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The Lower-Sugar Halloween

Let us get one thing straight.  I’m not against candy.  I love candy.  Really I do.

But I don’t think that younger kids need as much of it as they tend to get around the “candy-centered” holidays.  I’m not sure about your kid, but mine is crazy enough without all the added sugar.

A few years ago, I came up with the idea of the Candy Fairy.  You can read more about her here.  The basics are that she powers her world with the leftover candy that kids donate in exchange for a toy.  She is very kind, and allows you to keep some candy (10 pieces until you are six, and then it goes up to 15), because really, candy isn’t meth, and the holiday should still be enjoyed.

This year, the Candy Fairy is gifting little boys in Seattle a Seahawks Pillow Pet (you may be able to find them locally at Joann Fabrics – use your coupon, but I had some Swagbucks and got this beast for free).

And you may be asking yourself “what does this dirty hippy give away to trick-or-treaters”?  Well, we get so few (we live on a huge hill and it used to be very popular, but frankly kids seem more lazy these days), so we can have a bit more fun.  We’ve given out candy in the past, but one year we had a few glow sticks in the bowl, and those were by and far the most popular.  The dollar store has loads of glow sticks for (wait for it)…a dollar.  Most of them come in packs of four to twenty, so I can get enough glow sticks for 100 trick-or-treaters for $8.  And since we rarely get more than 15 kids at the door, they can each have a few, and then Jack has an enormous rave with the lights off all hopped up on candy at the end of the night.  Basically, everyone wins in this situation.

What are your Halloween rules?  What kind of treats are you giving out this year?

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8 comments on “The Lower-Sugar Halloween”


    I went with these glow in the dark helicopters this year. We played with them as adults and they were so much fun. Also, there is a movement to place a teal pumpkin on your front step if you offer treats that are allergy friendly (not food). I think it is a great alternative for

  2. well, i am the only house on the street, the. only. house. on. the. street… which means that zombies scare the hell out of me…. so we dont get to give anything out. but the only rules that we have for the little guy is that he uses a pillow case to collect door to door because it does not rip. that, and he has to give half the candy to the christmas food drive at his school. the rest usually gets thrown out by easter because he forgets about it the next day….

  3. We used to give out little bags of pretzels, but they weren’t available this year, for some reason. So we bought bags of chips and corn curls. The kids seemed to really like the pretzels – one little guy sat down on the lawn and opened his bag and started to eat them.

    We get a lot of kids here, probably around 200+. Our development really gets into it – fog machines, elaborate decorations, scary music
    I love it!

  4. We were not impressed by the candy selections this year or the prices. This year we are giving out Halloween pre-bagged pretzels and cheese puffs. Not the healthiest but different than the same old candy. I really like the glow stick idea though. Maybe next year we will try that.

  5. We don’t give out anything because we don’t stay home! Last year we went to Chuck E Cheese, where we were one of three families in the place. Our kids bought a few pieces of candy with their tickets and my mom gave them a few more. This year we’re going to a park that was built to be accessible for all children and has a few rides and lots of playgrounds, sandboxes, etc. They do trick-or-treating and face-painting, plus the kids can play. And no one is allowed to wear scary costumes, which is great because my littlest is scared of Santa Claus, much less zombies!

  6. Glowsticks! You are a genius (you dirty hippy!).

  7. Our dentist has a candy buy back program every year and it seems to be fairly successful!

  8. The candy high glow stick rave sounds like so much fun! Haha. I think this year we will possibly send the unwanted candy to the program that makes care packages for the troops. Just learned about it this year. I used to hear from wives all the time that candy was a must to include in their mail to their hubbys because it really cheered them up when they are on deployment. The dentist in our area also does a candy buy back program which I’m thinking will then get passed along to the food pantry. Also a great idea!