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The Whirlpool

I still don’t know what I was waiting for, and my time was running wild. 
David Bowie
I sure wish I knew what you were looking for.  Might have known what you would find.  
Eric Church

If you knew either of those were song lyrics without needing to be told, please assign yourself two cool points.

“But how can anything you like be worth cool points Sarah”, you are currently asking yourself.


I started ye olde blog in 2010 to just share a few ideas with others to help them lead a good life at a lower price point.  I didn’t have a real direction or big plans – it just was a hobby.

I eked away at that for a year or so, and then things picked up a tad, and I cleared the “100 follower” hurdle.  Still very much a hobby, but I started thinking bigger.

Then things went from fast to furious (dropping Vin Diesel movie references?  Oh yes, I went there) almost overnight last March.  A post I had written brought a lot of new traffic to my blog, and many of those people stuck around (thank you!).

This blog takes up more and more of my limited spare time these days.  Please note, I am not complaining about this – just stating a fact.  It’s fun, I enjoy it, and I get to meet some awesome people like you knuckleheads.

And even with all the time spent here, I feel like I am doing everything half-assed. I feel like no one is getting the best version of me.  It takes me forever to respond to emails, I’d love to actually learn how to properly use my camera, and I haven’t done nearly all the cool things on this site I have planned in my head.

Being pulled in so many directions away from my family and this page leaves me lacking in other aspects of my life.  I hate it. I hate the routine of it all.  I hate that I have to wake my kid up so early to leave for work and that I’m always rushing him around and having to juggle an insane color-coded schedule (no lie) to make sure I have spawn coverage because I’m always fucking working late, and my husband is always gone.

Let’s recap: I HATE IT.

A day or so after Jack recovered from a recent bout with a fever and feeling poorly, I had to wake his little ass up early to leave the house.  He looked at me from his cozy bed and said “I’m too tired to go anywhere mommy”.  And you know what?  So was I.  I’m sick and tired of bags under my eyes, and feeling like my head weights 6,212 pounds (approximately).  I drove to work that morning feeling like I was trying to scream under water.  It was like treading water in Jell-o.

I don’t believe in making resolutions.

I don’t believe in hokey crap like “The Secret.”

I don’t believe in putting things “out in to the universe.”

What I do believe in, after years of being a giant dumbass, is that “ain’t shit getting done without the assistance of others.”

So, here we go.  I’m asking for help.  I’m asking you to help me achieve what I’m calling “the next steps.”  The “next steps” aren’t 100% defined (go me), but they all lead to an end goal – for this blog to be my full-time job. I’m not sure if I’m cut out to stay at home, but dammit, I’d love to try.

People ask “what do you want to be when you grow up” and I never have a legitimate answer, because I feel like they’d scoff if I told them the truth.


This is what I want to be when I grow up.

How can you help?

  1. Suggest things that you want to read more about!  This will help me generate ideas that I know you’ll enjoy.
  2. Send your friends.  Like something I’ve written?  Share it with someone you think will enjoy it, link it on Facebook, etc.
  3. Do you have an Etsy site, business, etc. that you think is a good match for my readers?  My advertising rates are stupidly low, so shoot me an email and we can discuss ideas, details, options, etc.
  4. Send happy thoughts if all else fails.

I don’t know what will happen, but I’ll keep on trucking.  I hope you want to come along for the ride!

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103 comments on “The Whirlpool”

  1. Hey there – I am SO enjoying your blog and in fact you have inspired me to start a blog myself. I am new to blogging, (since January 1, 2013) but I have mentioned you often and have found out how to link from my blog to yours (which I have done). I have read many of the comments above and what I like about your blog – besides the recipes, tips and ideas (we have been making Kefir soda for about a month now – YUM) is the way you write. I don’t know you personally, but it sounds to me that you write the way you talk – it is as if you are carrying on a conversation with your readers. Keep doing what your are doing and the best of luck to you! I will keep linking to your blog and hope to send some traffic/readers your way!!!!!!!!

