as I am getting back into teaching Jiu-Jitsu. The mats when folded are 5’x3′ though, so I am not holding my breath that they will fit.

      • Ok, so I just went and measured my trunk. Width was 4 feet, and depth was 3 feet and 4 inches. However, assuming you wouldn’t need to transport them in the car every single day, and the kiddo doesn’t need to be with you, the seats fold down like a boss would it would totally fit. If the kiddo goes with you, the seats do a 60/40 split and you could be able to get it in there at an angle. Take one with you to the dealer to see!

        Subaru redid the Outback in 2015, so prior to that, the gas mileage wasn’t as good (and a few other things). The trunk space was generally about the same, but 2015 and later has a bit more cargo room.

      • You. Are. AWESOME! The fact that you went out and measured your trunk for me is so cool 🙂

        We ended up buying a 2012 Outback 3.6R Limited. She’s baby blue and we named her Betsy. We test drove a Forester also, and while I loved the visibility and how high I sat, the 3.6 engine is really what the hubby wanted. Added to that, the Outback we drove was actually a smoother ride than the Forester and has a higher towing capacity. Mountain bikes aren’t heavy, but when you have a bazillion of them that you want to take on vacation with you…

        I really appreciate all the info, it helped a bunch!

      • Well, I went down to the garage; not outside in the elements. 🙂

        Congrats on your new family member! I love that blue that you got! They discontinued that color, and I was so bummed. Betsy is a great name, and I hope she’ll be a wonderful car for you! Do you have snow? Go drive in it! I’m always so jealous that people get to take their Outbacks out in actual snow. Yes, the Outback has a much smoother drive than the Forrester!

      • No snow, and I am OK with that! Betsy is a beautiful blue, I’m excited to see what she looks like in the sunshine (if we ever get any). Now I need to look into that trunk organizer…

  3. I have the answer you seek!!!! Unwaxed dental floss is for craft projects and repairs that require very strong thread! The girls I look after and I made no-sew sock snowmen on Monday and we used unwaxed dental floss to tie them up. One of them questioned why I brought floss over! (they are young, I was thrilled that they knew what it was!!) I have also repaired (among other things) the arm of a canvas lawn chair with floss. I keep it in my sewing kit! The minty, waxed stuff is in the bathroom cabinet.

    One of the only things I like about fall, aside from the fact that the bugs are gone, is stomping through the crispy leaves. I hope I have forgotten about this post next fall!

  4. Funny you should mention unwaxed floss!
    On Monday, I was doing a craft with the girls I babysit. No-sew sock snowmen. (say THAT five times fast! I don\’t know HOW many times I called them *still accurately* no-snow sock snowmen) and one of the girls asked me why I brought floss. I said that I didn\’t know if you could even GET this kind any more, now it is all minty and made to slide between your teeth better, but this unwaxed and unflavoured stuff is GREAT for crafting. It is SUPER strong and makes fantastic string when you are doing things like tying up socks to make snowmen. (It also makes great thread when you are sewing up the torn arm of a canvas lawn chair)
    So that is the long-winded answer to your question. Crafting and Repairs that require very strong thread. THAT is what unwaxed dental floss is for. Go put some in your sewing kit. That is where mine lives!

    If I still remember this post in the fall, I am going to be afraid to step in the crunchy leaves. I am sorry for your ordeal though. That must have been horrible. Glad you noticed before stepping down. I kind of hope I DO forget. I LOVE the crunchy leaves.

  5. Speaking of being frugal. I really want the amazing bag you have in the bathroom pic, but I’m also not spending any extra right now (only until I die) bc we’re trying to save to buy a house…In the Denver area. FML.

    • I looooooooooooooove Denver, but the market is so hot there right now. Good luck!
      If it makes you feel any better, this bag could not be yours even if you had a bunch of money to spend. It is at least eight years old, possibly ten, and it has been my daily purse for 99.99% of that time. I always get compliments on my “vintage” purse when I am out and about I explain it isn’t vintage, but that “patina” look is because of the Costco rotisserie chicken I spilled on it one day. Those things are greasy. LOL

  6. Can’t wait for the series, in this new year I get a lady boner (one of my favorite terms I learned from you) when I don’t pay full price for things. I’m a SAHM myself and would love some tips on how to treat myself on a budget and entertain a kiddo cheaply on days when we can’t enjoy mother nature’s free entertainment.

  7. I like to hear how other people organise their bank accounts. Do you have all your cash in an offset account (against your mortgage) and pay all your bills from there? Pull out that week/month/fortnight’s budget in cash and only use that? Do you each get a certain amount of ‘play money’ per week for incidentals like coffee? Any automatic savings accounts?

    So many options! We have done various things throughout the years and I think it’s time for us to change it up again.

  8. I second Vanessa’s question. Also, any ideas on how to get your spouse on board? Our finances are semi separate at the moment. Thank you! Love your blog!

  9. Looking forward to the series! When you started your journey did you ever feel like you were going through a “detox” phase of no spending? If so, how did you cope (other than having no damn choice of course).