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Small Bathroom Organization

If organizing is your jam, this small bathroom organization tip will get you a little hot and heavy. If walking into the Container Store makes you feel tingly, then you find joy in this post.

Our hall bathroom is used by guests and Jack. It is the bathroom with the shower and tub combo in our house, thus Bennett is bathed here nightly. It’s our largest bathroom but is not big by any means. Jack loves to hang out and sit on the counter while B is in the tub, and frankly, it’s much too cozy and makes me way too cranky.

In addition to the cleaning of little boy children, this bathroom is also where Jack, Bennett, and my nephew (during the school year) brush their teeth. It is also where they leave globs of toothpaste in the sink and on the counter and wash their hands in a method that makes it look like a baby seal had a seizure in the sink. Seriously, what is up with that? Why can’t kids just calm the hell down when they wash their hands?

My nephew has an immune system that could be classified as “weak to very weak”. If it is in the air, he’ll catch it. We joke that it was a good thing pregnancy wasn’t contagious, or he would have 30 kids by now. The toothbrush storage system in this bathroom could previously be classified as chaos.

small bathroom organization

So much going on in there. No separation of toothbrushes, way too much stuff, and a plethora of crusty toothpaste schmears. Too much stuff is an issue, but the fact that the toothbrushes could just mingle and marinate in their own germs was a problem. I looked around for a storage solution that would keep the toothbrushes in the drawer, but separate. I didn’t want something for the counter because I hate clutter and please see the previous reference as to how these little psychos wash their hands.

There was no storage I could find in the bathroom section of the stores. I turned to the kitchen department with the idea of a small utensil organizer. I couldn’t find one with just three slots that would also fit our narrow drawer. I finally settled on these little containers. As I tried to place them in the drawer, I realized they wouldn’t all fit lengthwise. Balls! Then Troy suggested turning them sideways. They were too long to nestle into the drawer, but we realized that they would “float” on the edge of the drawer and still allow it to close with some storage space underneath.

small bathroom organization

In addition to storing the toothbrushes separately, these little trays allow each boy to easily find their preferred toothpaste. Jack likes a minty fresh mouth, Bennett needs a gentle flavor, and my nephew requires something in-between. My favorite time to stock up on Tom’s of Maine toothpaste is when it’s on sale at Target, the Cartwheel app has a coupon, there are manufacturer coupons in the Sunday paper, AND Ibotta is offering a rebate. It’s a perfect storm of discounted awesomeness.  I have quite the collection of Tom’s toothpaste in my newly organized linen closet.

I love when something so simple can solve a small bathroom organization problem that was both annoying and super germy for these three boys. Easy fix for the win!

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7 comments on “Small Bathroom Organization”

  1. Well for starters, the bathroom drawer is a horrible place to store yogurt.

    Haha, that’s me trying to be funny. You seriously make me smile though. Did this little organizing project give you a lady boner? It did me.

    Oh, and I’m surprised to hear you say you are a fan of UFC. I’m intrigued by it but never really been in the right place at the right time to see a fight. Also not about to drop $100. Waaay back I went to a live MMA fight in Guam (PFC-Pacific Fighting Championship) and I recall it being quite exciting.

    • Ha!! The lid wipes that Jack has to use twice a day for his eyelashes are huge, so we cut them in half since they cost a lot. The yogurt tub keeps them sterile.

      I did give me a lady org boner!

      Yep, we used to watch UFC a lot pre-kids. We even paid ($50) for the Royce Gracie and Matt Hughes PPV fight in 2006. Many people think it is just low=-brow fighting, but those people are serious athletes. There is so much to learn and so many techniques to master!

  2. My 7 year old son leaves gobs of toothpaste too. It’s mystifying how much goo 1 kid can leave in a sink!

    I love the organization posts! Such good ideas. I have to say, I’m intrigued by the lid scrub. Is it a make up remover?

    • Jack has what our eye doctor refers to as an “aggressive case of eye boogers”. He constantly has crusty things in his super long (wasted on a boy) lashes. We get this stuff from Amazon and it keeps the crusties at bay.

  3. My boys bathroom is the exact same way. I lose my shit just about every time I walk in there. The basket idea is excellent! Perhaps this will save me from buying so many toothbrushes. My younger kid just throws his brothers toothbrush in the trash, toilet, or floor if it’s ever “in his way”.

    • I wish that were the case, but we buy Bennett’s toothbrushes in a 4 pack and are down to 1. He does the same damn thing as your kiddo. I caught him using it in the garden last week.

  4. Oh my gosh! I love it! I have serious issues with toothbrush mingling, but I, too, can’t handle them on the counter! We’re getting ready to move, so this is a perfect time to figure out what will work at the new house! Time to check out the kitchen department! Great idea!!