  2. Best of luck. I envy you even being in a position to try this. I wish I had that option. I love reading your blog but I always just lurk, I don’t comment. I want to hear more about living cheaply/frugally and as organically as possible without too much extra work. Probably not possible but I have a 9 month old and I want to try to make changes now that will last and keep us all healthy.

    • Welcome to the world of non-lurking!

      My big ramp up of more from scratch cooking and gardening came when Jack was 6ish months old. If you start slow and don’t expect the world overnight, you can totally do it!

  3. I’ll admit that Im a widowed retiree and an occasional reader only. That said, as someone who reads way too many blogs

    try and have a picture for every single blogpost or one or two. Take before, after and during pictures of EVERYTHNG.

    Consider labeling some things “tutorials” and having links to them on the sidebar that folks can link to from their blogs. Keep your camera with you at all times and take pictures as you go of every diy thing you do (the roman shade being a perfect example).

    Invite people to do guest posts on YOUR blog, and offer to guest post on other blogs.

    Look into teaching/seminar. You have a local rec center or high school that does adult classes. Develop a class, figure the fee for your instruction and materials and put it out there. Advertise it on your blog.

    Offer online course or ebook through your blog.

    Get an Amazon link show some recent books youve read (even if you actually got them from the library)

    Learn to make one thing really well, and list it on Etsy. connect etsy, facebook, your blog and pinterest.

    Get a facebook page.use it, give people incentives of some sort for liking you.

    Offer to do book reviews and review other items you believe in.

    Finally, commit to time to you on the weekend. It may take awhile for your kiddo to follow the lead, but…….assign a certain time as quiet time for him and you. you need daytime hours to yourself as well as after bed hours.

    • Hi Barb (that’s my momma’s name!), thanks for all the suggestions! Some are plausible, some are possible, and some may not work out for me, but I appreciate the thought you put in the response.

      I already have an Amazon link with books and stuff. Bottom right-hand column of my page!

  4. Sara-

    When you look into the mirror, I hope you realize how truly awesome, amazing, sarcastic and funny that you are. You are an inspiration to others, not in the ethereal superwoman I can never do what she does, but an inspiration because you blog as a real person who is true to herself with a genuine interest in sharing her hippy shit, F.A.R.T.S., recipes and how to survive zombie raids. I seriously love your blog, its the only one I read/follow. It was the vapor disks that really hooked me- They caught my attention one lunch hour many months ago and I havent left since. That first day of discovering Frugal by Choice, I am pretty sure that I read a year and a half worth of archived posts-completely addicting (not on work time of course……) As for things to post about in the future- I am starting to get into using essential oils and would love more insight on natural remedies and such-just a thought Much love and peace sent from Wisconsin.

    • Amber, you’re so sweet and made me blush. I’ll do my best to keep you interested and reading!

      I don’t have too much experience with EO other than cleaning and a few other things, but I’ll try to highlight what I do know!

  5. spelling correction strenght = strength sorry about that typo to all who read it

  6. I feel your pain and’s so hard being a Mom and I know you feel like a single Mom most of the time because of your husband being away. I’m a 45 year old Mom that has a 24 year old and a 9 year old so I am going through this all once again. The full time job, PTO board at my child’s elementary school, recently just remarried (major adjustment after being on my own basically for 9 years) I’m not exactly sure how I started following your blog but I absolutely love it and it is probably the only one that I look at each and every day. (There’s just not enough hours to look at more than one 🙂 ) I can tell you that it never gets any easier and the way I handle it is by asking God for the strenght to keep on going and so far he has not let me down. I admire the fact that you accomplish all that you do in a days time and the fact you share it with a LOT of people. It says a lot about your multi tasking abilities. So I type all this just to say…just keep doing what you are doing and I will be a faithful viewer and a faithful passer onner….LOL Thanks for your contributions that make perfect sense to this chaotic life and world.

    • I appreciate your insight in the it never gets easier. I feel like too often I get trapped in the “well if x, y, or z happens, things will get better”. It’s like I used to tell Troy when he would complain about Jack’s new hard phases (teething, etc.), and I’d tell him, “there will always be something. We’ll get passed this, and something bigger will be behind it”.

      Thanks for pimping me out/passing me on!

