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Small Business Showcase #1

There are times when I get a bug up my butt related to an idea for the blog. I get excited, focused and pumped! And some times it crashes and burns hard and doesn’t work out, and other times it is fun and makes me smile. I’m not sure where this new series will fall on the spectrum from your perspective, but I can tell you I think I am more excited about these posts than almost anything I’ve done before.

Today is the first installation of what I hope will be a long list of posts highlighting small businesses. I’m not going to lie, I love Amazon, Costco and Target, and own plenty of items made outside the country. But man, when I get a chance to buy local and support small businesses, my heart does happy flips. So, the idea here is to showcase one small business every Saturday. If you would like to be featured, please check out the details at the bottom of this post.

For the first installment, I’m pleased to present to you Squigglybugs, owned and operated by blog reader Kailyn. Let’s have Kailyn introduce herself and Squigglybugs!

Give us your best 30 second “elevator pitch” about your business. What it is, why it’s unique, and what motivates you to do the work?

Squigglybugs is small, online, natural baby and family gear retail site.  We specialize in reusable, sustainable, and natural care products.  Education is our passion and we encourage and support our customers as they research the safest and healthiest ways to care for their little ones.  We work hard to support other small businesses and stock work at home mom and USA made products whenever possible.  

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Kailyn and I have been the owner of Squigglybugs for 4 months.  My husband, Ian, and I have two children who we raise in the woods of Rhode Island.  In our spare time (ha!) we homestead, with a large garden, the occasional chicken, and a small-scale maple sugaring operation.  

What has been your favorite item to make or sell?

We recently were lucky enough to receive an exclusive print with Sweet Pea Diapers.  Tilly’s Treats (named after our daughter, Matilda) is an ice cream themed print that is available in cloth diapers, bibs, changing mats, and wet bags.  It’s been such a huge honor to be chosen by Sweet Pea to be the only retailer with this print in stock.

Kailyn has been gracious enough to offer Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity readers a 15% off discount for items ordered between today and March 25th. Simply enter “frugalbychoice” at checkout to receive your sweet discount.

You can also connect with Kailyn and Squigglybugs on social media.

If you would like to be featured on Small Business Showcase, please email me at beingfrugalbychoiceblog at Please read below for stipulations.
1) Small unique businesses only please. If another company makes you buy in to sell their products (essential oils, candles, etc.), we are unable to feature you.
2) After you email me, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and return. Businesses are featured in the order that we receive the form back. We already have a waitlist at this point (rad!), so it may be a few weeks until you are featured.
3) I am not accepting any goods, affiliate kick backs, sponsorship, or compensation for featuring a business. You are welcome to offer my readers a discount, or host a giveaway, but it is not required by any means.
I hope to hear from you and your team!

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