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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for March 27th – April 2nd

Hypothetically speaking, how do you know when running shoes are worn out? Not that my running shoes have ever actually seen running. The ice cream truck hasn’t been in my neighborhood for MONTHS. But with all the walking I do, these shoes have seen some mileage. They’re still comfortable and I feel like they are still supportive (they told me my ass looked great the other day), but how will I know when it is time to get a new pair? What should I be looking for as a warning sign they’re getting close to biting it?

I have had a big imagination since I was a kid. Things always got away from me, but I was able to bring myself back to reality from time to time. Living in the Puget Sound area, access to water is a given. We’d swim in lakes, tube in rivers, and be on boats as much as possible. Even while I was happy to swim and splash in the open water, I always knew that there were monsters down there that were trying to eat me. I often did my best to float, since kicking my legs would inevitably draw their attention to my location. They also lived in pools. But only in the deep end.

You know things are getting bad when you go to write something you think is witty, start off with a tangent about monsters in the water, and then can’t remember your freaking point about the story. Brains need sugar. I’m just saying.

We finally replaced the stupid shelf lamp in our living room. Troy had attached it to the wall, but Bennett was still pretty annoying about messing with it. We knew we wanted something different for a while, but Troy and I have very opposite tastes in decor. Picking out our area rug almost led to marriage counseling. So lamps and other decisions don’t happen quickly. We used to have a ton of photos on the wall by this lamp, but cleared them off after the wood stove was installed. Jack and my nephew loved to throw bouncy balls on the wall where the stove is now. Removing the photos from the other wall gave them an area to still use. As someone who definitely has a minimalist decorating vibe, I don’t mind the stark white walls at all. At some point they’ll get tired of throwing balls on the wall and we’ll spend another six months finding some artwork for the space.

Stupid lamp before:

New lamp. It’s from Target and was on sale. It’s super heavy, gives off good light, and because the sides aren’t solid, Nerf darts fly right through!

We put the lamp on OfferUp (selling app), and Troy posted it on Facebook, and we had six people interested within a few hours. Got rid of it the day after it was posted.

I finally got our spring garden planted this week. I am so excited to see how the DIY seed tape I made turns out in a few weeks. It was soooooooo easy to just unroll everything, throw some dirt over the top and call it a day. As I stood in the front yard, I saw so many weeds that needed to be pulled. Jack’s family birthday party is coming up soon, and this coming week are half days at school. I’ll have both older boys in the afternoon, which means zero time to get any work done during Bennett’s afternoon nap. The week after that is spring break, which is always a crap shoot for getting much accomplished. On top of that, I’m working on a quilt for his birthday that I am 99.99% certain I cannot finish before the party. All of this was racing through my head as I looked at those weeds.

So, I did what every gardener has done since the dawn of time. Did I grab my gardening gloves, hand trowel, and buckle down and get to work? Hell no! I got a bale of straw and just put a nice little top-dressing over all the weeds. Everything looks fresh, clean, and like I spent a very long time hand pulling the weeds.

And then the wild peacocks in our neighborhood came and tossed it all up. Peacocks. They really are nature’s douche bags.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Homemade mac and cheese, roasted broccoli, and salad. Yes, this was supposed to be dinner last week, but we needed to avoid dairy due to Jack’s tummy issues.

Tuesday:: Homemade ramen bowls, roasted broccoli. I’m so looking forward to spring veggies. I’m over roasted broccoli. O-V-E-R it.

Wednesday:: Boys will have homemade frozen pizza and salad. The salad isn’t frozen. I’m going out to dinner with some former coworkers.

Thursday:: Popcorn dinner. This will be a day early because Jack has baseball practice on Friday. Who holds practice on a Friday?

Friday:: Troy’s super yummy burgers, onion rings, and salad.

Saturday:: Teriyaki. Jack has a birthday party to go to, and it is right next to our favorite take out place.

Sunday:: Family dinner

This week was a budget buster at Costco! They have all their organic items featured right now, so a lot of them are on sale. It’s blowing my budget, but I’m stocking up on essentials that we use every single day. $123.08

We tried the ravioli. It was decent; I wouldn’t say amazing, but it was good. The label cracked me up though. Baby spinach is too cruel?

Noosa is our new favorite store-bought yogurt (yoghurt), and Costco tends to only carry it during certain times of the year so we stock up when we can. I’m usually really good about sticking to my list, but that ramen was a total impulse purchase. I love making homemade ramen, but I usually buy a package of the organic kind and just use the noodles. That’s $1.39 a pop and a lot of packaging to toss for just the noodles. I’m super excited about trying this stuff out.