    • LOL now that I read that I didn’t want to make the situation worse by saying it doesn’t get any easier, even thought it doesn’t, LOL its just the issues change like you said about the phases Jack goes through.

      I just want to point out that taking the time to reply to the replies is AWESOME. 🙂

      Keep on keeping on and just think..if you put a smile on 1 (one) persons face a day and believe in Karma, what goes around comes around, etc…then you have done your part!!

  7. Firstly, I’ll take my two cool points and raise you five! You’re way cool! Cha-cha-cha-changes I hope you get to make someday soon.
    :::Sending happy thoughts:::

    These “cool things in my head” that you speak of, I hope they’re written down for future reference? Because that’s always a good starting point.

    Question, just how organized are you? Is Jack’s room organized? Because personally I could use some extra/realistic tips in that department. My kids’ rooms are atrocious. My house is small and I make a conscious effort not to stock it with cha-chki’s and whatnot. However, somehow it all still piles up. Especially those pesky bills. No matter how long I ignore them, they still come! I asked for a mountain view but COME ON!

    So, that’s all I got. Seems like you’ve got some work cut out for you already with all the previous posters. Heck, it would be a full-time job erasing all the bulldo-do language you use =P

    Keep on Keepin’ On ~ Joe Deertay

    • Yay for cool points!

      I’m wicked organized most of the time. Jack’s room is tidy and clean because we’re never home to messy it up. I’m actually working on some buckets right now to house all his toys. I’ll post about those when/if I get them done. I hit a snag with them and gave up, and walked away for a week or so. When I’m not feeling hateful towards them, I’ll go back.

  8. AAARGH have been trying to post this since yesterday evening! FINALLY!


    Having read your post with *No! Don’t tell me she’s going to stop writing the blog!* whirring through my head, I just wanted to write to you to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.

    I stumbled upon your blog through (surprise, surprise) pinterest and your lotion bars…but then I took a peek around and loved what I read. You have such a great writing style, I really feel like you’re chatting to me (not creepy I promise) and the things your write about are great! You’ve inspired me to have a go at making a quilt (eeeeee! haven’t sewn since textiles in year 9!), got me back on track with actually planning meals and sticking to it and generally made me chuckle.

    As I’m across the pond, I tend to check your blog in the evening before I go to bed and am always disappointed when you haven’t posted so it’s safe to say that I would be particularly happy if you took it up full time!

    But I digress, you wanted suggestions/to find out what your readers want to, well, read more of. Ok. I particularly enjoy your day to day stuff with the lovely Jack as your writing style always draws me in. I love your crafty posts, how to make things from the shops at home. More on your garden would be good as I currently have a real jungle of a garden but am going to make every effort to change this in the spring.

    Don’t know if any of this has been helpful but as a bit of a lurker for the past few months, I thought now was a good time to send you a message. (sorry it’s a bit of a monster)

    The best of luck!

    • Oh no, what was the issue? I took away the weird letter verification a month or so ago. I’m sorry you’re still having issues with it.

      Please please please email me a photo of your quilt when you finish it! I can’t wait to see it, and I’m so glad to have been a part of you making something that I hope you’ll love.

      Garden posts will be ramping up in Feb/March, so stay tuned!

    • It seemed to be a problem with the fact that I was using the iPad to try and write my reply. It just won’t let me delete anything (and when your spelling is as appalling as mine, you delete A LOT. Then it just stopped letting me type. Probably an iPad issue as opposed to a website issue. They can be temperamental beasts.

      I will do! I’m tying to decide on fabric now! eee!

      Looking forward to being inspired!

  9. Love your blog! Keep it coming. Love the fart jokes, sarcasm, cussing…love it ALL! I forward awesome posts all the time and I linked to your blog on mine. I have been writing about my journey with the GAPS intro diet. Hope this helps you out! Good luck 🙂

    • Thank you so much Tiffany!

      I’m going to read about your GAPS experience this weekend. I’m so curious about it, and have a few friends I think would greatly benefit from it.

  10. And, oh! Business idea! Sell Fireman Troy calendars off your blog. I’m a genius.