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My husband’s boyfriend’s wife Erica recently turned me on to Swagbucks.  In a nutshell, it’s a search engine like Google that you get “paid to use”.

When you install their toolbar and use it for your internet searches you earn random “swagbucks”.  I’ve earned them by typing in gmail, my own blog website, etc.  You can get points for almost any website.  I have to visit the website of the institution that I work for multiple times a day, so I’ve racked up mad points from that alone.

The search engine itself isn’t great, so sometimes I’ll type in “Google” to the toolbar and earn points for that!  There are various ways to earn other points (polls, surveys, etc), but I main stick to the search engine.

You can trade your “swagbucks” in for tons of different things like giftcards, movie passes, electronics, etc.  I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks and have already earned $10 in Amazon giftcards!!

Erica referred me, so she gets a kickback of my points for the first 1,000 points I earn.  I’ve in turn referred 2 friends and I get a kickback from their points.  If you’re interested in a referral, please post your email address in the comments and I’ll send it to you.

Pros: free crap!  Addictive!
Cons: crappy-ish search engine, and prizes can take up to 14 days to post to your account.  Addictive!

So again, it’s not money that will make you rich, but I have $10 more than I did 3 weeks ago, all for doing crap I normally do.

Yo yo, head’s up, this post might contain affiliate links which help to support my site. And my canning, seed buying, and aggressive saving habits.

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    • Yep! I’ve earned over $250 in Amazon giftcards in the 2 years I’ve been doing it. It’s easy money and helps out a lot around Christmas time. It is also my spending money for gardening items like lights for my seeds and a heat mat.

  1. Thanks for the referral. Any money is good money 🙂

  2. Hey! I’d really like to do this, but I’d also like to help you out and get you some points, too. How do you refer me again? Post my email?

  3. I recently stumbled on your site from a recommendation of my sister’s, so I’m starting at the beginning, and working my way forward. I would definitely be interested in checking this out


  4. I’ve also just found this blog but am starting from the end and working backwards. A referral would be great –

  5. Hello Sarah, I think I’d like to give this a try.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I’d like to give this a try if you still recommend it?