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Sustainable Cooks Whole30 May Challenge

Join the team at Sustainable Cooks for a Whole30 challenge in May. Community, recipes, and support will make this a fun challenge. Right? Sure!

sustainablecooks whole30 may challenge

Why Are We Doing Whole30?

Troy and I feel a bit stuck with our health right at this moment. I feel like I need a CTRL+ALT+DEL with my sugar cravings. Additionally, I would love to see if some recent headaches are related food or just seasonal allergies and/or my constantly out of alignment neck.

Troy’s back and body always hurt. He has had a crappy back ever since I have known him and we’ve tried pretty much everything to improve things.

Additionally, we’re both exhausted all the time. There is something to be said for the fact that we have kids, Troy has a 60-mile commute, and I am a terrible sleeper who gets up at 5 am every single to work.

But getting back to the root of all things – our health – we’re interested to see if diet moves the needle in the right direction. And that brings us to the Sustainable Cooks Whole30 challenge.

What is Whole30?

The answer depends on who you talk to. For some, Whole30 is a crazy strict eating program. And for others, it is the restart that they need to get a handle on their eating.

At its base, it is 30 days of eliminating certain foods from your diet. Big no no’s are:

  • grains of any kind, including corn and quinoa
  • dairy
  • sugar, including honey, maple syrup or agave
  • alcohol
  • legumes
  • baked goods, junk food, or treats

More about the “rules” are located on the Whole30 site.

What Are the Rules for the Sustainable Cooks Whole30 Challenge?

Honestly, there aren’t any. For the most part, we’re all adults and can police ourselves. For instance, Troy and I were already planning on keeping a tiny bit of butter in our diet because I find it makes scrambled eggs easier to reheat throughout the week. Then, as I read the “fine print” more deeply, we can have ghee during this process. So yay!

Why Should I Join?

Why not? It’s only 30 days and it is fun to challenge ourselves from time to time. There is a lot to gain and very little to lose. You may find out some amazing things about your health and reset your eating habits.

Also, we’re going to be in this together. Challenges are always better with battle buddies and you’ll have the whole Sustainable Cooks community to lean on when you’re ready to punch a bunny for some chocolate.

Additionally, I’ll be pinning the crap out of recipe ideas over on Pinterest (follow along here) and posting our meal plans each week on the blog. And because I can’t help myself, I’m also going to develop some fun new recipes to share with our crew here.

So…You In?

We start May 1st.

Leave your name in the comments if you want to join in on the challenge. One final step is to make sure you’re signed up for my email list to guarantee you’ll get new posts in your inbox.

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49 comments on “Sustainable Cooks Whole30 May Challenge”

  1. This will be my 4th whole30. I was just telling the DH that I needed to do one again to get my cravings in check. So I’m in like Flynn! 

    • Who-hoo, welcome aboard!

      Do they get any easier or do you still have the same struggles each time?

      • Umm. Honestly,  the struggles remain the same, but it gets easier. It’s easier because you know more foods to cook and what to expect. But as far as cravings and physical reactions… it’s the same. 

        I will admit that it curbs my sugar cravings for 6-12 months as long as I stayed mindful after. It also inspires me to work for veggies in. 

      • Awesome, I appreciate that insight! I’ve been GF, DF, and SF before (but never three all at once) and the cravings for going SF are the hardest!

  2. In!

  3. I’m currently on Day 18 of my first Whole30 and feel fantastic! All of my tummy troubles have cleared up, my skin isn’t dry and flaky anymore, I’m sleeping much longer/better, I could go on and on with NSV’s. I’ll be continuing into May, but plan to start reintroduction with a glass of wine on my birthday (May 25). I’m with you all ’til then!

  4. Good Luck! I can’t believe you are doing away with your popcorn dinners on Friday.

  5. Already doing the keto thing but there is some Whole 30 overlap so I’ll be excited to see what you’re cooking and what recipes you come up with. You already Pin a crap load of stuff in general.

  6. I’m willing to give it a try!  
    Looking forward to the recipes.
    Little worried about my love of double doubles tho!

  7. Hubs and I are in! We’ve done this successfully before and felt better. Time for a major reboot!

  8. Good luck! Don’t forget to check out the w30 website on what your meals should look like—that was a huge help! Reintroduction is so important, too, and really the whole point, so don’t plan to go hog wild on day 31! 😉

    • Thank you for that reminder Lauren! I’ve been poking around there a bit but will dive in deeper soon (TWSS).

      I’ve been DF, GF, and SF for extended periods of time though not ever all three at once. I do know there will be a spoonful of nutella on day 31. LOL

  9. I’m currently on week 2 of an elimination diet my nutritionist put me on (for many of the same reasons your doing this) so I may not hang for the whole month but I’m in! I’d love some insight from another perspective & I already love your recipes so I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    • Welcome aboard Izzy! How is your process going so far? Feeling any differences? Excited to hear about your progress.

      • So far my sleep has improved & so have my headaches! Still have some of the gut issues, but I know those aren’t going away so quickly. she also has me taking some supplements so we are still very much in the tweaking things phase but it’s going really good. Definitely outside my comfort zone. I though I ate fairly healthy but man this made me see that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought.