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The Wonder Twins

My friend Kat has two of the cutest girls in the world.  Made from the exact genetic mishmash, they couldn’t be more unique or different from each other.

When Kat was hunting for quilts for the girls, she was having trouble finding something that captured the qualities of sameness and uniqueness of her spawn.  I stepped in and offered to help because little girls need quilts as special as they are.

I was sent some materials that had sentimental value to the family, as well as a mishmash of other pieces.  I added a few pieces of my own to tie the whole thing together, and I feel like the quilts capture these Wonder Twins – sameness and individualism all at the same time.

This quilt is my traditional style of quilt, and belongs to the little blonde.

This one is from a really cool book called Patchwork Style.  This book is worth the $13 just for a randomly crazy photos of the woman in the book having her eyes closed in almost every picture.  And for the fact that she eats apples with spoons in the book.  I mean, really.

Also, get used to this style, because like my old style, I’m going to use this one a ton.  It’s by far the easiest way to quilt.  You don’t have a to measure any of the fabric.  Sign me up please!

Same components.  Same material.  Completely different look.  Wonder Twins, activate!

Technically this is part of the Homemade Holidays series because each quilt took just 1.5 days to make.  And one of those was a weeknight.  I’ll be posting next week on how to make the quilt on the right.  Anyone can make one of these quilts, and still get it done in time for the holidays.

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13 comments on “The Wonder Twins”

  1. Now that I can finally comment, I’m gonna! Just want to say that the quilts still look beautiful, after multiple washing and MUCH love from the wonder twins! Although they’ve moved up into twin beds, these quilts still hold a place of prominence on their beds. Thank you, thank you for your lovely work.