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The “New” Bathroom

A few weeks ago, I asked for assistance with a bathroom painting job.  You all totally came through for me!

Based on the comments in that post, there seemed to be a split in which of the paint colors (Valspar low VOC) would work best for our little bathroom.  I couldn’t decide because I liked them both, and finally, Troy came up with the genius idea to use both!

We painted the main wall the middle grey (Frappe), and the rest of the bathroom and the ceiling, the lighter grey (Woodlawn snow).  The change is a huge improvement!



“We” (Troy) removed the old towel bar that never gets used, and “we” (Troy) patched the holes, and then I (really, it was me) painted the wall.

The photos on the wall were found at Goodwill for $1 each.  The old frames were hideous, but it was instant love, and I knew they would look better in a black frame.

Troy spray painted them black, and they now look like they’d sell for at least $5 each!

The old toilet was replaced with a dual flush low-flow American Standard model.  We installed the same toilet in Jack’s bathroom over two years ago, and this sucker is worth every penny.  It is ADA height (necessary with my gimp-ass family), uses less than 1 gallon of water for every flush, and most importantly, it NEVER clogs.  Jack is a famous toilet clogger, but he finally met his match with this commode.

The former light fixture was an energy wasting piece of crap from 1971.

The new one isn’t anything fancy, but does the job.

As with everything in this house, the light fixture and electrical outlets were covered in tacky wood paneling like material.  We couldn’t find new ones, so I painted the old ones in the dark grey.

The grey really makes the yellowed plastic pop, doesn’t in?  Oh the 70’s…

The vanity still makes my eyes bleed, but the rest of the bathroom looks so good, I just pretend it doesn’t exist.  Many of you had the great idea of painting the vanity, and we looked in to it, and ruled it out.  The faucet currently leaks unless you prop up the handle in a certain way.  The sink is pretty banged up, and needs to be replaced.  Tearing out the sink will cause the lovely orange formica to get damaged, which means we’d have to get a new top, a new sink, and a new faucet.  With all that, we’d like just be out the cost of the vanity we really want anyway.  So, 2015 hopefully will bring us a new one.  We shall see.

Until then, I am confident that the paint, new toilet, and most importantly, the awesome Goodwill pictures, will cheer me up every time I walk in there and see that butt ass ugly orange countertop!

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15 comments on “The “New” Bathroom”

  1. But where is you olive green indoor/outdoor carpet? I have lived with bad vanity’s for years actually it is your bad vanity that is causing your eyes to bleed….:)

  2. Sarah, it looks GREAT!!! I agree with the others, the new paint color tones down the vanity color. I hope you get your new sink sooner than expected. 🙂

  3. LOVE the new light fixtures!! Brushed silver looks fresh and classy.

  4. Looks great. The new wall colors de-orange the vanity.

  5. See, here we think you live a glamorous frugal canning/seed buying/aggressive saving lifestyle by redoing your bathroom, and then you post a picture that shows you are a normal person. I’m referring to the laundry basket on the bed you can see in the mirror! My image of you is now ruined. (Yes, this is silliness, just couldn’t resist!) Honestly, that is not a paint color I would have picked, but it really tones down the color of the vanity you don’t like and makes it look more of a tan now. I once painted a living room in a rental house a color I thought was a cream, but it turned out to be more of a yellow. Surprisingly, it was the perfect color for that room and was actually quite lovely, even in the summer when the picture window let in a lot of light! (‘m not real good with colors, have to ask the hubs about things I wear because he sees them better than I do.)

    • Dangit! The perfect facade I have spent 3 years building has been shattered! ;-D In one of the other photos of that same shot I was going to post, I noticed a naked Jack jumping on the bed in the mirror reflection. LOL

  6. It looks really good! We bought the same light fixture you did only our ‘s is in the hall. Love a DONE project! We still need to finish the fall which i started last August!

  7. Looks fresh and updated! Love the new mirror, too.

  8. Oooh, it looks fancy! I hope you get to replace the sink this year! That’d make it a magazine-worthy bathroom! I love the paintings!

  9. What a difference the paint makes. I think that it looks great!!! I know you want the new sink but I love that there is other stuff to focus on so that you don’t see the part you don’t like. I like the light fixture. We have something a little like that but we had much less room to work with so we didn’t get a lot of choices so ours wasn’t that nice 🙂 Congrats on the picture find!!

  10. It’s beautiful. Just beautiful.