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Small Business Showcase #7

It’s been awhile since we had a small business showcase feature. I very much enjoyed these posts, but frankly, the small businesses just stopped reaching out and the series dried up. But I got an email last week from a small business owner and I was psyched to dust this series off and restart it.

It used to be my only goal was to get the best deal possible. Clothing, kitchen stuff, whatever – didn’t matter, I was on a mission to get a steal. My mindset has shifted a bit. I still love a sweet score, but I have also developed a passion for shopping locally and supporting small businesses whenever possible. That is why I started Small Business Showcase, to give back and highlight some of the hard-working readers who frequent this blog.

Today’s small business is Budget Boss.

Give us your best 30-second “elevator pitch” about your business. What it is, why it’s unique, and what motivates you to do the work?

At BudgetBoss, we make your budget for you! If you have ever tried to make and keep a budget, you know how hard it is. Our experts craft a personalized budget designed to help you save money. Our low prices usually pay for themselves after just one month! It’s fun and easy to live frugally with a custom budget from BudgetBoss!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, we’re Jenny and Collin! After years of working as financial planners, we realized the people who most need help with their finances are the ones who cannot afford it. We started BudgetBoss to fill that niche. We love meeting new people and sharing our passion for budgeting. We were married over the summer and are already expecting our first baby in August! We enjoy living frugally and sticking to a budget, and we look forward to helping you craft your own!

What has been your favorite item to make or sell?

Our favorite budget is the “Family Plan”. We know how hard it is to manage the finances of a growing family, and we love helping others to regain control of their income.

Jenny and Collin are generously offering my readers a 25% off of any purchase. Use offer code: FRUGALBUDGET through January 30th.

You can connect with Budget Boss online or Facebook.

If you would like to be featured on Small Business Showcase, please email me at beingfrugalbychoiceblog (at) Please read below for stipulations.

1) Small unique businesses only please. If another company makes you buy in to sell their products (essential oils, candles, etc.), we are unable to feature you.
2) After you email me, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and return. Businesses are featured in the order that we receive the form back.
3) I am not accepting any goods, affiliate kickbacks, sponsorship, or compensation for featuring a business. You are welcome to offer my readers a discount or host a giveaway, but it is not required by any means.
I hope to hear from you and your team!

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