I made the grocery store my bitch this week. Between Friday Freebies (free items for people with the Fred Meyer app), coupons, sales, and  the Ibotta app, I crushed my savings.

The Cup of Noodle and V8 Energy drink were Friday Freebies items and will be donated to our Community Resource Officer at church. She works with anyone who walks in to our church seeking assistance. It ranges from people who are homeless, to families and seniors who have fallen on hard times.

I had a coupon for the tea, the Noosa, the almond milk, the pasta, and the Kettle Chips. The Ibotta app gave me cashback for the tea, the organic Gatorade (we keep it on hand for when Jack is having stomach issues), the V8 Energy, and the tuna. I cannot handle caffeine, so energy drinks are not my bag at all. But Ibotta had a $1 rebate on it, so not only did I get it for free, but I earned a buck. Ha! Troy likes to have some tuna in his locker at work for emergency meals. It was $1.79 a can, and there was a $1.50 off of two Ibotta rebate, so $1.04 per can. The chips are for him too. They were 2/$4, and I had a $1 off coupon. The tea was on sale, I had a $.50 off coupon, and there was a $1.50 Ibotta rebate.

Total before coupons: $30.62. Total after coupons: $26.63. Total after Ibotta rebate: $21.88.

Smith Brothers Farms – $19.65

What are you having this week?

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6 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for March 27th – April 2nd”

  1. Looking forward to that post!

  2. Wow, I really like the piece of furniture your tv is sitting on. Is it a vintage piece? If not, would you mind saying where you got it?

    The peacock pictures are great. At least they are pretty, if annoying! We’ve had wild guinea hens hang out in our yard, which was interesting, but they were mainly very noisy and not much to look at. 🙂

    • So funny, because I am currently writing about the console for another post. I actually bought it for $15 at a garage sale a few years ago. I was going to paint it and make it a fun statement piece, but an eagle-eyed blog reader and her mom spotted that it is an expensive piece of mid century modern furniture. The same piece goes for about $1k on ebay. 🙂

  3. I would love to have peahens and peacocks in my garden. We have big and scary hooded crows here who, I am certain, hang out in the park across the street to prey upon small, unruly children; and at the pond in the park there are grey herons who refuse to be photographed.

    With spring the Bärlauch (wild garlic) has sprung; and over the weekend we were visiting friends in Slovenia, and their farmer’s market had the first early spring greens so of course I bought way too much. Combined with the wild garlic, I expect the family to be thoroughly fed up with spring greens by next week. That said…

    Monday. Tartine with prosciutto, Bärlauch, zucchini and carrots (and Gruyere)/salad with shallot vinaigrette.

    Tuesday. Crispy smashed potatoes with Za’tar/Salad

    Wednesday. Roasted Chicken with Bärlauch Buttered Toasts/Roasted Vegetables/Salad

    Thursday. The vote was for “Something Mexican,” so I’ll head to the Mexican grocer to see what I can come up with.

    Friday. We’re leaving the household in the capable hands of our absurdly responsible teen daughter and four or five of her friends for the weekend. Prague in the spring is lovely; the Easter markets are opening, the Farmer’s markets are bursting, and we just have to be a part of it all for the weekend. Dinner will be something Czech at an outdoor table on the main square.

  4. I’m loving the pics of kids watching the peacocks- pure entertainment! Kids are on Spring Break this week…and since they are of age and capable.. I am off breakfast and lunch duty!! Woot Woot! There is plenty here.. no excuse to be hungry!

    For dinner today we just had salads and homemade pizza.. I made a homemade crust with half wheat flour- it turned out so good!

    For Monday we are having a Bean pot dinner.. Ham hocks, potatos and fresh green beans.. cooked that all down in a container of leftover pork broth. I crocked it to almost done today.. that way the flavors will be better tomorrow! WIll make cornbread to go with…

    Tuesday will be non cook night due to TKD classes- leftovers or sandwiches….

    Wednesday- weather looks great so probably grilled chicken….will need to pull some breasts out and marinate them ahead of time…

    Thursday… I was recently informed that I am hosting a gaggle of preteen boys for *video game night* I am thinking that I will make crescent wrapped hot dogs… I have all the stuff for it and I know they can put food away….

    Friday- out of town for the day so I demand eating out!

  5. Not sure yet what we r eating this week. I’m still too busy drooling over all the spring pictures. Our last storm wiped all our spring colors away. So we have bright green here in PA but no pretty pinks or yellows to cheer everyone up like usual.
    Have a great week 🙂