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Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for May 15th – 21st

My brain is still so whacked out from our Kindergarten experience. My heart dropped when I picked up my phone and heard Jack’s principal say “hey Sarah, this is Steve (not his real name), and I was just calling to make you aware of something”.


My brain instantly goes to “he was caught cheating. He got in a fight. He was talking back and ended up in the principal’s office. What did that little punk do now”?

…”aware of something. Jack won the Primary Student of the Year award, and I wanted you to know because there is an awards ceremony in June”.

Me. Source

Shut your damn face principal Steve! We’re going to a dinner for it in June, and will get to see the other school’s winners and will get to celebrate Mr. Jack. The school will tell Jack on Monday, and Troy and I have decided to not say anything so he gets to hear it from the source. And what is more fun than getting to be the bearer of exciting news? Nothing!

And because you’re here and my hostages, I’m going to brag on that boy just a little bit more. This happened last Saturday:

Been a good week for the little dude. Fingers crossed between the athletics and academics, he gets some kind of college scholarship, because we were at the dentist this week and that kid is going to cost us a freaking fortune. He has been referred to an orthodontist, and his dentist is assuming a minimum of two teeth need to be pulled. We’ll get the game plan from the ortho, and I will be putting multiple people’s kids through college between now and when he is about 14.

In this mini sleeve pocket lies his nasty tooth that fell out at baseball. It was a baby tooth, and his adult tooth had already grown in. Under his freaking tongue.

On Thursday, my mom’s cousin, sister, and aunt came for a visit. I fed them lunch (spinach ravioli with garlicky lemon white wine cream sauce, salad, and brownies), and we had a nice visit. My mom’s cousin brought this game, and we tried it out a bit. Holy shart, it is hilarious! I can’t show you a video, as I have been sworn to never show others outside of the family footage of us stumbling over words, laughing until we cry, and drooling. So much drooling.

Yesterday, Troy spent three hours helping to build the tiny homes for the homeless with our church. As he put it, there were 50 people there, and 10 were actually doing things. 🙂

Thanks to you all, I’m dropping $23 in the offering plate today towards the building of these homes. Every little bit counts, and I know it is greatly appreciated. So thank you very much for buying bags and supporting this cause!

Some bags that were added this week. We now have wine bags too!

I’m thinking of doing a summer sale for holiday wrap for anyone interested. I bought some Christmas fabric recently, and I have to say the fabric store was heavily disappointing. Tons of Christmas, and one freaking bolt of Hanukkah fabric. Online, they were rocking 237 kinds of Christmas fabric, and a whopping zero Hanukkah. Get your shit together Joanns.

Want to hear something uber awkward that I did this week? Troy, the boys, and I were killing some time at a grocery store before Jack’s dentist appointment, and I ran in to an old coworker. We were chatting, and she said “your children are so beautiful”. What I thought she said: “children are so beautiful”, so my answer of “oh yeah, I know” made total sense. I didn’t realize what she actually said until we were like two aisles away. So, now I look like an ass.

My special breakfast from Troy. He cut lilacs from our tree, and made sure my food didn’t touch by giving me two plates. Love.

A few weeks ago, I got a question from a reader asking for an update on my car. Subacca the Outback and I have been together for two years now, and I love that car more and more every day. It has been dependable, awesome, and so great for us. There are two things I wish I could change – I wish I had been able to afford leather, and I wish there was a magical pop up third row seat. Occasionally I watch one of Jack’s friends before or after school, and we also have my nephew. Since I have to take Bennett with us when I take the kids to school/pick them up, I often have to do two trips to get them all there/home. It’s not a huge deal, but would be cool to have another option.

My friend Angela bought one last spring too, and she is loving it as well. She lives in the frozen tundra that is Michigan, and between crazy ass winter weather, and hail storms, it has been really good for her. She isn’t getting the same gas mileage I am, but our driving conditions are pretty different.

Meal plan time!

Monday:: Chicken gnocchi soup and salad

Tuesday:: Enchiladas, rice, and salad

Wednesday:: Breakfast for dinner

Thursday:: Big chef salads and biscuits

Friday:: Popcorn and movie night

Saturday:: Leftovers

Sunday:: Family dinner

Costco (forgot to take a picture. I suck): $26.11

Grocery store (forgot to take a picture. I suck): $39.75

Smith Brothers Farms: $19.95

What are you having this week?

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10 comments on “Scattered Sundays and Meal Plan for May 15th – 21st”

  1. YAY, JACK!!! Great job to all of you!

    Oh, teeth. If they were so important I would just have them pull all my daughters right now and get it over with. She’s had a totally of 6 (?) baby teeth pulled (she’s 11) to try and make space for her adult teeth. Except it didn’t work. Her adult canines are coming in completely in front of her other teeth. We meet with a new dentist this week and I hope he can recommend an orthodontist that will be a little more proactive than the last first one we saw here in MI. I miss our MT orthodontist.

    OMG, I love the photos of Bennett trying to read over Jack’s shoulder! Seriously.

    I wish I loved Betsy as much as you love Subbaca. We do have the leather seats. They are slippery. We DO have heated seats which I love, though the back seats are not heated. The poor kid’s butt froze every time she got in the car this winter. We are going to have to invest in a seat cover soon, because I think her butt is going to burn once the temps start to climb.

    I think meal planning (and sticking too it) is a super power. And you are a super hero. And my kitchen idol.

    • Ugh, poor mouth! I hope you find a dentist that you love and is proactive.

      I know Subaru did a massive redesign of the Outback between the 2014 and 2015 model. Lots of improvements and upgrades. I fear you and Betsy were just a few too years early in finding each other.

  2. Way to go Jack!! Congrats to you and Troy too!
    I love the pictures of the boys reading.
    I hope your whole Mother’s Day was extra fine.

  3. I empathasized so hard at the tooth story. This week during a volleyball game my daughter waltzed up to the stands (during a game) to hand me her (loose baby) molar that got knocked out during a play. She was so damn nonchalant about it while I wanted to puke. Kids are cute little weirdos.

  4. WAY TO GO, Jack!!! That’s amazing!!!! Also, I’m always the one carrying two plates to the table for that very reason. That IS true love considering someone else plated it for you! Love it!

  5. Jack is on a wonderful roll of honors with baseball and school. How funny that you said “yeah, I know” in the grocery store. Ha ha. I like those tiny houses and that is a great project you and Troy helped. Where will they be set up?

    • Still deciding on a location for the villages throughout the county. The completed houses will probably be located in our church parking lot until a place is chosen.

  6. What a happy post!

    Congratulations to Jack! I, for one, at least, think it’s great to share the good news of life! It doesn’t seem like bragging to me! If I can’t be happy for someone else, then there’s something seriously wrong! Score! There are times when I’ve been in despair over my children, and yet, things have worked out, leaving me shaking my head in wonder. Anyway, great news!!

    (I am still in love with Bennett’s happy eyes! – I can’t get enough of photos of him!)

    Happy Mother’s Day to you! I find it charming/sweet/thoughtful that Troy keeps all your foods separate. It seems like just a little thing, but it means so much. After 32 years, I’m still hoping my husband will remember that I like milk in my coffee and to PLEASE leave room for it in the cup.

    Yay, Troy for really working!

  7. Way to go Jack! Congrats to him, and to you and Troy.

    Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mom.