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Thinking outside the (birthday box)

You all remember my bestie Anne, right?  The girl who is really hard to find gifts for?  So, last year, I made her a quilt.

This year, I thought and thought about what to get her.

And thought.

And then thought so more.

Homegirl is impossible to shop for!

She claims she likes homemade stuff, and by now she is probably hating herself for ever saying that, but said it she did and I took it to heart.  I came up with the idea of a “subscription box” where I’d send her an assortment of healthy homemade snacks each month.  She received this in her email on the morning of her birthday:


And so far, it’s been a ton of fun to think of something new each month.  We live in a really small town and have our own post office where more than one person in the lobby is considered “a crowd”.  We all know our postmistress, and she takes good care of us.  I bring the snacks down, she tells me the cheapest way to ship them, and I then produce a little bag of the snacks just for her.  It’s not a bribe or a kick back, but let’s call it a dividend….

April’s snack was homemade Lara Balls.
May’s snack was Nom Nom Paleo’s Rosemary Almonds.  June’s snack was…ruined.  Troy went to mail it and the post office was closed for lunch.  He then left them in the truck while he went to see Mad Max (again) and they got crazy nasty and sweaty in his hot truck.  UGH!  She’ll be getting her June “box” late.

So, the next time you need a gift for someone who is challenging to shop for, think outside of the normal birthday gift ideas.  Chances are, good friends appreciate the thought and time that went in to something you made with love.

But best friends laugh at “balls in your mouth” and “nut sack” jokes.


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3 comments on “Thinking outside the (birthday box)”

  1. Must be the luckiest friend in the world!

  2. The most precious gift we can give is our time 🙂

  3. Great idea, but the best part of this post is the last sentence 🙂